‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


The first season of Netflix’s Who is Erin Carter?, did not leave us on a cliffhanger but told us that there was a probability that Erin could go back to her old life. Considering it is a limited series, till now there has been no official announcement of a season 2, but we do feel that there is a potential of one. 

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Erin Carter believed that after killing Daniel Lang, she had cut all ties with her past life, but it was not so. People knew who she was and what she was capable of, and moreover, when a person is so skilled, people get allured to utilize the potential of such a person for their own benefit. Erin Carter, before coming to Barcelona, had never known what it meant to lead a stable life. She had tried applying for police services, but even after being one of the best trainees, she was thrown out of the institute because she got into a fight with another colleague. The guy was harassing Erin, and she was totally justified in doing what she did, but somehow, the odds never favored her.

Erin Carter’s mother abandoned her at a very young age, and since then, life has been very tough. For a lot of years, she had questioned herself about whether it was her fault that her mother had left her and run away. She could never understand what she had done to deserve such a life, but then she didn’t have any option but to accept her circumstances. It is said that hard work never goes to waste, and Erin realized that when DI. Jim Armstrong approached her and asked her to work as a covert agent for the Central Intelligence and Operations Agency. Erin didn’t know where her life was headed, and she was exhausted trying to make ends meet. She took the offer, but after she was briefed about her first mission, she realized that maybe she had been a little hasty in making her decision.

Jim Armstrong hadn’t clearly told Erin Carter what she was expected to do in her job, and when she came to know that she would have to join a criminal gang, she realized that the threat was real. Erin was a bit hesitant, as she knew that if something went wrong, the gang members wouldn’t even say “nat na yee” before killing her, but eventually, she accepted the job. Erin might have made some mistakes, but it couldn’t be denied that she went about her business in a fearless manner. She was able to get close to Lena, win her trust, and get information from her about the mission the gang was undertaking. It was Erin’s first job, but she had already had enough and was looking for a way out. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep going on like this. She also wanted to have a loving husband and kids and lead a normal life.

More than anything, Erin Carter wanted to be happy and not get insecure by thinking about what would happen tomorrow. She had been deprived of that familial love all her life, and that is probably why her yearning was stronger. Erin became very close to Lena and Harper, and she loved spending time with both of them. Erin was working for the CIO, and so in that capacity, she needed to do certain things, but on a personal level, she never wanted to harm Lena and Harper. Erin was under the impression that Lean had died in the shootout, and that is why she brought Harper with her. She sneaked out of the city and reached Barcelona without even informing DI Armstrong.

One thing that became clear about Erin Carter was that she had a knack for getting into trouble. Out of all the people, she was the one who shot the robbers in the supermarket, and from there on, her life totally changed. Emilio asked for a favor from her, and she was once again back to risking her life and indulging in life-threatening jobs. She wanted to create a paradise in which her past couldn’t cast its shadow, but her entire life came crashing down when she saw Emilio get murdered by Daniel Lang in front of her own eyes.

Lena also came back to take Harper, and Erin just couldn’t understand how she should stop her new life from getting ruined. Erin was also scared that Jordi would leave her if he found out who she was. But until the end, it became impossible for her to hide her identity from her husband, and she told Jordi everything about her past life. Erin was able to cheat death once again, and she saved her family by killing Daniel Lang. Erin believed that now she could live in peace and spend some quality time with her husband and daughter, just like she had always wanted.

At the end of season 1, DI Jim Armstrong found Erin Carter and met her, making it pretty evident that he wanted her back on his team. Erin said that she was not interested in working for any law enforcement agency now and that she was very happy being a teacher. Jim smirked, and he let Erin go, but we don’t think that the former would give up unless and until he convinced Erin to work for the CIO once again. It could be possible that the man would have some information about Erin that he could potentially use to coerce her to work for the agency. Jim was not a bad man, but he also knew the kind of sacrifices that had to be made if one worked for an intelligence agency.

If there is a season 2 of Who is Erin Carter?, then we might once again see Erin going back to the world of human intelligence and undertaking risky missions. Jim had seen the kind of skills Erin had, and for somebody who had just joined the agency, she was exceptionally good, and that’s why he was just not ready to let her go. Jim always told Erin that she was trouble, and sometimes, in jobs like these, troublesome people proved to be quite useful. We believe that Erin will accept Jim’s offer only when he puts her in a position where she realizes that working for the CIO would be beneficial for her and her family. As of now, Erin had made up her mind, and she just didn’t want to even entertain the idea of going back to that life, but she also knew that it didn’t take long for time and circumstances to change.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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