‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Ending, Explained: Do Jun-hyeong And Na-eun Get Married?


In the previous episode of “Welcome to Wedding Hell,” Na Eun and Jun Hyeong got into a fight after a conflict arose between both of them and also between Jun Hyeong and Na Eun’s mother. The argument started with home décor and turned into a big fight during home searching. Will this make Jun Hyeong and Na Eun reconsider their marriage?

Why Does Na-eun Run Away From The Wedding Shoot?

Jun Hyeong’s mom walks in when Jun Hyeong and Na Eun are fighting, and Na Eun mentions the incident at the furniture store. Jun Hyeong’s mother asks Na Eun if she has done anything wrong, which makes Na Eun’s mother think that she is giving Na Eun a hard time, and she gets into an argument with Jun Hyeong’s mother. Jun Hyeong gets frustrated and hurts both his mother and Na Eun by shouting in frustration.

Both of them haven’t talked to each other since the incident, and it worries Hui Seon because their wedding shoot is in two days. She and Min Woo plan a meeting to make Jun Hyeong and Na Eun talk with each other and resolve their conflict. The mood was awkward during the entire meeting, and Jun Hyeong and Na Eun didn’t talk with each other at all. While dropping her off at home, Jun Hyeong asked Na Eun what time he should pick her up to go for the wedding shoot, but Na Eun replied that she would go by herself.

Na Eun and Jun Hyeong stand reluctantly in front of the photographer, and it shows on their faces. The photographer asks them to smile a lot, but their faces have the same awkward expression. Jun Hyeong asks Na Eun to talk about it, but she says she will talk after the shoot. Still, Jun Hyeong makes the conversation happen, but it turns into an argument again. However, when the photographer asks them to kiss, Na Eun says that she cannot do it. She tells Jun Hyeong that she wants to break up and runs away from the photoshoot.

Who Takes The First Step Towards Reconciliation?

Jun Hyeong has been disturbed, and his mom notices it after he doesn’t visit her after their quarrel. She guesses that something has happened between him and Na Eun and gets scared, thinking if they will break off their marriage. She visits Na Eun’s parents and tells them about Jun Hyeong’s condition. Na Eun’s parents have also noticed a change in Na Eun’s behavior and understand why. Jun Hyeong’s mom apologizes to them for being stubborn about her choice, and Na Eun’s mom does the same.

Na Yeon takes sick leave from the office without telling her friends, and they realize that something has happened between the couple. Hui Seon calls Min Woo, and he tells her that Jun Hyeong has also been acting strange. Hui Seon and Su Yeon go out with Na Eun and let her speak everything that is on her mind. After listening to everything, Hui Seon tells Na Eun that she doesn’t hate Jun Hyeong but the situation that they are in, and she should clear the air before it’s too late.

Jun Hyeong finally opens up to his mom and tells her what happened at the wedding shoot. First of all, she makes it clear to him that she doesn’t have any problem with Na Eun and likes her. Then, she reminds him of the first time he told her about Na Eun. After introducing Na Eun to his mother, just three months into dating, Jun Hyeong had said that she was the woman he wanted to marry. Jun Hyeong’s mother suggests he become a bigger person and contact Na Eun first.

Na Eun comes home drunk, and she thinks it’s a hallucination when she sees Jun Hyeong inside. Jun Hyeong and Na Eun go outside to talk seriously about their situation, but Na Eun is drunk and not ready to listen. Jun Hyeong keeps on convincing her, and it gets so loud that all the passing-by neighbors hear about it. Na Eun comes back to her senses and mends things with Jun Hyeong, as both of them cannot imagine a life without each other.

‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ Ending Explained

Na Eun and Jun Hyeong have reconciled, and they give this news to their parents together by giving them their first wedding cards. The parents have decided to not meddle in their children’s lives and let them have their own way. While house hunting, they realized why there are more tenants in Seoul than landlords. They do a wedding photoshoot again, which costs double the price as before. These incidents teach them why money is important and why they should think twice before spending it.

Jun Hyeong and Na Eun are back together, but their friends are still in a flirting stage. Min Woo has confessed his feelings to Hui Seon, but she hasn’t responded to it. Her friends know that she doesn’t keep in contact with people she isn’t interested in but has a hard time accepting it because of her age and divorce. She tells Na Eun that Min Woo keeps on renting luxurious cars to impress her, but Na Eun reveals that they are his own and that he is the son of a big industrialist.

Na Eun calls Jun Hyeong and Min Woo to join them for lunch, and Su Yeon keeps hitting on Min Woo to make Hui Seon jealous. Their trick works, and Hui Seon admits her feelings to Min Woo. Su Yeon is now the only single person in their friend group, but Jun Hyeong promises to introduce her to any of his acquaintances that she likes during their wedding ceremony.

It is finally the wedding day, and Jun Hyeong keeps his father-in-law’s honor by adding flower wreaths to his family’s side. Both the bride and the groom are nervous, but they make their wedding ceremony a success and vow to stay by each other for life. Jun Hyeong and Na Eun were naive and thought that getting married was easy. Thanks to their understanding parents and supportive friends, they got married and did not break up in the process.

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” was a satire on Korean youth’s thoughts on marriage. There is status, money, and honor involved in the marriage. Young people do not know any better how to manage a big event like their own wedding but don’t want their parents to get involved for their privacy. The series explains why many couples in Korea break up during wedding preparations and also the reason why they don’t want to get married, the number one reason being money and problems arising from it.

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