‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happens To Blake And Everett?


We like episodes that are fast-paced and are able to say a lot in their limited runtime. The first episode of “Wolf Pack” successfully manages to do that with some of the better conversational writing than what we have seen in a while. While the first episode is about the coming together of the “Wolf Pack” and the introduction of the characters, there was one who we found to be distinctly irritating: Blake. We will explain why in summary, but for now, we will say that the first five minutes were our favorite part of the episode. The petty teenage struggles that reign even in the face of a calamity are hilarious. Let’s see how it all pans out.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After the Forest Fire?

Episode 1 of “Wolf Pack” starts with the visual of a forest fire that is spread across the mountains and is likely going to harm the surrounding residential areas. Some teenagers in a school bus are caught in a traffic jam looking at it. While they are waiting, Everett asks his therapist if he can take another tablet for his anxiety, but he is interrupted when his therapist says that he has to evacuate the building due to the fire. That diverts Everett’s attention to what’s happening outside. While he is looking at it, he talks to a girl named Blake, who doesn’t understand the difference between general stress and actual anxiety. She claims she doesn’t have a phone and confuses psychogenic tremors with psychotic ones. Maybe if she had a phone, she could look it up. We don’t understand why Everett starts to like her, but soon enough, they all have to rush out of the school bus when the wild animals of the forest come out and attack people left, right, and center. As they are running away, Everett notices a bite mark on Blake, similar to the one he has on his shoulder.

Disoriented, Everett reaches a hospital and is able to get some treatment for it. When he comes to his senses, the doctor tells him that his parents have been contacted, though that makes him more nervous. Everett gets a call that tells him to hide before nighttime because something is looking to kill him. The next time Everett opens his eyes, his parents are in front of him. We get the idea that they are not really mental health advocates. Either way, they think that Everett is exaggerating his injuries. When he tries to show them how badly he is hurt, they see nothing but a scratch. It turns out that only Everett can see what is there, which is his sign that something really is going on, and he needs to find a safe place.

As for Blake, when she gets home, her dad, instead of asking her how she is, yells at her that she should have been there helping her brother Danny, who is autistic. They are going to one of the shelters for the night. Blake notices that the bite on her skin is having some sort of effect on her. When she and her family are stuck between the cars on their way, she asks her dad to go to a motel, which she offers to pay for. We come to know that Blake had been forced to be the primary caregiver for her brother due to her parents’ fights. They go to a motel, where her dad is figuring out what to do next. Meanwhile, Danny points out that Blake’s skin has changed. On an urge, she goes out for a run, and without realizing it, she reaches her house, where she meets Everett. He came there because he had no other means of contacting her. They are both surprised by the changes occurring in them, though Everett is more vocal about it. Suddenly, the two of them spot a dark shadow, which turns out to be a huge wolf that is trying to attack them. With the neighborhood dog providing a temporary distraction, they manage to escape. Everett understands what just attacked them, though Blake is still in complete denial. They part ways, but it is not long before they sense a signal beckoning them.

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – What Happens To Blake And Everett?

That night, another teenager named Harlan is at a party with a boy when his sister seeks him out. She tells him that their father, Garrett, is missing, and they must look for him. Harlan is not too worried, but when Luna points out that her sense of smell is sharper that day, he tells her that so is his sense of hearing. This alerts them to the fact that something might be going on. Both of them go looking for their father and find that his truck has been found without him. The authorities suspect an animal attack, but when the twins see deep scratch marks on the truck, they understand that the matter is far more serious. Harlan and Luna are werewolves who were discovered and adopted by Garrett when they were pups. They feel that their real father might have come back for them. Meanwhile, Garrett is still lost in the forest. Fearing he won’t make it, he records a message for his kids, expressing how much he loves them. But recording it gives him the courage to keep going and not give up.

Meanwhile, Harlan and Luna feel the signal at the same time as Blake and Everett, and they all assemble in an open space in the forest. When they see each other, they also see their eyes turn yellow and recognize that whatever is going on, they are a part of it together. Their coming together was probably a summon, maybe by the father of Harlan and Luna, who might have also been the one to turn Everett and Blake. This could mean that the werewolf they encountered at Blake’s house before was rogue because why would he want to kill them otherwise? We are probably going to get the answers in the second episode of “Wolf Pack.”

What To Expect From ‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 2?

Other than the speculation of who could have summoned our four protagonists, we noticed a theme of parents vs. children in the episode. Blake’s dad is clearly ill-equipped to be a parent, Everett’s parents don’t feel very supportive, and Harlan and Luna are experiencing some detachment issues from Garrett, so this might be a recurring theme in the coming episodes. We also noticed how everyone, including Everett’s parents and Blake, seemed to dismiss the question of mental health. Maybe that could be a topic of discussion. There isn’t much else to be said about the first episode, which has just brought regular people together in extraordinary situations so far. What it does next remains to be seen.

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