‘Who Were We Running From?’ Ending, Explained: What Changed Bambi? Is She Still Alive?


Bambi has spent all her life living in hotels all across the globe with her mother. Her mother preferred to keep her past hidden, and Bambi knew she had to keep her curiosity in check at all times. The mother-daughter pair’s life has been a beautiful adventure, but the mother begins to feel threatened when she realizes her daughter is no longer a little girl. Bambi’s curiosity has grown over time, and she frequently asks her mother difficult questions. Bambi adored her mother, and she hoped that someday her mother would bare her soul to her. The Netflix Turkish series “Who were we running from?” is about the shift in the relationship between Bambi and her mother, especially when outside factors start to threaten their bond.

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‘Who Were We Running From?’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

The only book Bambi read all her life was “Bambi, a life in the woods.” Even though she knew the entire book by heart, she loved it when her mother read her excerpts from it. Their lives were similar to those of Bambi, the fawn, and his mother, who protected him from all harm. Bambi’s mother never allowed her to make friends with any of the hotel guests. She warned Bambi that the people around them were evil souls who must be avoided at all costs. Bambi would often grow attached to the hotels they lived in, but her mother would remind her that they must always be on the move. Her mother appeared to have an endless supply of money, but it could never buy them a house. Staying fixed in the same place was a risk her mother was not willing to take. So instead, they converted their hotel rooms into their temporary homes.

Bambi and her mother would often grab the attention of the hotel staff because of the way they dressed. Her mother was always dressed in all-black clothes, and she dressed Bambi like a little girl even though she had clearly outgrown the style. Their lack of interaction with the other guests and the fact that they never allowed any hotel staff to enter their room made them seem all the more suspicious. The amount of cash that she carried to pay at the hotels and the lack of any luggage was quite unusual as well. While her mother wanted to stay away from attention, she often attracted people as a result of the choices she made.

The mother preferred having her meals in the room, but Bambi convinced her to step outside into the dining area one evening. Bambi’s excitement faded when they were offered a tiny table at the center. She could see the rage in her mother’s eyes, and she knew that her mother would lash out at the head server. Even though she had witnessed her mother’s uncontrollable rage all her life, she still feared it the most. Her mother was ruthless when things did not go her way, and she made it a point to convey her feelings to the hotel staff. She was offended by the size of the table and assumed that everyone in the hall was staring down at them. She pulled the tablecloth and created quite the stir. The hotel manager warned her of her behavior, and she announced that they would be leaving the hotel that very night. While her mother tried to keep her temper in check, it became impossible when the manager insulted Bambi. She was beyond rational thinking, and all she wanted to do was destroy the man who dared to taunt her daughter. When the manager was busy feeding the fish in his room, she sneakily walked behind him and slashed his throat. By ringing the fire alarm, Bambi and her mother managed to escape amidst the chaos. Bambi’s mother always chose to keep her out of her criminal past. But Bambi was a grown woman now, and she could not help but question her mother about the choices that she made for them. Eventually, her mother had to let out one secret after another to win Bambi’s trust.

Why Were Bambi And Her Mother Always On The Move?

Bambi requested that her mother discuss her past after she promised to grant any wish she made on her birthday. Bambi always wondered who her father was, and for the first time, her mother decided to talk about him. Her mother was the daughter of an aristocratic couple. Her parents were strict and always maintained a distance from her. As a child, she was never loved or protected by them, and that completely broke her down. She despised her mother for being a heartless woman who never cared about her feelings. 

She experienced love for the first time when she met her father’s handyman. She used to sneak out of her room and walk down to the garage to make love to him. When her parents discovered that she was pregnant, they refused to accept her baby as their own. They intended to give the baby away soon after birth, but as a mother, she couldn’t accept it. She had been studying the manual of the car her parents owned, and she decided it was time to act on the hatred that was building within her. She snuck into the garage and found a way to destroy the car. When she saw her parents leave the next morning, she decided to stick to her plan. Her mother died when the car caught fire, and she inherited her fortune.

After giving birth to Bambi, her mother thought of leaving her at the hospital. The responsibility of motherhood overwhelmed her, and she realized she could resume her life if she didn’t have her baby with her. Even though leaving her baby behind would have been a clever choice, she could not give up on her. Her baby was defenseless, and as a mother, she felt it was her responsibility to protect her. She wanted to give Bambi all that she had been denied in life. While running from one hotel to another was difficult with a child, she realized that Bambi was the only person who would reciprocate the love she felt for her. She believed Bambi was her most beautiful creation, and she would do anything to protect her. From that day on, her mother had been on the run. She was running away from wicked family members who wanted to get hold of her daughter. She was aware of the anger many felt towards her, and she wanted to stay away from the hatred. 

Even though it had been a long time, her mother continued to feel threatened. She had spent years protecting Bambi, and that helped her develop an understanding of potential threats from a distance. Be it the sight of a similar black car, the rude hotel manager, or even a pervert doctor, her mother could detect the bad apples very easily. Her instinct was what kept them alive all these years, and Bambi trusted her mother’s guts with all her life. While initially, Bambi and her mother were running away from family members, eventually, it was the police who started to follow them. The mother’s overprotective nature had resulted in multiple deaths, and the police had picked up on the pair. The police did not have their names, and the IDs they submitted and the passports they carried were all fake. The only way to find them was through the videos captured by the CCTV cameras. The police soon realized that the mother was extraordinarily clever and getting hold of them was not as easy as they thought it would be.

‘Who Were We Running From?’ Ending Explained: What Changed Bambi? Is She Still Alive?

Bambi and her mother escaped to what they called the “paradise hotel.” It was the ideal location away from the bustling crowd, and they were overjoyed. But even in paradise, there was a snake trying to find the perfect opportunity to destroy them. Her mother doubted the resident doctor from the very beginning. She noticed how he looked at Bambi and tried to keep her distance from his nefarious intentions. But even after being careful, she fell into his trap. When Bambi asked her mother to let her spend time with her friends, she agreed because she thought the doctor would be gone for a few days. She decided to visit the bank while Bambi went out with her friends. After returning from the bank, she noticed that Bambi had left all her essentials in the room. She looked all over the hotel for Bambi but couldn’t find her. Bambi arrived late that evening and chose to remain silent. But her mother knew that her daughter had been violated and decided to leave the hotel. After checking into another hotel, she left to seek revenge from the doctor. Her doubt was further confirmed when she found the doctor’s ID on the floor of their room. She summoned the doctor, and when he arrived, she was prepared with her paper cutter knife. But the doctor was physically strong, and he fought back with all his might. Bambi’s mother was losing control of the situation, but thinking about her daughter restored her strength. She tackled the doctor and ultimately killed him. She had made a promise to her daughter when she was still a little girl; she called it the “Bambi promise.” She promised her daughter that she would not allow anyone to make her cry and that she would protect her from those who tried to bring her down. Bambi’s mother kept her promise, but the multiple murders caught the attention of the police.

Over time, Bambi realized that she must protect her mother the way her mother protects her. When she got to know that her mother chose her against all odds, her respect and admiration for her mother intensified. Bambi wanted to actively participate and find ways to run away from those who tried to break them apart. She was no longer baby Bambi who needed to be taken care of; she was a grown woman who had now learned the trick of their trade. After the incident with the doctor, Bambi realized that the world outside their little bubble was cruel and her mother was right to keep her away from the evil souls. Their world began to fall apart when her mother threatened a bank manager who was hesitant to let her withdraw all of the money from her account. The woman was aware of the mother-daughter duo that the police were looking for and informed them. While the manager tried to delay her, the mother eventually realized it was all a ruse. She killed the manager, grabbed all her money, and made an escape through the glass window. While Bambi and her mother thought that they had successfully escaped the danger, they were soon followed by two cops. To flee, they jumped into the water, and the money she had withdrawn was lost.

Bambi and her mother started to live on an island, but they did not have enough money to survive. While the mother was slowly giving up, she realized that her mother had bought an island that she had not sold. She contacted realtors and found a buyer. Bambi and her mother staked out the realtor’s office to make sure that it was not a trap. But eventually, they found out that Bambi’s grandfather was the buyer, and it was all an elaborate trap. They sneaked into his mansion that night and confronted him. Bambi’s grandfather pretended to care about Bambi and her mother. Her mother was aware of the man’s capabilities and did not trust him when he offered them money. She went back that night to her father’s study to kill him after confirming that he had once again tried to trick them. Even though Bambi was asked to wait outside the room, she could not stay put after hearing her mother struggle. Bambi was enraged, and she stabbed her grandfather several times. Bambi’s mother realized she had made a mistake when Bambi expressed her rage for the first time. She never wanted Bambi to get involved in the killings. Her hands were bloodstained, so she wanted to ensure that Bambi’s hands remained clean. With barely any money to survive, her mother robbed a store and brought a bag full of money and valuables for Bambi. She had suffered a deep cut in the process, and Bambi helped treat her wound. She realized that Bambi had matured and was now capable of caring for herself. Bambi and her mother tried to make an escape that night, but they were soon surrounded by policemen. Her mother was shot, and she asked Bambi to never look back. Bambi had always feared that her mother would suffer the same fate as Bambi’s mother in the story. Her fear had come true, but she obeyed her mother one last time. She ran and never looked back.

Bambi escaped that night with the valuables and money left by her mother. Maybe Bambi will manage to build the home that she and her mother often dream about. The police did not know what Bambi was capable of; she was simply considered the little girl who accompanied her mother. Bambi could possibly start afresh, or she could simply follow in the footsteps of her mother. She is capable of murdering anyone who dares to threaten her existence. Her mother died a peaceful death, knowing that she had managed to save Bambi and had left her enough wealth to survive on. “Who were we running from?” studies a mother-daughter relationship in which the two are entirely dependent on one another. Of course, mothers are protective of their children, but Bambi’s mother was willing to shed blood for her. She was psychologically disturbed, and her childhood had an important role to play in the way she turned out. She was essentially providing Bambi the life that she wanted as a child. In a way, she was living her childhood dreams with Bambi, and she felt threatened whenever Bambi refused to be the little girl. Her mother was losing her sense of purpose as Bambi grew older, and she did everything she could to ensure that her daughter remained a little girl. Bambi stayed close to her mother because she was afraid of stepping outside the bubble, but in the end, she was forced to leave the bubble, and hopefully, the cycle will end with her.

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