‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2 Summary & Review – Stretch The Drama And See It Snap


Netflix has sustained a dedicated fanbase by showering upon them, some really captivating thriller dramas. For some reason, most of the shows like Money Heist, The Innocent, and The Minions of Midas are all of Spanish origin. Its success is attributed to insanely beguiling writing. Another crime thriller, ‘Who Killed Sara?’ that was released in March 2021 hooked the audiences. Without wasting much time, Netflix quickly released it’s Season 2 in less than 2 months. Let’s find out if it is able to match the same thrill set by its predecessor.

‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 1 Recap

18 years ago, a young girl named Sara Guzman was killed in a parachute accident caused by faulty ropes. The police suspected her brother, Alex guilty was murder, and was sentenced to imprisonment was the same.

18 years later, Alex comes out of jail, burning with the desire for revenge. He accuses the Lazcano family of tricking him into confessing his sister’s murder and vows to destroy them without mercy.

After Alex’s return, he finds out some grave secrets about her own sister. Sara was in a relationship with his friend, Rodolfo but was having a sexual relationship with his father, Ceasar, and also got pregnant. Alex suspected Ceasar of killing Sara, in order to hide the truth about her pregnancy.

Season 1 also explores Alex and his love relationship with Caesar’s daughter, Elisa. Together, they unveil a cellar prostitution racket run by Ceasar and his associate, Sergio. Alex destroys Caesar but it fails to find out the truth of Sara’s murder. By the end of Season 1, he finds Sara’s diary that leads him to a grave hidden in his backyard.

The narrative spreads out more mysteries that are covered in Season 2, along with the most distressing question, Who Killed Sara?

‘Season 2’ Summary

The hunt for Sara’s murder continues as Alex struggle with an unknown body found in his backyard. Being an ex-convict, Alex fears another imprisonment, but Chema’s lawyer boyfriend, Lorenzo helps Alex with legalities. The court orders the police department to find out the identity of the decayed body and its relationship with Alex. He has six months before the police send him into prison again.

Out in the wild, Alex learns that her sister, Sara, was schizophrenic and could have potentially killed the person whose grave was found in his house. He digs out the truth about his sister’s dual life and the truth about two murders he was charged with.

Who Killed Sara? Season 2 explores the same rivalry between Alex and his nemesis, Caesar. The other characters play an important role but the series is heavily impacted by 4 new characters, who are Sara’s best friend – Marifer, the dead man – Abel Martinez, Sara’s drug dealer – Nicandro, and Ceasar – the main antagonist.

Season 2 Review

Season 2 tries its level best to maintain the same chase and thrills through its twists and turns. While this season explores Sara’s character more in-depth, it fails to portray an active protagonist, i.e. Alex. The original characters seemed dull and lazy. Even the terror of the prominent protagonist failed to build momentum. Caesar was too shaken already, and another man who had the potential of creating dread was already dead. The ghost past does not serve much entertainment.

The mystery circling around Sara’s murder seemed too stretched already and by the end of Season 2, the bridge was burdened with boredom. A prominent reason for it could be, Sara was shown in a different light, her innocence was fleeting away, due to which the sympathy for her character was lost. Alex got too comfortable with the life outside prison and his feeling of revenge was only visible in his words. The crescendo created by Season 1 was dropped in Season 2.

Nevertheless, anyone who had binged Season 1, would be able to bear the next season, and an upcoming season 3. Yes, Season 2 leaves another open end and it seems that there is more to Sara’s death than the death of Osama Bin Laden himself.

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Who Killed Sara? is a Crime Thriller Spanish TV Series created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. The 2 seasons are streaming on Netflix.

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