‘Wheel of Time’ Episode 5 Recap/Ending – Is Perrin A Wolfbrother?


In Wheel of Time Episode 4, Kerene Nagashi, an Aes Sedai, perished while defending Moiraine from Logain Ablar. For the first time, Nynaeve channeled, which healed Lan, Moiraine, and others present on the scene. Rand and Mat escape somehow from the attack of a Fade, a deadly creature that has no eyes but can still see its prey with the utmost clarity. Egwene and Perrin carry on their journey with the Tuatha’ans. All of them head towards Tar Valon, ruled by the Amyrlin Seat. Siuan Sanche, an Aes Sedai belonging to the Blue Ajah, was the one who sat on the Amyrlin throne.

Episode 5 Recap Summary 

Stepin was Kerene’s warder, and after she was gone, it seemed as if he had lost all his will to live. Lan is worried about him, but Moiraine assures that Stepin is a strong man and he will find his way. Moiraine asks Nynaeve to stay inside the room once they reach Tar Valon. She wants to keep her away from the people and the Aes Sedai sisters as well. She is worried that the Tower politics will not spare her. But Nynaeve is getting restless about her friends and asks Moiraine about her whereabouts. Moiraine reassures that her spy network is constantly at work to find Rand, Mat, Egwene, and Perrin. She tells Nynaeve that women living in the town have their own ambitions and have spent years honing their strengths.

Rand and Matt also reach Tar Valon and watch the procession of Logain Ablar. People hurl whatever they get at Logain. An unusual thing happens at that very moment. Logain looks up straight into the eyes of Matt. He bursts out laughing. A laugh that is soaked in wickedness. Rand gets even more worried about Matt. He knows that Matt is losing it day by day. Matt asks him to make a promise that if it turns out that any one of them can channel, then the other one would end things before they turn into an object to be ridiculed.

The cavalcade of Tuatha’an, of which Perrin and Egwene are part, is stopped when the Children of Light come in their way. Child Walda, a Questioner, sees Perrin and Egwene. He captures them and brings them to the camp where the Children of Light are staying. The Children of light were always against anyone who could channel, and they saw them as dark friends or witches. Child Valda tortures Perrin and Egwene just to see who could channel, and he is very sure that Egwene has the capacity to do so.

Rand stumbles upon a strange-looking creature in the library known as an Ogier. Ogiers were non-human creatures who loved to read and had an extremely loquacious manner of conversation. This one was named Loial, and he had an affinity for nature and anything that could live and breathe. He was scrutinizing every action of Rand as he was getting fascinated by the little nuances of a person belonging to the human species. He was the one who brought Nynaeve to meet Rand and Matt and reunited them.

‘Wheel of Time’ Episode 5 Ending Explained – Is Perrin a Wolfbrother? 

Liandrin Guirale, a Red Aes Sedai, had spent her life locating men who had the ability to channel and eventually gentling them. Deep down, she believes that Nynaeve will become a part of the Red Ajah, but Moiraine prompts her that Nynaeve is not monovalent towards men. Nynaeve meets Matt and is disheartened by his deplorable condition. 

Egwene, unable to see Perrin being tortured, goes into her zone and tries her best to channel. She tells Perrin that it was not his fault that he accidentally killed Laila, his love interest. She is able to channel, but at the same time, something creeps inside Perrin. Child Valda is terrified, looking at Perrin’s yellow eyes. Perrin was showing impulses that would probably be explored in the later episodes.

Stepin, in a conversation with Lan, tells him how evident it is for everybody to see that Nynaeve has grown fond of him. He tells him that it won’t be a bad idea to fall for her. 

Lan gives Stepin some company because he is scared that Stepin might do something irrational. He knows how hard it is for a wardor to lose his Aes Sedai. Stepin drugs Lan’s drink with the herbs he got from Nynaeve. Lan wakes up to find that Stepin has killed himself as he could no longer bear the pain.

The Wheel of Time is a 2021 Fantasy Drama Television Series based on the novel series written by Robert Jordan.

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