‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does The Werewolf Attack Everett?


We wonder if “Wolf Pack” is planning on getting interesting anytime soon. Three episodes in, the story is unpacking very slowly, and it was probably just the last 10 minutes of Episode 3 that had us on the edge of our seats. Another thing is that the characters seem to lack common sense and make the worst decisions possible. One redeeming quality might have been the return of Garrett Briggs, played by Rodrigo Santoro, who is the only one with a strong presence among the actors, maybe except Kristin Ramsey, played by Sarah Michelle Geller. Not to berate something too much, but creators must learn to adapt the pacing of shows to the times they are in. The narrative of “Wolf Pack” is moving at a speed that was acceptable in 2013, not 2023. Either way, let us get into the recap summary of Episode 3 of “Wolf Pack.”

Spoilers Ahead

Everett, Blake, Luna, And Harlan Are Being Questioned.

The four teenagers are taken to the police station for some questioning. They are not sure whether they have been arrested, and Inspector Ramsey assures them that they haven’t and that they are just going for some routine questioning to “organize their timeline.” That doesn’t stop Everett’s anxiety from going through the roof, and Blake gives him a sort of toy to help calm himself down. The twins are becoming aware of the special connection between these future lovebirds.

But they are not the only teenagers being taken to the station. A few others had snuck off to the top of a restricted building to get a view of the city as it burned and to have some fun. One of them is Phoebe, who used to be Blake’s friend but hasn’t spoken to her since the latter cut contact a year ago after her parents divorced. Phoebe evidently still holds a grudge and suggests that it could be Blake who started the fire. None of the others believe her, but it is all idle gossip, the kind that remains.

Once they reach the station, Luna experiences a certain connection with the horses. Initially, we believed that it was the primal instinct of a prey to be wary of its predator, but we saw this reaction only with Luna and none of the others, so this could mean something more. In the station, Blake asks Phoebe what she was questioned about, and she replies that she told the officers that she thinks that Blake set the fire. It also looks like Harlan slept with Phoebe’s boyfriend, who must now be an ex.

The four of them decide to tell the officers a similar story: that they were smoking marijuana, and that is why they were near the woods. They are placed in four adjoining rooms, with Everett being questioned first. However, his anxiety is rather high, and he is not sure what to say. Harlan can hear everything, and he mumbles that Everett should just say that the others were smoking, and we had an edible. Surprisingly, Everett hears him and relays the exact words. The four of them are able to understand each other despite being at a distance. Before Harlan can say more, one of the officers enters his room and tries to get rough with him in an effort to get him to talk. At that moment, Garrett comes to the station and tells the officer that if the children are not under arrest, he wants to take them home. Everett and Blake go with them and tell him everything that has happened. Garrett says that he might have encountered that creature, though he is not sure.

At home, he speaks with Luna and Harlan about what they know of Blake and Everett. They tell him about their being able to hear each other and the fact that their eyes glowed when they first met in the forest. Garrett suspects that their wolf might be different from Harlan and Luna’s since they were bitten, but his children were born wolves.

Back with Blake and Everett, their attraction has really intensified, and they have rather explicit thoughts about each other. They don’t act on them, and Blake diverts the topic by admitting that even she received a call that she was in danger. But she doubts whether the caller meant her or her family. Meanwhile, Garrett gets a panicked call saying that Phoebe’s tires have been slashed and he must go check on her. Phoebe suspects Blake, but she has been with them all the time. Garrett leaves the house and tells the kids that he will be back in 20 minutes. Once they are alone, they try to find out if they still share powers like they did in the police station, but it doesn’t happen. However, Inspector Trent comes to their house, wanting to ask some questions. Harlan steps outside to talk to him, but Trent resorts to force once again. But this time, Harlan is protected. The werewolf drags Trent into the forest and deals with him by pinning him to a tree, the exact same way he had pinned Harlan.

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 3: Ending Explained: Does The Werewolf Attack Everett?

Back in the house, the twins call Garrett, and he tells them to go into the stable and pick up the rifle there, which is their weapon against the monster. When the twins follow his instructions, they find that the bullets are made of silver, which is the only effective weapon against werewolves, indicating that their dad has been preparing for it for a long time. As for Blake and Everett, the former decides to be unreasonable and proclaims that she wants to leave because there is nothing out there. Yet, just as she is about to step out, they get another call asking them to stay in the house. The voice tells them that they only have a few hours of danger left and that they must be cautious. But Blake decides to be stupid and steps out anyway, claiming that nowhere is safe. That turns out to be a mistake because the werewolf finally makes its appearance. It comes threateningly close to Everett and looks ready to kill him, though not quite. Harlan arrives just in time and drives it away by shooting the rifle. They all realize that the reason the werewolf did not kill them is that they are now part of its pack. When Garrett comes back, the children confront him about the silver bullets, and he admits that he had them in case of any eventuality, including using them on Harlan and Luna.

Final Thoughts

We just want to start seeing some good action now. What does Garrett know about werewolves? How is the pack coming together? Was it deliberate or just a happy accident? Even the police need to be smarter. We haven’t seen them make a single headway in their investigation except keep questioning the kids again and again. “Wolf Pack” can be so much better, but it is not trying hard enough. Next week might be somewhat interesting with some family drama between the Briggs, but our expectations are not that high right now.

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