‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happens To Danny?


We must say that this “Wolf Pack” is very boring. How can the narrative move at such a slow pace? It is the fourth episode already, and whatever we know of the characters could have been revealed in the second episode. Writers not knowing how to pace their content is the bane of literally everything we are watching. The second, third and fourth episode of “Wolf Pack” should have been a single episode. What we have discovered in this entire runtime of 50 minutes is that the pack’s connection is getting stronger, and the werewolf is protecting them, the exact things we discovered in Episode 3. Something new would be the bad VFX ram. The reason this is so irritating is that we don’t understand why the makers didn’t just make it something completely campy instead of just presenting jarring moments of it. The worst part is how unremarkable the characters are. Not a single one of them leaves an impression, even if we try to be kind. Shouldn’t they have been written better, at least? Either way, without wasting any other moment, let’s explore the major events of the fourth episode of “Wolf Pack.”

Spoilers Ahead

The Wolf Pack Is Coming Together

A person who we had thought had died within the first few minutes of “Wolf Pack” Episode 1, Austin is still alive and is suffering due to a lack of sleep. He is reluctant to tell Kirsten Ramsey what he saw during the fire because he thinks she wouldn’t believe him. To his surprise, he finds a lot of drawings of a werewolf, which makes him think that she might trust him after all. If there were so many drawings up there, it must mean that he isn’t the only one to have seen the wolf. He also believes that Conner is dead, and Kirstin is surprised at this as the police have only assumed that he is missing. Despite all this, Kirstin thinks the wolf sighting must be some sort of mass delusion, and Austin is disappointed upon hearing that and leaves the station. As for Kirstin, when she goes to the palace where Everett was found holding Conner’s cast, she spots the previously mentioned bad VFX ram and finds large claw marks on it. Kirstin is evidently sensing something is wrong, especially when the next day she speaks with Garrett, and he mentions that it could be the work of a “California black bear,” but it is clear to her and to us that there is more to it.

But while she is still dealing with the VFX ram, Garrett is telling the four very dull teenagers that when he had found Harlan and Luna in the woods all those years ago, they were two wolf cubs who had later turned into human babies. He had kept the silver bullets because he had no idea what they would turn into again, and also in case their father came back. Everett is concerned that he and Blake might turn into werewolves. We want to ask him whether it was not evident to him already. Either way, Garrett takes Blake and Everett to their homes and tells them to go to school as normal.

The next day, when Everett is going to school, he overhears his parents talking and realizes that his mother is not going to drive him to school as punishment for him sneaking out. Everett’s father asks her why she hates her son, and though she denies it, it is evident that she doesn’t like him, principally because he is not as “perfect” as she would like him to be. We were right when we thought that she wasn’t a mental health advocate. In school, Austin tries to trade sleeping pills with Everett but is unable to because Everett wants to know what he saw during the accident, and Austin doesn’t have an answer for him. There is also a surprise test for all of them. Everett had an undoubtedly rough morning, which is probably what ended up triggering his anxiety. However, this time, Blake, Harlan, and Luna also feel what he is feeling. Harlan asks him to “relax” after he and Blake repeatedly confuse his anxiety with a panic attack, and when Everett is slightly sarcastic in return, Harlan attacks him with his fangs bared. We believe it might be the first time it has happened, and both Luna and Harlan are in shock, as only the previous night the former felt her claws coming out. They are undoubtedly forming a pack since none of them remembers running to the forest the night they first met, almost as if they were being called there and had no choice but to follow orders. Remember in “Wolf Pack” Episode 3 how Luna felt like she could sense something from the horses? 

In “Wolf Pack” Episode 4, she realizes that the horse that had to be put down when she was a kid was because she had attacked it. Garrett tells her that the horse named Thunder had started acting aggressively with Luna since it was the night of the full moon and had sensed something in her. That was when Luna attacked it. He assures her that it was in the past and things have been different since. Garrett has been the single good thing about the series since the episodes started airing. When he is talking to Prisha, we realize that she may also know the reality of the twins. Additionally, Garrett believes that the fire was set by the person who has been calling the kids and who is also looking for the werewolf. The two wonder how Kirstin came to the conclusion that the fire was started by one of the children and think that the caller might have something to do with it.

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Happens to Danny?

When Blake is about to leave for her part-time job, her father asks her to take a break and watch her brother Danny. He gives her a phone so that he can stay in touch with her as and when required and also because he does not want her to pick up the motel phone. This clues Blake to something, and she asks him what the caller is saying, and he claims that Danny was the one to talk to him. When Blake asks Danny, she finds that he has written the caller’s words on his sketch board. The caller has said that she needs her pack to survive. Blake is scared, but for the time being, she takes Danny to her workplace. When she tries to take something from Danny, he slaps her. We believe it must have been an impulse act, and Blake calms him down before she leaves the booth for a minute. When she comes back, she finds that Danny isn’t there, and she gets scared looking for him, so much so that she screams his name from the rooftop. When she goes back down, she finds that Everett is walking through the mist with an unconscious Danny in his arms. This is what we meant when we spoke about the campy moments being jarring and abrupt.

It is not just Everett who has come there but Harlan and Luna as well, as it turns out that Blake did not scream; she howled, and that brought her pack together. Towards the end of “Wolf Pack” Episode 4, we see that Austin drops off a sketch of the werewolf for Kirstin and that the werewolf itself is collecting the bodies of everyone it has killed, in a place.

What Should We Expect From ‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 5?

Wouldn’t it be something if Kirstin turned out to be the werewolf? Why has Garrett assumed that the werewolf after the kids is Luna and Harlan’s father and not their mother? This is the only interesting speculation since everything else in the series is moving at a dreadfully slow pace. Now that the four of them have figured out that they are connected, we can only hope that they don’t ask more stupid questions and learn to work together for something meaningful, like figuring out the rest of their biology. Hopefully, there will also be better leads in investigating who started the fire after all. We also have a nagging suspicion that Everett’s mother might be the next target of the werewolf, considering what could have happened to Danny. We truly hope this series picks up in the coming episodes.

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