‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 4, 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: What Is Jun-hyeong’s Mother’s Intention?


In the previous episode of “Welcome to Wedding Hell,” Na Eun and Jun Hyeong managed to convince their parents to let them handle their wedding preparations themselves. However, it is more difficult than they thought. They get into a conflict on how to handle the finances but resolve it soon with maturity. Na Eun trusts Jun Hyeong and thinks that he will handle his money cautiously, but will he?

Has Jun-hyeong  Really Become Responsible?

Na Eun gets a nightmare about Jun Hyeong’s credit card expenditure after she accidentally sees it, but she believes that he will take care of it as he has been doing all these years. It’s time for them to choose their wedding dresses, and Ju Hyeong is already preparing to give compliments to Na Eun when she tries on the dress. However, he stands up in shock after seeing Na Eun in a beautiful wedding gown. He buys her an expensive gown but buys a simple suit for himself because no one looks at the groom. Na Eun becomes happy, thinking Jun Hyeong did that to balance their expenses.

Na Eun’s friends look at her awkwardly when she mentions how responsible Jun Hyeong has become because of how he managed the money. She says that she doesn’t have to worry about his credit card bill either. Jun Hyeong has planned a surprise bridal shower for Na Eun at an expensive hotel suite, with the help of her colleagues. Hui Seon and So Yeon know that Jun Hyeong is not money cautious at all, but they cannot bring Na Eun out of her fantasy.

Jun Hyeong takes Na Eun to the hotel, telling her that it is a friend’s party, and she gets surprised with her bridal shower. Na Eun thinks that Hui Seon and So Yeon have arranged it for her, but Jun Hyeong’s friend Min Woo ruins it by excitedly blurting out the truth. All of them leave the suite to not hear the fight between Na Eun and Jun Hyeong. Na Eun is mad at Jun Hyeong, but he puts forth his reason for one and only marriage, and Na Eun cannot counter it. Since Jun Hyeong has already paid, she calls her friends back. She briefly believed that Jun Hyeong was changing, but he was just the same.

Is it A Convention Hall or Hotel Wedding?

The wedding couple has been checking out their wedding preparation list one by one, and now it’s time to choose something important—the wedding venue. Jun Hyeong takes Na Eun to an extravagant hotel that requires ten months of advanced booking. Na Eun feels the hotel is overpriced and a little too much. Jun Hyeong was ready to pay the deposit right away, but Na Eun asked him to check the hall that she had selected. It was at her company’s convention hall, where she had first thought of getting married to Jun Hyeong. Jun Hyeong doesn’t like it, but he cannot beat Na Eun’s reason for destiny.

Jun Hyeong’s mother has told him to get a wedding venue that will suit his father’s status, and the convention hall isn’t a good fit. Jun Hyeong pushes Na Eun to the hotel, and she lies to him that her dad doesn’t want to have a hotel wedding because it would be difficult for their countryside relatives. Jun Hyeong visits Na Eun’s father with her to convince him, and her father plays along with her lies. However, he gives a real reason why he doesn’t want a hotel wedding.

Na Eun’s father is not as rich as Jun Hyeong’s father, and neither has many connections. He doesn’t want others to look down on Na Eun because of his financial condition and connections. Jun Hyeong understands his concern and drops his decision on a hotel wedding. His mom is not happy with it, but Jun Hyeong promises her that she can do what she wants next time.

‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 6:  Ending Explained – The Wedding Gift

Jun Hyeong’s mother is mad at him for doing everything as per Na Eun’s will, and she has decided to show Na Eun what her family is all about. She takes Jun Hyeong shopping with her, and Jun Hyeong asks her if she has won the lottery. She has bought expensive jewelry, liquor, and clothes to give as gifts to Na Eun and her family. She has purposely left a price tag on the expensive mink coat that she bought for Na Eun.

When Jun Hyeong brings them wedding gifts, Hui Seon is also present and tells them they are all very expensive. They don’t believe her until they see the price tag on the mink coat. Na Eun’s mother believes that Jun Hyeong’s mother left it on purpose because now they have to match the same amount of wedding gifts for them. Her mother couldn’t sleep at night and gave Na Eun the money she had saved for her wedding to buy them gifts.

Na Eun still doesn’t believe that Ju Hyeong’s mom would do this purposely and, hence, decides to visit her to find out the truth. At their home, Na Eun brings up the topic of wedding gifts to Jun Hyeong’s mother, to which Jun Hyeong’s mother apologizes to Na Eun for making them uncomfortable. His mother feels that she did wrong by being petty over a price tag. She lies to Na Eun that it was the shop’s mistake.

However, she tells Na Eun to buy a watch for Jun Hyeong and his father, something that he will like. It was okay until this point, but Na Eun gets flustered when Jun Hyeong’s mother tells her to buy necessities. What does Jun Hyeong’s mother mean by the word “necessities”? Does she still want expensive gifts? Let’s find it out in the upcoming episode of “Welcome to Wedding Hell.”

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