Who Does Nan End Up With In ‘The Buccaneers’ Finale?


The question of who Nan ends up with has become the question of the season in The Buccaneers. It has been hard to understand Nan’s actions, and for lack of a better word, we have started calling her ‘annoying.’ Nan almost immediately fell in love with Guy when she met him in New York and meeting him again in England was the best thing to happen on that trip. They had great chemistry, and Nan found that she was really able to open up to him, something that she probably found hard to do with anyone else. Nan told Guy before any of her other friends that she was the daughter born of her father’s affair, and at this point, it was the one real conversation she probably had with him. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but there is no understanding of the insanity of love at first sight. We don’t support this phenomenon.

When Theo proposed to Nan, she didn’t say yes immediately, which might have been the first sensible thing she could have done. Guy had just left, and Nan was under the impression that he wanted nothing to do with her after he learned of her secret. Also, there is something to consider about Nan here. Her character is probably only a teenager, since that is the age when girls would get married in that society. She used to keep saying that marriage was not her ultimate goal, but she never mentioned what it was. This is not a criticism of her character because it is natural to not have your life planned out at that age, especially when the world wants you to walk a different path. Additionally, Nan must have been aware that, despite wanting to do other things, she wouldn’t have the access or the freedom to do so since she was a woman, no matter how privileged she was. Therefore, marriage was perhaps the only practical option for her.

When Theo proposed to her, it was no less than a hidden dream come true for her. He was a sweet and sensitive man when Nan first met him by the beach. Additionally, he was an English Duke, and it is no secret that they are some of the most romanticized characters in the romantic world. Also, we have felt that Nan was somehow suited to his world. It is true that all women were taught to be soft and submissive, and the lesson was delivered in very clear terms. Nan was no exception in this regard, but what made her different was perhaps how she could manipulate to her benefit. What we mean is that for most women, being submissive meant pushing back their real selves to fit in with the societal expectations of them.

As for Nan, it was the fact that her demeanor was already that of a quiet person, which led others to believe that she would be someone ‘obedient.’ This meant that Nan did not have to try, like Conchita did, to please her in-laws. Also, Nan’s inability to be honest about her feelings and to blame others worked well with her general behavior to make her seem like the correct person in any scenario. Nan may not have agreed to the Duke’s proposal right away, but that did not stop her from playing him. She made it Guy’s responsibility to tell Theo the truth, and when he did not, she let it go as well. Later, in New York, she once again had the chance to tell him, and multiple times after that, Nan always chose silence. She wanted her parentage to remain a secret forever. During this time, Nan also had very strong feelings for Guy. Assuming that she did not realize what those feelings were, why did she not stop to think about what she felt for Theo?

Also, why did she fight so hard for her engagement when she did not feel so strongly for him? Nan had to know that the reason she was so adamant about knowing the contents of the telegram was because she liked Guy. They even kissed after he told her the truth. The question was never about Nan’s feelings for Guy but about what she felt for Theo. Our guess is that when Nan’s secret was revealed, she fought for her engagement because it was a matter of pride for her and not love for Theo. His being on her side was a gamble that paid off and saved her from complete disgrace. It must be questioned whether Nan would have cared this much if Theo had been an ordinary man. Whether she accepts it or not, Theo’s station in life played a huge role in Nan’s decisions, and we are not even talking about her wedding, but the events until then.

Nan was not a romantic fool. She was strategic with her future and her emotions. Nan knew that unless Guy pledged his love to her, she couldn’t take any step simply because she wouldn’t have the upper hand. It wasn’t because she actually believed that he had moved on. A day before the wedding, Nan knew that she did not love Theo, but she was willing to go through with it anyway. It certainly wasn’t because of her family, because that was not even a thought for her when Guy proposed that they elope. Guy had no money, but if he proposed to travel, it meant that he had somehow arranged substantial funds that would guarantee a modicum of safety and comfort until they could do more. This economic freedom definitely played a part in Nan’s decision.

In The Buccaneers season finale, Nan is extremely clear that Guy is the person she is in love with and wants to spend the rest of her life with. Her marriage to Theo is just an arrangement to protect her sister. Nan and Guy’s interaction in the final moments of The Buccaneers tells us that they are not breaking up. It is a temporary separation, and they have a plan in place to reunite. It could take a few months or maybe a few years, but their plan is to wait for each other. Theo and his mother are only a temporary part of their story. It is the saddest thing for the Duke, who is a good man and who just wanted someone to love him as a person and not because of his title. But it was his title that made the marriage happen. Had he been someone else, Nan would not have married him since Jinny and Patti’s futures would not be connected to hers. Even without the two women, Nan would have broken off the engagement long ago if Theo hadn’t been a Duke. Theo did not get the happy ending he deserved. As for Guy and Nan, they are simply working towards that.

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Divya Malladi
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