‘Will Trent’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Will And The GBI Stop The Neo-Nazi Confederate Front?


The detective drama show “Will Trent” on ABC is back with its seventh episode and a new case like always. This time around, Will and the GBI are up against a militant neo-Nazi group called the Confederate Front, as a spike in the group’s activities makes it clear that they are planning some violent disruption. As has been the case throughout the series, there are more personal and dramatic elements to the episode as well, as Will finds a pregnancy test kit manual at his house and yearns to have a baby with Angie.

 Spoilers Ahead

‘Will Trent’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending

The 7th episode of “Will Trent” begins in the middle of the action, as GBI special agent Will Trent is seen hidden inside the back of a truck that is driving down a highway. Will is not in good shape, as he seems passed out with a bloodied handkerchief in his hand and a deep wound on his head. A dreamy, imaginary voice constantly tells him to wake up, and he regains consciousness for a moment before passing out again.

The events from a day earlier are now shown, as the pet dog Betty leads Will to a secretive clue lying inside his own house—a manual for a pregnancy test kit. As the detective is contemplating the meaning of such a find, his boss Amanda reaches the house with a different discussion. The GBI had noticed an increase in the number of members of a neo-Nazi militant group called the Confederate Front in recent times. Another strange occurrence of an entire container full of guns going missing made the GBI and Amanda suspect that the two events were linked with each other.

Will Trent is now given the responsibility to investigate the matter and is sent to the Atkins Co. Container Yard, where the guns had gone missing. Will and Faith reach the place and get introduced to the manager, Babs, who takes them around the place and answers their questions. But Will soon finds something suspicious on one container, and when he checks, he realizes that the numbers on the containers had been altered by an employee. This solves the matter of how the container of guns had gone missing, as someone working inside the company must have altered the container number and then got it driven out normally like any other container. This meant that someone from the Confederate Front was probably already working at the place, and they had gotten the guns stolen. Upon further investigating the container yard, Will finds a dead body hidden in one corner, which is identified as that of a logistics coordinator named Jed.

With a direct murder having taken place, Will and Faith now interrogate Babs, who reveals that she and Jed had been having a romantic affair, which was evident from the number of phone calls between the two. However, the manager also says that neither she nor Jed had anything to do with the missing guns, and she instead points to a forklift operator by the name of Craig, who has tattoos of the Confederate Front and, therefore, direct links to the group. The GBI detectives decide to investigate Craig and reach a bar where the yard workers often gather for drinks. Here, their suspicion of Craig being involved with the Confederate Front is confirmed as he is seen with a few other members of the group.

The man responsible for overseeing container maintenance and inventory, Taki, is also seen with Craig, and Will and Faith had already spoken with Taki earlier when they first visited the yard. Faith decides to tail Taki while Will goes behind Craig when the latter steps out of the bar, and Will approaches the man even though he has joined the other members of the militant group. Will gives his identity, which the Confederate Front members do not care about, and they start attacking the detective. He somehow manages to get away and hides inside one of their trucks. When the detective approached Craig, he was talking to his group members about the stolen guns, so Will asked for their location. The neo-Nazis had obviously refused to say anything and had instead attacked the man, and so Will now realized that the best way to reach the hidden location of the stolen guns would be to hide in one of their vehicles. But after taking shelter under the tarp at the back of one of the trucks, Will realizes that he is seriously injured from the earlier attack by the Confederate Force members, as there are wounds on his temple as well as on the back of his head. Tending to his wounds, Will passes out due to the head injuries, and it is in this way that he is driven out onto the open highway, unknowingly kidnapped by the gang members.

On the other side, Faith finds Will’s gun outside the bar but cannot find her partner, and she informs Amanda about it. The boss, in turn, checks in with Angie to see if she has been contacted by Will, which has not happened, and all three grow immensely tense over Will’s safety. Amanda appoints a GBI crew to go looking for Will but orders Faith to continue sticking to the original mission of finding and recovering the stolen guns. Faith now interrogates Taki and finds out that it was Taki and Craig who had been altering the numbers on the containers in order to get them stolen. But Taki claims that he knew they were doing this only for money and had no idea that Craig was involved in some violent anti-social group. It was while they were changing the numbers on the containers that Jed caught them in the act and confronted them. Craig had denied being caught and started beating up Jed until he actually killed him, and then had to hide the body under a container. Faith successfully completes the interrogation when Taki reveals that there is a warehouse at a place called Jackson where the stolen container with the guns was supposed to be taken. Faith and a team of GBI armed forces now find the location and get there, looking for the guns.

When Will wakes up the next morning, he sees himself amidst the Confederate Front members as they have gathered for some special mission. As the detective sneaks out of the truck and finds a hiding spot, the real intention of the Confederate Front also becomes clear. A protest march asking for the removal of the statue of a racist Confederate leader was about to take place on that day somewhere in Georgia. But the members of the Confederate Front, who consider racism part of their cultural heritage and identity, wanted to show their strength against this and had planned to cause a shootout at the place and save the statue of the Confederate leader. Will considers his next move very carefully, as he would be heavily outnumbered by the neo-Nazis. He also finds a gun, but it has no ammo clip, and he decides to make use of it to outwit the gang members. With this very gun, Will holds one of the members hostage and reminds everyone that a bullet could still be inside the chamber, already loaded and ready to be fired. Although the rest of the members do seem shocked by this sudden turn and the presence of a GBI detective, their apparent leader, Craig, is unfazed. However, at this very moment, Faith and the armed forces reach the spot and arrest the Confederate Front members, stopping their violent plan in time.

Throughout “Will Trent” Episode 7, the matter of Angie suspecting that she was pregnant with Will’s child continues to be explored. Once Will finds Angie at the APD office, he asks to privately talk to her and tells her about his finding. He also makes it clear that he would love to raise a child with her, but Angie’s reaction to the whole matter is very different. She is scared that she would be as mean to her child as she is to herself, and the pasts of both characters also have a role to play in this fear. We are shown events from 2001 when the two were teenagers or young adults living at a foster home with abusive foster parents. Their foster father had raped Angie multiple times, and Will was also beaten up badly when he tried to protest.

What was worse was that Angie had gotten pregnant from one such encounter, and it was then that she and Will decided to escape the house and live by themselves. Will drove Angie to the state of Florida to get the baby inside her aborted, and it was since then that he had made the promise of always being there beside her. But despite all this, Angie, even at present, was very unsure of herself and the way she dealt with her trauma, making her suspect that she would be a horrible mother. Just to defuse Will, she says that the child might not even be his, which she later admits was not true. When Will is thinking of his next steps at the Confederate Front camp, he leaves a voicemail in which he expresses his true love for Angie and how he would love to become parents with her.

Angie had earlier said that she had not actually done the pregnancy test yet and had only gotten hold of the kit because she was late on her period. At the end of “Will Trent” Episode 7, Will and Angie sit down together to await the test results, which ultimately comes out to be negative. Angie is relieved that she is not pregnant, but there is also a feeling that deep down, she appreciates the support Will provides her at all times. Will now removes his recent voice recording by ejecting the small cassette, and he hides it among his clothes, unwilling to let anyone listen to it yet.

How Does Ormewood’s Past Wrongly Force His Decisions At Present?

As has been happening throughout the episodes of “Will Trent,” Angie and Ormewood are involved in a different murder case as part of the APD homicide desk. This time around, a man named Roland had been shot dead outside a sneaker store right after he had bought an elusive pair of sneakers at the launch. These sneakers had also been stolen, and the APD team is now starting to investigate the matter. The store owner names her biggest suspect—a shoe reseller by the name of Pun’kin, who had been angry about not getting the newly launched shoes and had to be thrown out of the store by security. The owner even hands out Pun’kin’s details as if she wants the young man out of business and guilty of murder, and the APD also finds him suspicious.

A pair of stolen shoes is found in Pun’kin’s car, albeit not the same ones as Roland’s, and he is brought in for interrogation. This is when Angie feels that he is not the murderer, for a witness had earlier said that he had seen the murderer wearing very basic old sneakers. Pun’kin, instead, was wearing limited-edition shoes and did not fit the bill. Checking into Roland’s background, Angie finds that the man had been arrested for aggravated assault along with his friend Billy, but Roland had been released from prison two years before Billy. She finds a major connection through the fact that the prison would give basic old sneakers for their inmates to wear and states that it must have been Billy who had killed Roland.

Ormewood, however, still believes that Pun’kin is responsible for the murder, and he tries his best to prove this. It is evident that Ormewood has something to do with the sneaker store owner, and the real matter is revealed only at the end. When Billy is brought in, a gun is found on him, and he also soon confesses to the murder, saying that he killed his friend out of rage because Roland had testified in court against him. Ormewood now reveals to Angie that in some previous case, he had severely beaten up a suspect inside the sneaker store, and this had been caught on the store security camera. The owner had been blackmailing him over this, as she threatened to leak this footage of police brutality if he did not comply with her demands and get her competitor wrongfully arrested. Ormewood admits that he has a terrible anger issue, which is rooted in his past in the military, but he promises that he is trying to bring it under control.

What Is To Be Expected Next From ‘Will Trent’ Episode 8?

Will and Angie have now had serious discussions, or at least skimmed around them, about family and settling down together, and whether this is explored some more would be interesting to see. We have also been shown scenes from their past, more of which would be great to watch as well as understand their characters. Will and Angie have different ways of looking at life and the trauma from their past. While Angie is weighed down by her past, Will seems to draw inspiration and drive from it. Whether the pair of Angie and Will can stick on by the end would be perhaps the most anticipated question from this detective drama series.

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