‘Will Trent’ Episode 11: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Lenny Broussard & Angie? Is Dante Dead?


As episode 11 of ABC’s detective drama “Will Trent” airs, we are introduced to a new character, Bill Black, who is none other than Will’s undercover identity. Most of the events in this new episode take place in the city of Macon, Georgia, where the DEA has hired the help of GBI special agent Will Trent to bring down CK, the leader of a notorious drug dealing gang. Along with these events in Will’s life, episode 11 also covers APD detective Angie Polaski, who is still out on a personal investigation against her rapist and molester, Lenny Broussard.

Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Will Handle The DEA Investigation?

As part of his month-long undercover mission for the DEA, Will Trent takes on the identity of Bill Black and keeps building a reputation to be trusted by drug sellers. As the target is the very leader of the drug gang, CK, Will befriends one of the henchmen of the group, Dante, and starts working for him. Within a short time, Will earns the trust of Dante after having saved the man on multiple occasions and even moves into the same apartment complex as Dante. As is common while being undercover, Will also starts to make connections with the other people in the same complex. Most important among them seems to be a young woman named Rosa, who happens to be Dante’s cousin and is also very attracted to the mysterious Bill Black. Will also leads on with this attraction, not missing a chance to impress or flirt with Rosa, and he probably does so to gain more trust with Dante and his family. The GBI special agent has seemingly created his undercover identity with a lot of care, mixing fact and fiction to ensure that his story is convincing enough. Bill Black had grown up as an orphan with no idea who his parents were, which is true in the case of Will as well. But, unlike Will, the fake Bill had gotten mixed up in illegal activities after growing up and had then landed in prison because of it. It was after being released from prison that Bill was in search of a job, for which he came to Dante and started working as a sort of enforcer for the drug gang.

Finally, the chance arrives for Will to meet with CK and get to know their real identities when Dante says that the two of them will meet with their boss the next day to hand over the collected money for the week. Will is excited as well as anxious over this visit, as he says to Faith, who has been in close contact with the undercover agent. Will had told Dante, and everyone else that Faith was his parole officer, who came to check up on him, and during such examinations, he and Faith would discuss the case. He also secretly maintains the habit of leaving voice recordings as his case observations, just like he does with every other case, and these voice tapes are also used for gathering evidence. While everyone else in the apartment complex at Macon seems to trust Will, Rose’s elder brother Gabriel seems to be the only one to have some doubts about both Will, or Bill Black, and Dante.

However, things take a massive turn for the worse the next morning when Will and Dante walk toward the hideout of their gang to meet with CK. As the two men walk through the streets, a car pulls up beside them, and two men from inside it start to shoot at Dante. Will somehow takes cover behind a small fence and manages to survive, but Dante instantly dies from the gunshots. This is quite suspicious for Will later on, as the men could have easily killed him as well but had carefully chosen to shoot just Dante and keep Will alive. Right after the incident, Will runs to his apartment and meets with Rose, who surprisingly does not seem to be as hurt as one would be after the death of their cousin. She instead offers to protect Will, telling him to lie to the police that he had spent the entire morning at her house. Will does so, too, when the police quickly arrive to interrogate him and the other neighbors at the apartment complex, but his apparent prison time gets him arrested as a possible suspect. During the interrogation, neither Will nor Faith can reveal to the police officers that he is actually a GBI agent, and Will has rather fun pretending to be a suspect. But the police have to soon release Will as well when some renowned and established lawyer convinces them that his client, Bill Black, was no suspect and has to be released immediately. Faith’s investigation later reveals that this hotshot lawyer had a connection with Rose, which meant that it was Rose who had ensured Will’s release. This now also means that Rose was completely trusting Will, and the detective wants to grow their relationship further since his only connection to CK is now lost after the death of Dante.

What Was The Real Identity Of CK? Why Was Dante Killed?

Once Will finds out about the suspicious way in which only Dante was killed, and he was kept safe, the GBI agent understands that Dante’s murder must have been an act committed by the gang itself. Sure enough, Will is kidnapped from his apartment the next day by gang members and is taken to the hideout. The same men who shot at Dante and killed him now try to convince Will to take over the position of Dante and work more deeply for the gang. The next day, Will is seen in Rose’s apartment, where the two discuss everything that had just happened. Rose says that she knew about her cousin’s illegal activities, but it does not seem like she has any involvement in them. Their conversation is interrupted by the loud coughs in the next room, where Rose and Gabriel’s sick father was supposedly staying for a few days. Although Will had been told of this before and had earlier heard the coughing noises, too, he had never gone on to investigate it. Now when Rose goes to care for her father and then leaves the room, Will finally decides to check the room, and it is then that the entire situation is made clear.

It was actually the sweet and charming cousin Rose who was the drug gang leader, CK, but she had genuinely trusted and possibly felt for Will Trent. A few months earlier, the gang had been tracked down by the DEA because of individual faults of Dante, and it is for this very reason that he is now punished and killed by the gang. When the DEA started tracking the group, they sent over an agent named Menaker to keep an eye on them. But the vicious CK, or Rose, had kidnapped Menaker and kept the man hostage in a drugged condition for all this time. It was actually Menaker who was kept in the room in Rose’s apartment and not any elderly father of hers. When Will reveals that he knows about all of this, Rose still shows Faith in him and offers him a final role in her gang. In order to prove his loyalty to her and the gang, Will has to kill a neighbor of theirs. Rose wants this neighbor killed because they often buy drugs from her and also livestream, making it very possible that they would tell the viewers about Rose’s secret business. However, Will pretends to comply with Rose’s plan at first but then manages to bring Gabriel down and help the streamer escape. He then returns to Rose’s apartment one last time, handcuffs the woman, and then rescues DEA agent Menaker from there. In the end, Will Trent’s exceptional courage and intelligence not only save the DEA agent’s life but also get CK successfully arrested with a solid case prepared against her.

What Does Angie Do With Lenny Broussard?

The previous episode 10 of “Will Trent” had already established the great internal struggle that Angie Polaski has to go through after seeing her foster parent and rapist, Lenny Broussard, walking free out on the streets. After the APD detective had gotten the man picked up, she also learned that he was now engaged to a woman who had a teenage daughter named Crystal. What is very concerning for Angie is the fact that Crystal was almost the same age as Angie when she was repeatedly sexually violated by the criminal Lenny. At the end of “Will Trent” Episode 10, Angie had directly confronted Lenny, and now the man had admitted that he had no regrets or guilt for having done what he had done, making him the vilest and worst criminal in the entire “Will Trent” series. Angie had then bought some drugs from her contacts, and now in Episode 11, these drugs, heroin to be precise, are found by Will. He throws a fit, believing that Angie had bought them for her own use, and the two break up once again. But the real truth was that Angie had bought the heroin to plant it on Lenny so that she could have him arrested and imprisoned again.

But before Angie can do any of this, she is directly approached by a shocked and mentally scarred Crystal. Upon asking what is wrong, Crystal reveals that her soon-to-be stepfather, Lenny, has started to act all creepy and perverse around her, as he has been entering her room at night and touching her. Angie advises that the girl spend the next few days at a friend’s place before she can do anything about it. The detective then finally goes over to Lenny’s house in order to plant the heroin on him, but he finds a completely different scene here. Lenny had just molested Crystal, and the girl’s mother had found out about it, too, as she had returned home early from work. As Angie approaches Lenny, he fights back, and the man has to be held down by Angie. But just as the APD detective is about to arrest Lenny, Crystal rushes in and stabs him in the neck with a sharp kitchen knife. Lenny dies immediately from the blood loss, and the three characters are left in shock.

Angie quickly gets back to her senses, though, and she is determined to protect Crystal. Knowing that the teenage girl would surely go to prison for what she had just done, Angie decides to take the fall for her and beats her own face up to make it look like there had been a scuffle with Lenny. She then calls her partner, Michael Ormewood, and tells him the story she has just created in her mind. Angie says that she had come to the house in order to check on Crystal’s safety when Lenny suddenly started to attack her and beat her up. In order to save herself, Angie had to stab the man with the knife and kill him. However, Ormewood had already guessed that his partner was heavily disturbed by the matter of Lenny, and now the fact that her story does not add up at all with the evidence at the crime scene makes him realize that Angie is lying. But instead of asking any more questions, Ormewood readily accepts Angie’s story and helps her prepare the crime scene according to her account.

What Is To Be Expected From ‘Will Trent’ Episode 12?

“Will Trent” episode 11 ends with Angie lying on her hospital bed with the police repeatedly questioning her about what had happened. It is very evident that she is going to be tried in court and imprisoned for having killed a man. Will visits her at the hospital and apologizes for his earlier behavior. He regrets the fact that Angie had not told him about Lenny’s release from prison, and the two then bid a tearful farewell to each other. What would happen with the characters after Angie is possibly sent to prison would be interesting to watch. Also, the fact that “Will Trent” has just been renewed for a second season by ABC makes it a possibility that we might get to see Angie Polaski once more in the next season if this is indeed the last time we see her in “Will Trent” Season 1.

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