‘Wolf Like Me’ Season 3 Theories: Will Mary’s Child Be A Wolf Or A Human?


While Wolf Like Me season 2 has answered the questions that the ending of season 1 had left us with, our expectations for season 3 revolve around the singular concern of how the mess of season 2 will be contained. Broadly speaking, there are three issues that need to be dealt with. The first is the baby; the second is the investigation; and the third is whether people come to know about Mary being a werewolf. Let us start with the third question since it is the most pressing problem of them all.

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Does The World Find Out That Mary Is A Werewolf?

Gary and his family are in a very delicate situation right now. Mary is a wolf, and she has given birth to a cub. The police and hospital staff are waiting outside the door, and they won’t wait politely for the doors to open. Luckily, Gary has set up the security shutters in the house. He may have a few minutes after the police start knocking to gather himself and come out of the basement. But he will be covered in goo and other bodily fluids of the newborn, which would be hard to explain. This can play out in two ways. One would be that the police hear the wolf and check the basement, but they will only find two animals there and no humans. Gary may be branded as some sort of criminal who harmed his girlfriend and child and may be put behind bars.

Another distinct possibility is that Mary may turn back human before sunrise. When she was in labor, she said that she was transforming before time and seeing changes that had never happened before. Maybe she will become human after she gives birth, and that is who the police see. If Gary is lucky, even the pup will turn into a human baby, but if he isn’t, then Gary and Mary may be branded as psychotic criminals who want to harm their child. After all, they had shown themselves to be a little reckless in terms of the delivery of the child. Since the doctor does not know that it is because Mary turns into a wolf, he may have thought that the new parents don’t seem to care for their offspring. But if the mother and child in the basement are both humans, it might all just be written off as another extremely eccentric set of parents on the block.

Will The Child Be A Wolf Or A Human?

We have heard it said on the Internet that pets are the new-age children, but the case with Mary and Gary is a little too extreme. Let us first discuss what would happen if the child remained a wolf for the rest of his life. His parents, Mary and Gary, would want the best choices for him. It would take a fair bit of effort to understand how the needs of a wolf pup vary from those of a human child and how they can cater to them. Additionally, there is the matter of wolves not being acceptable pets in regular society. What if animal control is called, and they try to take away Mary and Gary’s baby? Even if we assume that nothing so drastic happens, the wolf would need to live in wilder environments. Will we see an arc where Mary and Gary have to make the choice to let go of their child in the jungle, between others like his own, and themselves return to their life in Adelaide?

If the child turns into a human, he may be the first of his kind. The other werewolves we have seen so far were made, but this one was born. The child will have to be taught how they are different from others and how to keep themselves a secret. But that is easier said than done since children have a hard time listening to anything other than what they need. Perhaps this will cause Emma to feel more alienated than she already does. While Mary and Gary have always been mindful of her mental health, we believe it needs a moment to itself, where it is the most important consideration and not just one of the things in the background. There is also the suspicion that Emma will be shown to be falling in love with Abigail. Maybe Mary will get jealous of Caroline, as she may misunderstand something, or it could actually be a real concern. There is a lot for the family to deal with.

What Will Happen With The Investigation?

The fact is that unless the police can prove that the men near the camping grounds died of something other than an animal attack, they have no case against Gary and his family. But that would not stop them from trying, especially if they saw a wolf in his basement. They may dig deeper into Mary’s history, and it wouldn’t be a good look to find out how the people around her tend to die of animal attacks. Mary met Gary twelve years after the death of her husband, but the coincidence of the deaths is a little too much.

One theory that we have is that the entire world comes to know about Mary’s reality, and they want to kill her right away so that she is not a hazard to anyone. It could lead to a long-winded chase, with her trying to hide herself and her child from the authorities, that tests everybody’s loyalty. Gary and Emma would have to question whether they are really willing to play around the full moon for the rest of their lives. In between all this, there is a nagging doubt: What if the original wolf comes back—the one that bit and transformed Mary? They might know how to reverse the whole thing, or they could have an antidote. But we doubt that would work for the child since he was born a wolf. Wolf Like Me has only just started with all the things that could happen when two unlikely worlds collide, and we still have a long way to go to see the family or pack get their happy ending with each other.

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