‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 7, 8 & 9: Recap And Ending – What Causes Jun-hyeong And Na-eun To Fight?


Previously, in “Welcome to Wedding Hell,” we saw a lot of drama over the wedding gifts, and it made Na Eun anxious. However, Jun Hyeong’s mother assures her that she doesn’t want expensive gifts but just necessities and a watch for Jun Hyeong. Since Na Eun has received expensive gifts from Jun Hyeong’s mother, she decides to give the best watch to Jun Hyeong, but it is more difficult than she thought.

Why Does Na-eun Get Upset With Jun-hyeong?

Na Eun has been waiting outside a department store since dawn with Hui Seon to buy a premium watch for Jun Hyeong. Hui Seon thinks that it is ridiculous to wait outside a store in a line just to buy a watch. Na Eun mentions that she can do anything for Jun Hyeong, and she also wants to join the trend of buying new products as soon as they are launched. Na Eun enters the department store but finds out that the watch that she wants is not available yet.

Na Eun has been stressing about buying Jun Hyeong the watch, not only because it is her mother-in-law’s order but also because Jun Hyeong has often mentioned wanting the Big Bang Collection watch. She is even ready to take some days off and visit the store every day. Jun Hyeong feels glad to see Na Eun go to such lengths for him, but also feels worried about her.

With her friends, Na Eun rushes to the store during their lunch break, but before she could even enter the store, she gets a call from Jun Hyeong. He has already bought a premium watch through his connections and tells her that she should stop looking for it. Na Eun wanted to buy it for him, so he told her to pay for it later. She gets upset when she sees another couple buying the watch together. She wants to do things together with Jun Hyeong, but he always goes ahead and does things that he shouldn’t do.

Who Will Choose The Home Interior?

Jun Hyeong apologizes to Na Eun for not understanding her and promises her that they will do everything together from here on. However, he still gets late from the office while Na Eun waits for him at his parents’ home. Na Eun brought wedding gifts for them, and they loved them. When Jun Hyeong’s mom brings up the topic of housing preparation, Na Eun tells her that they still have to buy appliances, and she wants Jun Hyeong to choose the interior furniture.

It turns out that Jun Hyeong’s mother is really good at choosing interiors, and Jun Hyeong asks her to tag along with them. Na Eun cannot stop him in front of his parents, but she doesn’t want his mom to come with them. As expected, Jun Hyeong’s mother starts advising them to choose a certain appliance and a certain model. She strikes out Na Eun’s every preference and tries to impose hers.

While choosing the bed set, they again get into a conflict, and Jun Hyeong’s mother gets offended. Both her son and Na Eun haven’t been listening to her suggestions, and she feels like they don’t want her there. She leaves the store all of a sudden and tells Jun Hyeong and Na Eun to figure it out themselves. Jun Hyeong wants to go and comfort his mom, but he also cannot leave Na Eun alone. Their shopping plan becomes a total failure, and Jun Hyeong goes back to his mom.

‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Episode 9: Ending – The Real Estate

After not talking to each other for two days, Jun Hyeong and Na Eun conclude that both of them were at fault. They move on to the most important part of their married life: a house. Jun Hyeong has asked Na Eun’s mother to show them some good options since she is a real estate expert. However, Jun Hyeong’s mom forces him to take her with them since Na Eun’s mom is also going with them.

The moms again get into a conflict when both of them like a different house and are adamant about leasing the one that they prefer. Jun Hyeong’s mom wants a modern apartment, but it is far away from Na Eun’s workplace, while Na Eun’s mother thinks that a house close to all the amenities is a better choice, but it is too old-fashioned for Jun Hyeong’s mom. When Na Eun’s mother goes ahead and proposes to buy a house instead of leasing it, Jun Hyeong’s mother gets angry and leaves without saying a word.

All of them go to eat lunch at a restaurant, but the mood is not good around them. The mothers again start arguing, and Na Eun cannot handle it anymore. She leaves the table, and Jun Hyeong follows her. She asks Jun Hyeong to tell her his preference, but he tells her that he is okay with anything, so she should choose. They get into a real fight this time when Na Eun mentions that Jun Hyeong always runs away from conflicts and leaves Na Eun to handle it alone.

Na Eun says to Jun Hyeong that a conflict wouldn’t have happened again if he hadn’t brought his mom like he did at the furniture store. Jun Hyeong’s lack of decision-making and Na Eun’s fear of talking back to Jun Hyeong’s mother have been creating conflicts, and both of them are still too far to understand. Will these conflicts lead to the breaking of their marriage? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes of “Welcome to Wedding Hell.”

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