‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2 Ending, Explained


The gripping Spanish Thriller, Who killed Sara? became an instant rage on arrival. With the success of Season 1, the creators didn’t wait for its magic to fade away. And hence, in less than 2 months, Season 2 was released over Netflix.

A quick recap before we try to solve the missing links (the portion why you visited this article). Who Killed Sara? follows the murder of Sara Guzman, who was killed in an accident caused by tampered parachute belts. Her brother, Alex was found guilty of her murder and was jailed. 18 years later, Alex returns back from the prison in order to take revenge for his sister’s murder from the Lazcano Family, whom he suspected of killing Sara. The second season plunges into the mystery further, revealing dark secrets about Sara and her links with the Lazcano Family.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Was Sara mentally ill? Did She kill someone?

Quickly it was revealed in the first episode that Sara was suffering from Schizophrenia as well as paranoia. Sara was having psychiatric treatment under the supervision of Dr. Hugo Alanis Musa. According to her doctor, Sara was a sociopath and would have killed a person too. Alex believes for a moment that the body found buried in his backyard was murdered by Sara.

However, it was not the reason for Sara’s unusual behavior. Sara’s mother told Dr. Alanis that Alex and Sara had different fathers. Sara’s father was a man named Abel Martinez Osorio. When Sara learned the fact, she not only helped her father to run away from the medical institution but also found out the truth about her secret stepsisters.

Who was Marifer? What happened to her mother?

Marifer carried a lot of titles to her name. She was Diana the huntress, an online hacker who helped Alex to scheme against the Lazcano Family. She was Sara’s step sister and daughter of psychopath Abel Martinez. She was also the person who pushed her real sister, Clara to enter into a surrogacy contract with Chema. Marifer wanted to blackmail Caesar and his wife, Maria so that she can find out the truth about her missing mother, Cristina.

By the end of Who Killed Sara? In season 2, Marifer lost both her sisters (Sara and Clara). She also found out that her own father Abel Martinez killed her mother when she found out about his vile actions. He raped Alex’s mother, and it was for this reason, Sara hated Abel too.

What happened with the Lazcano Family?

Well, this is the meatier part of the ending of Who Killed Sara? Season 2. The Lazcano Family was literally reduced to dust.

  • In a series of unfortunate events, Chema lost both Clara and his boyfriend Lorenzo. He confessed to killing Chema’s ex-boyfriend Moncho and murdering the body found in Alex’s backyard that belonged to Sara’s psychopath father, Abel Martinez. Alex knew that Abel was shot by Chema’s father Caesar, but for the world, the devil is dead.
  • After saving his daughter and killing his associate, Sergio, Caesar disappeared. The last episode of Who Killed Sara? Season 2 showed Caesar living a luxurious life in an island resort. He comments about missing his only son Alex, which supports his own desire to have a son like Alex, but all he got was chicken Rodolfo and Chema.
  • Rodolfo rectified his mistake and helped his ex-wife Sofía and stepson, Bruno to run away to New York. Miles away from the dirt. He wanted to save them and the newborn baby from the shadow of his own mother, Maria.
  • After killing Elroy, and being instrumental in the death of Sara, and Clara, Maria started hallucinating. She went insane suppressed under the guilt of so many dead calling out to her from the gates of hell.
  • Last, but not least, Caesar’s daughter, Elisa is the one who literally turned her family into dust. She fueled a fire and burnt down the Casino and her father’s filthy legacy. She is still alive, maintaining her relationship with Alex, and trying to save her brother Chema from life imprisonment.

‘Who killed Sara?’ Ending Explained

During the Casino fire at the end of Who Killed Sara? In season 2, Marifer confessed that she was the one who tampered with the parachute ropes, thus, killing Sara. She heard Maria convince Sara to climb up the parachute before her pregnancy is visible. Originally, Maria planned the murder but when Elroy failed to cut the ropes, Marifer finished the job. She wanted to take revenge on Sara for her hateful behavior against her. Nevertheless, she meets her karma in the end and gets killed in the casino fire.

However, that’s not the end of all the mysteries. The last sequence of Season 2, depicts Sara’s drug-dealing associate and friend, Nicandro talking to Dr. Hugo Alanis Musa (Sara’s psychiatrist). The scene establishes that others think that Marifer killed Sara but her murder was part of a larger scheme. Nicandro’s father was running a special mental project. Under this project, Sara was being treated by Dr. Alanis and her murder is connected to the project.

Nicandro’s father is going to play the antagonist in the next season, that is, ‘Who Killed Sara? Season 3. Stay Tuned.

Who Killed Sara? is a Spanish Crime Thriller created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. Season 1 and Season 2 are streaming on Netflix.

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