‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happens At The Party? Where Is Cyrus? Who Is Baron?


The streak of “Wolf Pack” episodes taking on a ‘restaurantry’ atmosphere continues with Episode 6. To be honest, there really isn’t anything new that has come to light with this episode except for one thing that we had speculated after watching “Wolf Pack” Episode 5. We had hypothesized that the werewolf was not acting alone but that there was a whole wolf family at play here. Turns out, that theory gained some strength with this episode. Additionally, we also believe that it is the first time that either of the characters has used the word ‘werewolf.’ This means that the long ordeal of them asking ‘what is going on’ for very obvious things is coming to an end. As for the rest, Blake and Kristin seem to have different hair, with the former even getting a whole new wardrobe. The show never took itself seriously, but this has started feeling like a little too much at this point, especially since there is a very little story that has taken place in the 6 episodes so far. Either way, this is all that happens in Episode 6 of “Wolf Pack.”

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens At The Party?

The kids are all indoors, looking outside to reassess whether they actually saw the wolf. Everett spots a blond boy next to him who does not seem to remember his name. Everett assumes that he has taken too many drugs. A few of the others are not sure whether they are actually in any danger. A boy decides to leave, but the moment he steps out the door, he reconsiders his decision and comes back immediately. Everett, Blake, Harlan and Luna tell the others that whatever is out there also killed Conner, and this raises a few eyebrows since everyone is under the impression that Conner is just missing and not dead. Austin pushes Everett to tell him exactly what the creature is, but the latter just says that it is a bear, causing Austin to lose his temper. Meanwhile, Phoebe finally asks Blake why she had ghosted her the previous year.

Right from the beginning, Phoebe had been angry with Blake for how she had treated her, and she took it out by picking on Blake every chance she got. Blake reveals that her father had forced her to unlock her mother’s phone, which contained all the evidence of her cheating. He had started screaming at her, which had brought the police to their house. Danny was relocated for a week, and Blake had to spend some time in a foster home. Since then, Blake has blamed the entire fiasco on the phone and has refused to have one. Phoebe asks Blake why she never told her this, and she replies that she never told anyone. While it is a touching scene of two friends almost reconciling, we get the impression that Phoebe cares a lot more about it than Blake.

Meanwhile, Cyrus decides to go out to investigate, and Harlan follows him. They kiss in the woods, and it is then that Harlan spots the wolf. Before he can react, Kristin fires at it from behind Harlan and tells them to run. Hearing that noise, his father and the rest of the police who have reached the party run to protect them. By this time, Harlan knows that they are there to arrest Cyrus for arson, and he takes him away to a safe hiding place, aka his house’s stable. Back at the party, Luna asks Everett why he did not tell the others about the wolf, and the reason is that it is now his secret to protect as well. Everett notices that the blonde boy from before is missing, and that doesn’t sit right with him. But for the time being, everybody goes home.

After The Party

After they leave, Phoebe spends some time in the pool, and that is when the wolf attacks and kills her. When he is dragging her body away, it is witnessed by Austin. As for Harlan, when he and Cyrus are alone, he asks him why he has no caller ID, and Cyrus tells him that he blocked his own number when he started getting calls from a random man asking for his father. However, what catches Harlan’s attention is Cyrus’s way of saying ‘I am not an arsonist,” and he makes him repeat it a few times. We believe he was checking to see if this was the same person making the calls to them, but Harlan seems to be convinced that it is not the case after Cyrus says the sentence for the third time.

Meanwhile, when Everett goes back home, his father is waiting for him. He asks him why he hasn’t taken his medicines for the past week, and Everett believes that he doesn’t need them anymore. While we agree that taking or avoiding medicines should be done on the advice of a doctor, the way Everett’s dad gives him his pills has an underlying menacing note to it, which makes us believe that Everett’s mom is not the only evil parent he deals with. Everett only pretends to take the pill and later sneaks out to meet Blake, with whom he spends the night.

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 6: Ending Explained: Where Is Cyrus? Who Is Baron?

Kristin tells the police that what she saw in the woods was a bear, much to everyone’s astonishment. But Garrett knows that something is clearly wrong. The next day, in the station, they are still going ahead with the theory, even though both of them know that the other person knows. This suits Garrett, who has to deal with the increasing amount of suspicion surrounding his children.

Meanwhile, the teens talk to Cyrus, and he tells them that a member of his father’s crew, Malcolm, survived the fire seventeen years ago. They go to speak with him, and he tells them about a wolf that they had been shooting at but which had still been standing strong. In fact, it was only Cyrus’ father’s bullet that he had shot through his head that had incapacitated it, even though it did not kill the animal. When they threw the wolf’s body into the fire, they saw it transform into a werewolf, and it was then that a second wolf attacked their crew. The kids hypothesize that whoever set the fire must have wanted to transform the wolf and bring it out, which indicates there is a larger conspiracy at play here.

Back at Briggs’s house, Garrett finds Cyrus in the stable and tells him to surrender himself to prove his innocence. When the kids come back, Harlan is devastated to find Cyrus gone, and he punches his father. But before Garrett can react, he finds that the entire pack is staring at him with glowing eyes and bared teeth. Prisha comes with a gun, ready to shoot them and rescue Garrett, but he is not prepared to run. He tells Harlan and Luna to remember who they are, and that brings them all back to their human form. The entire pack was connected through their anger, and that is why they transformed. Garrett reveals that the wolf he saw in the woods was not Harlan and Luna’s father. In fact, he had momentarily transformed into a boy with blond hair. Upon hearing this, Everett instantly recognizes him as the boy from the party, and it is through this pack connection that he realizes that his name is Baron. He is most certainly Harlan and Luna’s brother and a member of their pack.

What To Expect From ‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 7?

The way Harlan was intrigued by Cyrus’ voice, in addition to the fact that the latter’s father’s body was never discovered, makes us think that the caller might be Cyrus’ missing dad. We are waiting for the day when we discover that Kristin is also a werewolf or maybe a part of some secret society dedicated to helping them. There just might be redemption for them all. Also, who is the werewolf going to kill on his next hunt? Will it be Garrett because of the way he angered the pack, or will it be Cyrus because of the supposed threat he is? These questions remain to be answered.

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