‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Ending, Explained: Did Erin Kill Daniel Lang?


Who is Erin Carter?, the title of the series was pretty much the question that people close to the school teacher were left wondering after an armed robbery at the supermarket. In the seven episodes, we find out that Erin is an incredible fighter who can handle any given situation and would go to any extent to protect her family.

Who is Erin Carter? is a mindless, action-packed series with endless twists and turns. Erin escaped from England and ended up in Barcelona with her daughter, Harper. Clearly, she had mixed up with the wrong crowd and was in trouble. She managed to live a peaceful and ordinary life in Barcelona and married Jordi, a nurse working at a local hospital. Erin had successfully built a safe world for Harper, but it all changed after she tackled an armed robber at the supermarket and left him fatally wounded. The surveillance footage proved that she was a skilled fighter, but from where did a high school teacher learn to fight?

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Who was Kate Jones?

Who is Erin Carter? reveals to us that Erin’s mother abandoned her when she was only six, and she ended up moving from one foster home to another. Erin was trained to become a police officer, but a heated argument with her classmate that escalated into physical violence got her immediately suspended. She had lost all hope, and that was when she met DI Jim Armstrong from Centralized Intelligence and Operations. Armstrong did not believe Erin was cut out to become a police officer, but he was confident that she would make a brilliant covert agent. With not much choice in hand, Erin agreed to the deal. She was instructed to infiltrate a gang involved in armed robberies. The gang needed a driver, and Erin had to prove that she was talented. She adopted the name “Kate Jones” to leave no trace behind. We also find out that Erin Carter is not her actual name; it was just another name on the list of deceased individuals.

Kate Jones proved that she was a capable driver, and after two weeks, she heard from the gang. Thomas Ramsey headed the gang, and Erin, aka Kate, had to figure out what they were up to. She gelled well with Lena, a mother of a toddler who struggled to find a balance between her professional commitments and her maternal duties. As someone who was abandoned when she was little, Kate had her sympathies for Lena’s daughter. Kate also bonded well with Margot Muller. 

Margot was one of the armed robbers present at the supermarket, and she was shocked to see Kate (Erin) in Barcelona after five years. Margot wanted to get back something Erin had stolen, and when Erin refused to give it away, she threatened to kidnap her daughter. Erin murdered Margot, and with the help of her neighbor, Emilio, she buried the body in the woods. Coming back to the gang story, Erin (Kate) learned that the gang planned on stealing gold bullions that were headed to the Harwich security depot. She had yet to find out who was funding Thomas Ramsey, but she wanted to make sure that Lena’s daughter was left unharmed during the police ambush. 

While Armstrong could not make any promises, Kate had made up her mind. Thomas doubted Kate when there was increased security at the depot; he was almost confident that she was an undercover cop, but Kate stood her ground and convinced him that she was not a mole. Kate watched Scotty Mick die even though he had no connection with the police. Instead of waiting for the second shipment, Thomas decided they would target the first one, which was to arrive within a few hours. Kate informed Jim Armstrong about it and begged him to pull her out, but he refused. Kate realized that she was dispensable for the CIO, and they would rather wait for the perfect moment than protect her.

The gang conducted the robbery as planned, and on their way out, police started to tail them. Kate helped the gang overcome the hurdle, but Thomas and Margot were certain that Kate was the one who had informed the police. While Kate tried to defend herself, the sudden police ambush proved their point. When Lena was shot, Kate decided to take her daughter to a safe place. As the shootout continued, Kate escaped with some gold bars in her bag and Lena’s daughter, Harper, by her side. Kate made up her mind to abandon her role as a covert agent and instead start her life afresh with Harper in Barcelona. Kate changed her name to Erin Carter and lived a happy life with Harper, who grew up to believe that Erin was her birth mother.

How Did Harper Figure Out The Truth?

The supermarket incident that happened in the first episode of Who is Erin Carter? triggered Harper. She resorted to drawing disturbing images and keeping to herself. The fact that Erin was busy dealing with her own complex life did not make it any easier for Harper. While Jordi believed consulting a counselor was necessary for the well-being of their daughter, Erin did not feel the same way. She was afraid of Harper finding out the truth and their perfect lives falling apart. Harper remembered fragments of her past, particularly the animal masks that were used during the last robbery. She was quite disturbed when she saw Erin with a gun in her hand in the storage room. Harper wanted to trust her mother, but at the same time, she was afraid that Erin was lying to her. 

When Harper stayed at Penelope’s for a few hours, she noticed the framed pictures of her son from when he was a toddler. She wondered why her mother did not have any pictures of her when she was little. Erin lied to her, saying that she was a terrible mother who had a hard time accepting Harper. Even though Erin tried to answer all of Harper’s questions, her daughter could see through her lies. Before going to prom, Harper bluntly asked her mother if she truly was her birth mother. Erin was quite taken aback, and she decided to speak the truth. She explained that the woman Harper remembered as Aunt Lena was her birth mother, and she died during a police ambush. Erin rescued her and has been with her ever since. While the truth was unsettling for Harper, once Erin promised to never part ways with her and to always love her, she felt a sense of hope. Even though Erin was not her birth mother, she would not have had her life panned out any other way.

How Was Daniel Lang Connected To Erin’s Past? 

Erin got herself entangled in Emilio’s mess. Emilio was Jordi’s best friend and neighbor. As a police officer, Emilio had access to the supermarket surveillance footage, and once he saw Erin defend herself like a professional, he knew there was more to Erin Carter than just being a regular school teacher. He later helped Erin get rid of Margot’s body in exchange for a personal favor. Erin had to install a spying device at lawyer Augustin’s house, and while she successfully carried out the task, on her way out, he spotted her. Augustin later got hold of Emilio, and once again, Erin came to his rescue. Erin later learned that Emilio had gambling debts, and Augustin used it to his advantage to get inside information. The situation started to get out of control, and that was why Emilio wanted to find some dirt on Augustin. 

Who is Erin Carter? later revealed to us that Augustin’s boss ran an organized crime organization. Augustin eventually managed to track down Erin, but Emilio murdered him before he could gather any information on her. By keeping track of Augustin’s activity through the sniffer, Emilio was able to conduct several drug busts, and the mafia boss was not happy about it. Even though Erin thought it was a terrible idea to use information obtained through illegal means, Emilio did not intend to stop. Emilio arrived at the bullring to meet his informer, but it turned out to be a trap. 

And finally, in Who is Erin Carter?, we get to know who the mafia boss was. As it turned out, Daniel Lang was the head of organized crime. Erin taught Daniel’s son, Dylan, at school. Daniel was an ultra-wealthy businessman who was impressed with Erin’s approach to education. Even though his son was not an academically promising student, Erin did not complain and instead believed in using friendly methods to develop a bond with Dylan. But Erin did not know what Daniel’s business involved. After Erin learned that Emilio went to the bullring, she decided to drop by, knowing that it was a risky move. As soon as she entered, Erin heard Emilio’s scream. By the time she reacted, Daniel had stabbed Emilio.

Daniel, very casually, dropped by the school to meet Erin. He made it clear that he wanted to put the entire incident in the past. There were people controlling Daniel as well, and he reminded Erin that they were way more ruthless than he was. Daniel threatened to destroy her family if she chose not to let go of the incident. While Erin tried to protect her family from Daniel and his men, another threat loomed. Lena had escaped from prison, and she was searching for Erin and Harper. Lena did not die that night during the ambush. She ended up in prison and was released on parole, but she was locked in again as a result of her violent behavior. Lena had learned about Margot’s murder, and upon searching the internet, she came across the supermarket robbery story, and Erin’s picture popped up. Lena tracked down Erin and threatened her to bring Harper back to her. Erin offered Lena all the gold that she stole from the heist in the hopes of protecting Harper. After spending years away from her daughter, Lena had no intention of letting go. She shot Erin in the stomach and left to find Harper. Lena watched Harper from afar; she did not know how to strike up a conversation with her daughter after being absent for years. She watched Harper and Jordi leave, and all of a sudden, a group of men attacked and kidnapped her. Lena realized that Daniel was behind the kidnapping. 

During the ending of Who is Erin Carter?, it is revealed that Daniel was Thomas Ramsey’s bankroller. He was behind the Harwich heist. Lena explained to Daniel that Erin was the undercover cop who destroyed their lives, and she was once again making things worse for them. Daniel was shocked, to say the least. While Lena was confident that she had murdered Erin, Daniel was soon informed that Erin had survived. Lena offered the gold in exchange for sparing Harper’s life. Meanwhile, Erin was attacked by Daniel’s kill team, and she single-handedly managed to break bones (let’s not forget she did all that with a fresh bullet wound!). While Erin and Penelope were always in conflict, Penelope helped Erin escape in the end.

How Did Daniel Lang Die?

During the final episode of Who is Erin Carter?, Lena reached out to Harper while she and her father were hiding at Olivia’s. Harper refused to accept Lena as her mother and repeatedly asked her to protect Erin. Harper and Jordi were taken away by Daniel’s men, and Lena reached out to Erin. Lena did not trust Daniel, and she decided to make a deal with Erin, offering her Daniel and, in return, getting to keep Harper. It was not easy for Erin to agree to it, but in the end, both mothers decided to do what was best for Harper. 

Lena and Erin tackled Daniel’s men, but they were outnumbered. Erin proposed that one of them draw a fire while the other goes to help Harper. Erin was ready to sacrifice her life, but Lena stopped her. She realized that her daughter no longer remembered her, and she would be devastated if Erin died. Lena could not provide the life that Erin did, even if she got Harper in the end; after all, she was a fugitive. Lena drew the fire, and in the process, she lost her life. 

Meanwhile, Erin walked up to Daniel’s office, where Harper and Jordi waited. Both Daniel and Erin had their guns in hand. Daniel tried to play it smart with Erin, but she was not easy to distract. At the end of Who is Erin Carter?, Erin shot Daniel before he could, and she left with her husband and daughter.

What Happens To Erin And Her Family?

During Who is Erin Carter?’s ending, Erin and her family go on a much-needed vacation after the turmoil they have been through. Jordi did not give up on Erin; even though she had kept too many secrets from him, he appreciated the fact that she valued her family over everything else. Harper trusted her mother to protect her and be with her forever. Life finally came back to normal for Erin, but there was someone watching her from a distance. 

After the series of murders in Barcelona, it was not difficult for Jim Armstrong to find Erin. He wanted her to return as an undercover cop, and even though it was an immense risk, there was a part of Erin who enjoyed the chaos and the challenge. Season two is definitely a possibility, with Erin choosing to become a part-time teacher and a full-time undercover cop. Not to forget, Daniel Lang mentioned there were people above him who would destroy Erin if she attempted to harm him. Trouble surely will not be far away from Erin Carter!

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