Who Does Archie End Up With In ‘The Archies’ Netflix Film?


The Archies, directed by Zoya Akhtar, makes us privy to the love triangle that existed between Veronica, Archie, and Betty. Since the first time the comics were published, fans have speculated about who Archie would end up with. Some believed that it would be Betty, and some thought that Veronica was the right match. So, let’s try to ascertain if Archie was in love with either of them and who he ended up with in Netflix’s The Archies film.

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Was Archie in love with Betty or Veronica?

Archie might have had the best of intentions, and we believed that he didn’t want to hurt either Betty or Veronica, but the fact of the matter was that he was intentionally or unintentionally deceiving both ladies. We can say here that it would be a bit unfair to call him a player, as he was a bit too genuine for that, but no matter how affectionate he was towards others’ feelings, he did the exact same thing. The thing with Archie was that he couldn’t even take the defense of ignorance as Jughead, time and again, reminded him that what he was doing was not right.

Maybe, like the majority of guys, Archie didn’t like confrontation, and just to evade the hassle, he kept on doing whatever was easy. Archie was attracted to Veronica, and that was no hidden fact, and the moment she came back to Riverdale, they started going out together. Betty felt bad about it, and things got even worse when Archie forgot her birthday. To make up for him forgetting about his best friend’s birthday, Archie decided to make her feel special and give her that one thing that she craved the most, i.e., his time. Betty was elated, and she forgot about anything that had happened before. She forgot how he took her for granted and how he didn’t even remember her birthday.

At the end of the day, when Archie came to drop her off, Betty kissed him, and Archie reciprocated. Even after that, Betty was told by Ethel, time and again, that she was committing the biggest mistake of her life by trusting a boy like Archie, but Betty was blindly falling in love, and she didn’t care about anything. Things got worse when, during their mini-vacation, Betty saw Archie and Veronica getting intimate, and the biggest issue was that Archie didn’t even realize that he was doing something wrong. Archie didn’t have the emotional quotient to understand the fact that Betty could feel hurt if she learned about his relationship with Veronica and vice versa. Archie’s situation was very complicated. One can forgive him, as in the comics and also in the film, he is always shown as this innocent guy who didn’t mean any harm, but still, this is something that, even if it is pardonable, is not appreciated.

Archie should have known better, and Betty should have understood him for who he was. So, if we have to answer this question about who Archie was in love with, then we can say that he thought he was in love with both of them, but in reality, he didn’t understand love. Yes, we agree that he was good friends with them, but he didn’t know what being in a relationship meant, and we don’t accuse him of it because he was too young to understand such things. Probably, he had a good time double-dating Betty and Veronica, but somewhere, he also knew that the girls wouldn’t appreciate it if they came to know about it, and that’s where we think he went wrong.

Why did Betty and Veronica confront Archie?

The most beautiful aspect of The Archies, in my opinion, was the fact that Betty never had any sort of enmity towards Veronica, even when she knew that something was happening between her and Archie. Betty and Veronica both treated their relationship with Archie separately, and they knew from the onset that it wouldn’t have any sort of impact on the bond they shared. Betty decided to tell Veronica that she had a thing with Archie, and she was extremely apologetic, as she didn’t know that he was dating Veronica at that point in time. Veronica realized what Archie was up to, and she told Betty that they needed to confront him and tell him that what he was doing was not right. They first went to Jughead and forced him to tell them what Archie was up to, and considering he was so scared of Veronica, he told them everything. The girls then went to Archie’s house, woke him from his deep sleep, and asked him why he was trying to create a rift between them. Archie told them that he was confused and that he loved them both, but the girls told him to his face that he should stop whatever he was trying to do and that they were better off as friends. We believe that a man, no matter how confused he is, shouldn’t be given such liberty that he causes confusion between women. It’s an unpardonable act, and maybe somewhere, the comics and the film tried to justify that act as well. 

Who does Archie end up with?

So, Archie, at the end of the film, didn’t end up with anybody. The girls felt that he was a good friend and they shouldn’t do something that could potentially spoil their dynamics. In the comics, too, this love triangle goes on forever, and Archie does not settle down with any of them. Probably, the Betty-Veronica love triangle was an integral part of the entire concept, which is why the makers stretched it, and Archie could never decide who he liked more. In the film, it is left up to the imagination of the audience to decide who they think Archie would be more compatible with. I personally believe that Archie needed to first understand the true meaning of commitment and then find out for himself who he wanted to spend an entire lifetime with. As of now, there are a lot of things that Archie needs to understand, and clearly, he isn’t prepared for the kind of commitment that the girls crave.

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