‘Wonderful World’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens to Soo-Hyun’s Song?


Wonderful World, the 2024 Disney+ show starring Cha Eun-Woo and Kim Nam-Joo, is a tale of revenge that is reminiscent of many Makjang k-dramas. For those who are excited to see Eun-Woo back at it, episode 1 will be a bit of a disappointment, considering the actor’s barely in it. I suppose the little bit of screen time he gets is enough to keep a fan watching. However, the show doesn’t follow the normal trajectory of the actor’s other more fun and happy shows. This one begins with a tragedy and lots of drama as the dark events that bring the two lead characters together unfold slowly. The first episode, though slow and quite easy to follow, leaves a big mystery: who is Sun-Yool? Of course, this is just the first episode of Wonderful World, so we’ll get to know him further as the episodes pass; however, the first scene of the show is the most memorable one for now. Anyway, let’s recap Wonderful World episode 1 to try and understand why Sun-Yool tries to hit Soo-Hyun with his car.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Eun Soo-Hyun? 

Wonderful World episode 1 begins with Sun-Yool racing a car straight at Soo-Hyun. As the dramatic scene unfolds, we get a montage of their meetings from before. They seem to get along well, and it seems they have experienced some sort of similar trauma that they’re trying to overcome together. Soo-Hyun seems to be like a friendly older sister looking after a broken Sun-Yool, but why does he want to kill her? We’ll find out as the show progresses. Then we’re transported back to many years earlier, when Soo-Hyun, a successful author who had just won an international literary award, was doing a book tour in her motherland. She seems to be living the perfect life, with her first book taking off and a loving family. After suffering through four miscarriages, Soo-Hyun finally had a child, and at this point, he’s about four or five. The life Soo-Hyun is currently living is one of her dreams. She’s married to an ex-journalist who had a tiff with a congressman when he was still working. He’s now suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression ever since he quit his job. On the other hand, Soo-Hyun’s loving sister, Yoo-Ri, is her manager. 

One fine day, Soo-Hyun is meant to be traveling out of Seoul for more book touring, but her plan abruptly changes when she learns that her son is feeling unwell. She rushes home to surprise her husband and child, who are now playing in the front yard. Soo-Hyun heads inside to ask her husband if things are okay, which is when she learns of his psychological disposition. She comforts him and apologizes for not knowing what he has endured all this time. However, within this time, their son has run out of the front yard and onto the main road, where a speeding car approaches. Of course, we know what’s to come next. 

Does Geon-Woo survive the accident? 

We see that a man drinking with a congressman is called home for some urgent business, and he’s the one driving the car. This is Kwon Ji-Woong, the killer. When they realize their son is missing, the husband and wife immediately rush out to find him. They search high and low, but there’s no trace of him except a shoe that Soo-Hyun finds in some random alleyway. By nightfall, the police are of no help either, and Soo-Hyun is terrified. This is when things get much worse when she ends up at the children’s park and an injured child is found there. The child is, in fact, Geon-Woo, and he’s been severely injured by the accident. Even though he’s rushed to the hospital immediately, the doctors tell the family to prepare for the worst because it was too late for Geon-Woo to be treated by the time he was brought to the hospital. Soo-Hyun is forced to say goodbye to her son way too early, and he passes away suffering in pain.  

Who is the perpetrator? 

Kwon Ji-Woong might be a big businessman or a government official himself, working for a congressman named Kim Joon. I suppose Geon-Woo’s death possibly has something to do with the guy who put Soo-Hyun’s husband out of work, but that could be a stretch for now. Ji-Woong claims to be remorseful for the accident and steps up in the hit-and-run case as the driver of the car. According to the doctor, if Geon-Woo had been brought to the hospital earlier, he could’ve been saved. However, the crucial time period was lost when Ji-Woong dropped the kid off in the middle of nowhere after assuming he had stopped breathing instead of getting him help or rushing him to the hospital. Soo-Hyun is called to the stand and asked if she had shut the front gate of the house. Soo-Hyun doesn’t remember; however, if she looks, there was a neighbor who was shooting a video of her kid cycling in front of the house; this could prove if Soo-Hyun left the door open or not. Somehow, though, the judge gives Ji-Woong the benefit of the doubt, not only giving him a short sentence of only 2 years and 6 months but pushing this to four years after the final hearing. Of course, Kim Joon, the congressman, is responsible for this turn of events. 

Why does Soo-Hyun hit Ji-Woong with her car? 

At the end of Wonderful World episode 1, a devastated Soo-Hyun finds a free Ji-Woong, who is living his life as if he didn’t just murder a child. Soo-Hyun requests that he apologize to her son’s memory because that would bring her some closure, but he refuses to do so by insulting her and giving her his card for money. He even tells her that he’s lost a dozen business deals because her son chose to die in front of his car (tsk, tsk). Ultimately, in a fit of anger, Soo-Hyun gets into her car and speeds towards the man. Then, for some strange reason, we see it from the point of view of the man rising to the sky and falling to what seems like an instant death. It seems Soo-Hyun’s already taken revenge for her son’s death; however, that is the main premise of this show, so what does the end of the episode really mean? In the preview of the next episode, it does seem as though Soo-Hyun may have actually hit the man, and she calls herself a murderer; however, what will the rest of the show be about? Additionally, maybe Sun-Yool is actually Ji-Woong’s son, who is looking to take revenge for his father’s death in the future. I suppose we’ll get answers later in Wonderful World. Terrible title, not going to lie. 

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