‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episodes 2 & 3: Recap- Do Na-eun & Jun-hyeong Cross The First Two Hurdles?


In the first episode of “Welcome to Wedding Hell,” Jun-hyeong proposed to Na-eun for marriage, and both of them are now excited to prepare for their wedding ceremony. However, before everything else, their families have to meet each other, and Na Eun is worried about it the most. She has to impress Jun Hyeong’s parents while also making sure her mother doesn’t go overboard.

Na Eun’s Mother Vs. Jun Hyeong’s Mother

Jun Hyeong brought up the topic of a formal family meeting, but Na Eun thinks that it is too fast. However, Jun Hyeong has already reserved a table in an expensive restaurant because he thinks the sooner they meet, the faster he and Na Eun will get married. When Na Eun shares the news with her parents, her mother panics because she doesn’t have decent clothes to wear, and she has heard that Jun Hyeong’s mother is exquisite.

Jun Hyeong meets his mom and gives her macaroons, her favorite dessert, as a bribe. He requests her to not bring up the topic of dowry and wedding gifts. Jun Hyeong’s mother is a pretty calm person, but she gets provoked when Jun Hyeong tells her that his parents don’t have to meddle in the wedding preparations. She tells Jun Hyeong that she won’t hold back if she wants to say anything during the meeting. Na Eun has also requested her mom to not overreact and her father not to crack lame jokes.

Right before the meeting starts, Na Eun and Jun Hyeong decide on some signals for each other to handle the situation when it seems to go out of hand. Winking means to change the topic. Nodding twice signals to give a compliment to Na Eun’s mother, and intertwined fingers mean to stop the conversation. The fathers share a good conversation, but the mothers are fixated on dominating each other.

Jun Hyeong is unable to read the room and unintentionally adds more fuel to the fire. However, things end smoothly as Jun Hyeong declares that he and Na Eun will prepare for the wedding themselves. Na Eun’s mother wonders if the children will be able to manage the finances, but her father believes that they must have already discussed that.

Who Is In Charge Of The Money?

Na Eun’s colleagues congratulate her on a successful family meeting and ask her about their next plans. She doesn’t understand what they are talking about when they ask her about the wedding budget. Na Eun and Jun Hyeong haven’t created a budget, and Na Eun also realizes that she doesn’t know his salary or how much savings Jun Hyeong has because they never talked about finances. Her colleagues advise her to take charge of the finances because men cannot manage the money well.

Na Eun doesn’t know how to bring up the topic of finances, so while shopping for their wedding, Na Eun tries to go economical to hint at Jun Hyeong, but he is adamant about buying whatever she likes. When she finally brings up the budget, Jun Hyeong says that it will be stressful and, since it’s their one and only marriage, they should not think much about money. However, she couldn’t ask Ju Hyeong about his salary or savings.

Jun Hyeong’s colleagues tease him for just returning with pamphlets instead of shopping for their wedding when he tells them how Na Eun was being economical about the wedding. His married colleagues advise him to not let his wife take charge of the money because once she does, she will always nag him and won’t let him spend it as he wants. Both Na Eun and Jun Hyeong take their seniors’ advice, but before Na Eun could say anything, Ju Hyeong declares that they should handle their individual finances.

‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 3: Ending Explained 

Na Eun felt defeated because she couldn’t even speak what she wanted to and agreed with Jun Hyeong right away. She feels uncomfortable bringing up the topic of money, and it is stressful for her. She doesn’t know if it is even right for one person to handle the finances of two people.

On the other hand, Jun Hyeong’s colleagues are celebrating his victory for retaining the right to use their own money. However, they keep on bad-mouthing Eun, and he gets annoyed. He regrets having listened to their advice when they didn’t know anything about Na Eun. He had noticed that Na Eun wanted to say something the other day but couldn’t, and he felt sorry for her.

Jun Hyeong calls Na Eun and finds out that she is already waiting for him at his home. Jun Hyeong was about to apologize when Na Eun agreed to manage finances individually since they have their own fashion for spending money. She gives him a document with all of her financial details and confesses that she wanted to know his finances but couldn’t bring them up. Jun Hyeong also promises her to give her his financial details and asks her to say anything that is on her mind.

Despite their age, Jun Hyeong and Na Eun are naïve and unprepared for marriage. Just when the financial situation seemed to have sorted out, Na Eun sees Jun Hyeong’s credit card statement lying on the table and gasps, calling him crazy. In the next episode of “Welcome to Wedding Hell,” we will find out why Na Eun was shocked and where Ju Hyeong spent all that money.

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