‘Wolf Like Me’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Does Everyone Come To Know Mary’s Truth?


It has been a very long wait for the second season of Wolf Like Me, but good things take time and patience. Just as emotional, silly, and touching as we remembered the first season to be, season 2 has taken the story forward in all the right ways, leaving us with plenty of characters to love and a genuine anticipation for more. Here is a recap and ending of Wolf Like Me Season 2.

Spoiler Alert

Why Doesn’t Mary Like The New Basement?

Since Mary has shifted to Gary’s house, she needs to have a basement in his house for her full moon transformations. But Mary and Gary are both on edge because of things they don’t know and are doubtful about. Mary doesn’t want to get an ultrasound because she is scared that it would reveal the wolf nature of the baby to the doctors, creating an even bigger problem. She is also constantly worried that she may end up harming her child, and no amount of assurances from Gary are putting her at ease. Throughout this whole time, even Gary has struggled with understanding what to do. He wants to give Mary an amazing basement, and he secures the entire house along with making a fully functional electronic basement. But Mary doesn’t like it, as she only wanted something simple, like her previous room. Additionally, her anxieties and hormones are putting her more on edge. To ease her a bit, Mary ends up getting an ultrasound, and the nurse doesn’t suspect anything because the baby looks human in the scan.

The next day, when Mary is turning into a wolf, and while Emma is at Sarah’s place, Gary gets stuck with Mary when the basement door accidentally opens while the rest of the doors of the house are still closed. Gary saves himself at the last moment by using Emma’s new pet, a rabbit, as bait. But after Mary turns back into a human, she and Gary get into a fight, with Mary making it clear that she only wanted a dark, locked room where she could feel safe. With that, Gary brings back the old basement door, and there is peace in the household again.

What Is Emma Going Through?

Emma loves Mary and Gary, but she is struggling because she can sense the anxiety and tension between them and doesn’t know how to solve it. It is a given that solving her caretakers’ problems is not her responsibility, but she is still a child who is affected by the environment around her and wants to do the best she can. Losing Anthony Hopkins (her pet rabbit) was a blow, and even though Emma doesn’t blame Mary for it, she feels the loss as she has grown somewhat attached to the pet. She talks to her school counselor, who advises her to find and establish her boundaries with her family. Taking her advice, Emma makes friends with Abigail, the girl she had stood up for against her bullies, and the two become good friends. Abigail’s mother is Caroline, and Gary knows her from his office. They are conversational when they meet each other. Gary is apprehensive of the girls’ friendship, as Emma has never had a friend before, and he even tries to follow her, but when he sees that it is just making her more angry, he starts making his peace with it.

What Is Mary’s Relationship With Anton?

When Anton visits Mary at her surprise baby shower, the woman is as surprised as Gary, who is immediately hostile. Anton was Mary’s teacher, and they were briefly involved twelve years ago. After Mary’s husband had passed away and she was distraught, she turned to Anton for a while and, in that process, ended up biting him, which turned him into a werewolf as well. The two hadn’t been in touch since, but Anton had been traveling the world, and he claimed that he had gotten in touch with his ‘wild side’ and that he wanted Mary to do the same. The reason for that was that Anton wanted a partner—someone who would understand both sides of him. The way we see it, wolf or not, he was acting entitled owing to some mid-life crisis. He is with Mary on the night of the full moon, and the two spend it with each other, which is witnessed by Gary, who is absolutely furious the next day.

Despite Mary telling him that she doesn’t remember what happened and neither could she control it, Gary is still furious because he believes that Mary must have had a shred of consciousness. At the end of the first season, Mary had protected Gary and Emma because she seemed to recognize them. That has convinced Gary that when Mary turns into a wolf, she retains a shred of her human consciousness, and that was a part of her being with Anton. While he is stewing in his doubts and insecurity, Mary tells Anton to leave her alone and never come back. When Gary goes to tell Anton the same thing, he comes to know that they truly don’t remember what they did in their wolf state. Additionally, after a show of aggressiveness, Gary is told by Anton that he also has a ‘wild side,’ making him worthy of all of Mary. With this insecurity behind them, the couple reconciles, and we get a very sweet confession of love from them.

Does Everyone Come To Know Mary’s Truth?

What really puts the family in jeopardy is the ghost of their past coming back to haunt them. At the end of season 1, when they had gone camping, two men had tried to harm Gary and Emma before Mary arrived at the scene and took them down in her wolf form. Right now, the police are investigating the deaths of those two men, who look like they died in an animal attack. Gary is placed at the scene because he made a call asking for someone to be sent to repair his car. Gary tells the police that he had met those men, but they had simply helped him with his car, and then the family had left the camping grounds. It is perhaps a good enough performance, except that Gary ends up telling them that he was in Mary’s Jeep and not his blue car. The officer catches this detail, and it makes him suspicious as to what truth Gary could be hiding.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Trevor are suspicious about what is going on with Gary and Mary. Emma wants to tell them the truth since they will need their help going forward, but Sarah and Trevor simply disbelieve them. They want to take Emma away with them, but Mary ends up going into labor, and she needs to be rushed to the hospital. The baby is taking a long time to come, and the full moon night is approaching, meaning that Mary is at risk of turning into a wolf in the hospital. Emma and Gary decide to break Mary out of the hospital, and they run into Sarah and Trevor in the parking lot, where Mary growls loudly as a wolf, and her ears become pointy, finally convincing the Muggle couple that Gary and Emma were telling the truth.

During Wolf Like Me season 2’s ending, Trevor and Gary barely get Mary into the basement in time, and as Gary looks through the slit, he sees Mary give birth to a baby wolf. It is just one of those things where the uncertainty was scary, not the actual outcome. Gary accepts that wolf, or human, as his child, and he is not scared of him. He goes down to the basement and holds the wolf baby in his arms; while outside the house, the police and emergency services show up at his door. The moment they go inside, there is no hiding the wolf in the basement, unless, by some miracle, Mary is too exhausted and passes out, giving the others enough of a chance to contain the situation. It is a big ‘if,’ but the secret is more likely to be revealed.

Final Thoughts

Wolf Like Me is one of those series where the fantasy is rooted in reality. There are magical beings, and then there are the logistical problems of them co-existing with humans, which are shown through some clever writing. This season is everything we wanted it to be, and we will be waiting for Abe Forsythe to give us the third season soon.

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