‘Wonka’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Willy Wonka Expose Mr. Slugworth’s Cartel?


Paul King’s Wonka is a heartwarming tale of a young chocolate maker trying to fulfill his destiny and living up to the promise he made to his mother. Based on the characters created by Roald Dahl, Willy Wonka makes you privy to the sweet and innocent characters inhabiting a world where chocolate was the most prized possession. So, let’s find out what happened to Willy Wonka once he reached the town where the chocolate cartel operated and if he was able to share his chocolate with people.

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Why did Wonka want to start a chocolate shop?

After a period of seven years, Willy Wonka, the fabled chocolate maker who claimed to have created the best chocolate ever, arrived in town to open his own chocolate shop. Wonka’s mother used to make the best chocolate, and just before she passed away, she told him that the day he would share his chocolate with the entire world, he would find her standing next to him. Wonka didn’t want to get rich or create a chocolate empire. All he craved was to see his mother one last time. He believed that, after reaching the city of dreams, it wouldn’t take him more than a day or two to earn huge sums of revenue and make the entire town have his chocolate. He came to the town with 12 sovereigns, and he believed that it would be enough to survive for a few days in case he encountered some obstacles and was not able to start his own shop. But Wonka misjudged the situation, as his pockets turned empty moments after he reached the town.

Everything was super expensive, and Wonka didn’t even realize when he spent his 12 sovereigns. He was sitting outside on a bench when a man named Bleacher came up to him and asked him if he needed a place to stay for the night. Wonka at first thought that he could spend the night on the bench itself, but he realized that if he did so, he would freeze to death. So that’s how he reached Mrs. Scrubbit’s guest house and laundry, and he unknowingly walked straight into the trap. Mrs. Scrubbit made Wonka sign a contract, and because he didn’t know how to read, he signed it, not knowing what was written in the terms and conditions.

Mrs. Scrubbit told Willy Wonka that he could pay her one sovereign, the cost of his room, the next day, and the chocolate maker was not worried as he believed that he would be able to sell chocolate and make loads of money. The next day, he went to the market square and sold his chocolate for just one sovereign each. People loved it, but the chocolate cartel, which was run by three men, Slugworth, Fickelgruber, and Prodnose, perceived him as a threat and asked the Chief of Police to stop him from selling any more chocolate. The Chief of Police told Wonka that unless he had a shop, he wouldn’t be able to sell chocolate, and he also confiscated all his day’s earnings. The poor boy asked the police constable, Affable, to at least give him one sovereign so that he could pay back Mrs. Scrubbit, and after a long, tiring, and disappointing day, he returned to his guest house, only to find that another tragedy awaited him.

Was Wonka able to buy a shop?

After Willy Wonka reached the guest house, he came to know that according to the contract he signed the night before, he owed Mrs. Scrubbit a total of 10,000 sovereigns. He realized what the wicked woman and her assistant Bleacher were up to, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The little girl named Noodle had told him to read the small print the day before, but he couldn’t understand what she mumbled and went on to sign the contract. Wonka realized that Mrs. Scrubbit had trapped many people like that, and he met everybody in the basement and realized that they had been working in the laundry for years now. Among the inmates were Abacus Crunch, Piper Benz, Lottie Bell, and Larry Chucklesworth, as well as Noodle, whom Wonka had already seen before. Wonka decided that he was not going to sit there, and he asked Noodle to help him escape out of the laundry every day so that he could sell his chocolates. Everybody else decided to contribute and help in whatever way possible after they got to know that he made the best chocolate in the world. Every day, they escaped out of the laundry during the day and came back before the roll call happened. Wonka and friends sold a lot of chocolates illegally in the entire town and earned enough money to buy a space to open their shop. Wonka believed that finally, his dream of sharing his chocolate with everybody would be fulfilled, and he would get to see his mother, but there was another twist in the story, as clearly, the chocolate cartel was not going to let him be.

Who were Noodle’s parents?

Mr. Slugworth bribed Mrs. Scrubbit and told her to poison Willy Wonka’s chocolate. Wonka, unaware of it, sold it to the entire town, and when the people realized what had happened to them, they burned his shop down in anger. Mr. Slugworth, Prodnose and Fickelgruber then bribed the Chief of Police with chocolates and asked him to get Wonka killed. Wonka was sent on a ship to the North Pole, and he was told that the debts of his friends would be paid and enough money would be given to Noodle so that she could start afresh. But the plan was never to grant Noodle her freedom; instead, Mr. Slugworth planned that once Wonka was sent to die on the ship, he would make sure that Mrs. Scrubbit kept Noodle caged for all her life. Noodle was the daughter of Mr. Slugworth’s brother, and nobody knew about this fact. A long time ago, after Slugworth’s brother died, his wife came with her newborn daughter to ask for help from Mr. Slugworth. Dorothy Smith, Noodle’s mother, begged Slugworth to do something to save her daughter, as she was terribly ill. Slugworth took her in, but instead of getting Noodle treated, he threw her down the laundry shaft and told Dorothy that her daughter had died. Willy Wonka miraculously escaped his own doom and came back to town to help Noodle and expose the cartel.

Was Oompa-Lompa able to save Wonka and Noodle?

During Wonka‘s ending, Willy Wonka found out that the chocolate cartel had a secured vault below the cathedral that was guarded at all times by a corrupt cleric named Father Julius and 500 chocoholic monks. There was a green ledger book kept inside the vault that had an account of the illegitimate activities that the cartel indulged in over the years. Wonka and his friends made a plan to break into the vault and show the ledger to the world. They first went to the zoo, where they drugged the gatekeeper and took the giraffe named Abigail with them. Abigail the giraffe was sent inside the church, and taking advantage of the chaos, Noodle and Wonka went in. But before they could take the green account book, the dangerous trio, Mr. Slugworth, Prodnose, and Fickelgruber, decided to kill Noodle and Wonka by drowning them in the chocolate. Earlier in the film, we came to know that an orange man with green hair stole Wonka’s chocolate for some reason. That man was Oompa-Loompa, who told Wonka that he stole chocolate because he once took a few beans from his Loompaland. Now, it was a rule that whoever stole from Loompaland had to pay back a thousand times more. Wonka just needed to give the Oompa-Loompa a box of chocolate more to cover the debt, and so just before he was sent to die, he gave a jar full of hoverfly to Mr. Slugworth and asked him to hand it over to the Oompa-Loompa. As expected, Mr. Slugworth, Prodnose, and Fickelgruber finished the chocolate, as they didn’t know that stealing was an unforgivable sin in Loompaland. Oompa-Loompa got to know about it, and he came after them. Noodle and Wonka almost drowned in chocolate, but that was when the little man came to their rescue and saved their lives.

How did Wonka expose Mr. Slugworth’s cartel?

Willy Wonka and Noodle were grateful to Oompa-Loompa for saving their lives, and finally, they handed over the green account book to the police constable, Affable, and brought the corrupt activities of the drug cartel to light. The Chief of Police tried his best to save his friends, and he knew that even he would be implicated if these crimes came to light, as he had taken hundreds of boxes of chocolate in the past few days. But they were not able to conceal their frauds, and even Mrs. Scrubbit and Bleacher were taken into custody for framing Wonka when it was they who had poisoned the chocolate. Wonka was finally able to feel the same as he felt when his mother fed him her hand-made chocolate for the first time. He imagined her standing just beside him, and that was the best feeling he ever got. Lottie Bell found out where Noodle’s mother lived and told her that her daughter was still alive. Noodle met her mother, who worked as a librarian, and Wonka gave an offer to Oompa-Loompa to work with him and create a chocolate factory. It all ended well for Wonka and friends, and the former realized that it was not the chocolate that mattered but the people he shared it with. Willy Wonka’s endearing journey, the ups and downs he had and how he reacted in tough times, taught the city-dwellers to look beyond their vested interest and do things for others so that the world became a better place to live. 

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