‘Wheel of Time’ Episode 6 Recap/Ending – What Is The ‘Eye of the World’?


There were a lot of developments that were made in Episode 6 of Wheel of Time. The story inches towards the last battle that seems inevitable. Episode 6, titled “The Flame of Tar Valon” opens with a flashback of a picturesque location, where a little girl is woken up by her father. Her father takes her out fishing, where she uses her powers to untie a knot.

We come to know that she is none other than young Siuan Sanche residing in a place called Tear, where channeling was considered illegal. This little girl is told by her father to leave the lands as soon as she channels inside the vicinity of Tear. Siuan Sanche later becomes the Amyrlin Seat. Without much ado, let’s dive into the information that was revealed in this season.

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‘Wheel of Time’ Episode 6 Recap – The Trial of Liandrin, Moraine, & Alana

The Aes Sedai sisters had always been bound by a strict code of conduct. The process of ‘gentling’ was always carried out after a trial had taken place. But this time, due to the mitigating circumstances, the Aes Sedai sisters had to ‘gentle’ Logain Ablar without a fair trial. Liandrin tells the Amyrlin Seat that Loagin was indeed the most powerful ‘channeler’ they had ever seen. She argues that there was not much choice left with them. Alana supports her cause and supplements by saying that Kerene, an Aes Sedai sister, had died due to him.

Siuan Sanche, holds Liandrin accountable for the events that took place. Liandrin is infuriated. She puts the blame on Moiraine. She believes that had they known that Nynaeve could ‘channel’ with such great intensity, they would have been more cautious. She tells Amyrlin Seat that it intrigues her that even after having such an intricate and extensive spy network, Moiraine had no clue about anything that was happening around her. Neither was she aware whether Nynaeve could ‘channel’ or not, nor did she know about the Trollocs attacking the two rivers. Liandrin questions the competency of Moiraine in specific and targets the Blue Ajah through her arguments. She incites the Amyrlin Seat by saying that any lenient behavior on her part could be taken as bias, since she also belonged to the Blue Ajah. It was an outrageous comment since referring to the Amyrlin Seat by her previous Ajah was considered discourteous.

The Amyrlin Seat asks Moiraine the purpose and intent behind the multiple trips she took. Moiraine doesn’t disclose the details, which leads to the Amyrlin Seat declaring that she would get a befitting punishment.

Did Moiraine and Siuan have a Secret Plan?

Wheel of Time Episode 6 revealed that Moiraine shared an intimate bond with The Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche. They both were present together when Gitara Moroso, an Aes Sedai sister, had a vision about the future. She saw the Dragon being reborn. The sight itself was so shocking that Gitara died then and there.

Siuan Sanche knew about all the trips that Moiraine had been taking. She knew what Moiraine’s objective was. Whatever she said in the court was to keep their relationship under the veil and hidden from the public eye.

Why Does Moiraine Ask for Exile?

While sharing an intimate moment with Siuan Sanche, Moiraine asks her to give her the punishment of Exile in the hearing, which was supposed to happen the next day. Siuan Sanche is baffled at her request. But the always scheming Moiraine had some other plans.

Maigan, a Blue Ajah, was going to travel as she had an urgent business to cater to. In her absence, Moiraine would have been obligated to stay in the Tower. But if a judgment were passed against her, then she would have to obey the Amyrlin Seat no matter what. Moiraine swore upon the Oath Rod. It meant that as the oaths took over, Moiraine would feel the pressure and be in a state of physical discomfort.

‘Wheel of Time’ Episode 6 Ending – The ‘Eye of the World’

Moiraine didn’t know who the ‘Dragon Reborn’ was among Rand, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Mat. Together with Lan, Loial, the Ogier, and the five potential “Dragon Reborns,” Moraine reached the magical portal. This portal was an ancient pathway out of time and space. But the folks from the two rivers are not convinced. They ask Moiraine for more clarity. She then tells them that they are going to the ‘Eye of the World.’ She says that it is the same place that has the Dark One’s prison. The last Dragon had trapped the Dark one in that prison. Moiraine has reason to believe that the Dark One is at his weakest. She wants to finish things without wasting another moment.

Everybody goes inside the portal except Mat. They called him out, but it seemed that he had made up his mind. Mat had gone through a lot. He had been cured of the curse after a lot of struggle. The curse which had followed him because of the dagger that he had picked up from the deadly city of Shador Lagoth. Maybe he is done with everything and just wants to avoid any other danger.

The upcoming episodes will tell us whether Mat was right in not accompanying Moiraine and the others.

The Wheel of Time is a 2021 Fantasy Drama Television Series based on the novel series written by Robert Jordan.

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