‘Wrath of Man’ Ending, Explained – Who killed Patrick’s Son?


Guy Ritchie’s latest film, Wrath of Man starring his leading man, Jason Statham is an action-packed Annihilation. Jason plays a vengeful John Wick sort-of-protagonist on a hunt. The captivating plot is divided into 4 chapters, with each having its own significance. Due to its non-linear narrative, the plot might confuse some viewers, but that’s what this piece is written for. Let’s investigate.

Who was Patrick Hill?

At the beginning of the film, Patrick Hill (Jason Statham) commences his duty as security personnel for an armored truck company, called Fortico Security. But he wasn’t there to earn a living. He joined the company to find out about an inside man who was leaking the information about the truck routes, leading to armed robberies. Was he a cop?

No, Patrick Hill, originally named Heargraves (short H), was the leader of a crime syndicate who conducted armed robberies in America. However, he followed a strict code of conduct that made his work body different from petty criminals. On an unfortunate day, Heargraves was asked by his subordinate to provide intel on an armored truck leaving from the depot. He hesitantly took his son to the spot when an unknown team of armed robbers hijacked the truck, killing the driver, Heargraves’s son, Dougie, and injuring Heargraves himself.

After the death of his son, H scorched earth but wasn’t able to trace down his son’s murderers. He figured it out to be an inside job, and thus requested his friend for a new identity and white-wash personality, in order to infiltrate Fortico Security. He was on a revenge mission to find the rat who would lead him to the actual killers.

Who killed Dougie?

Chapter 3, “Bad Animals, Bad” followed a squad of marines who served their country in the infamous Arabian War. Now, back at home, these 6 marines were employed in mundane lives. Engineered for killing, boredom was making them hollow, and that’s when they came up with a wild idea of robbery. They started low, but they soon became a part of organized robbery with a middle man inside the truck company.

However, the loot was parted between 7 people (one for the inside man) and thus, the earnings were sufficient enough. They wanted a big crack. That’s when the team headed by Jackson planned an armored truck robbery. It is at the same event when one of the marines named Jan (Scott Eastwood) killed H’s son, Dougie. Why? Because Dougie saw Jan’s face and could have witnessed him. Jan played for the safe bet.

Who was the Inside Man?

Jackson and his men planned a final robbery on Black Friday. They aimed to hit the jackpot (180 million hard cash). But they were unaware of H’s presence in Fortico’s security team.

H’s partner, Bullet (Holt McCallany) advised H not to become a hero during the robbery, as he works for these men and knows how dangerous they are. Thus, Bullet was the inside man, whom Mr.H was hunting for. But now his identity doesn’t matter much, because the killers were themselves coming to the den (truck depot). H was waiting to unleash the wrath.

‘Wrath of Man’ Ending Explained

In a thrilling action sequence, the corrupt marines loot the truck depot. H fails to stop them and gets shot. However, Jackson’s team also suffers collateral damage. Only three of them managed to leave, with Jackson bleeding uncontrollably. Jackson and his team were suspicious of Jan’s flashy demeanor and short temper. They decide to finish off the man after the job but Jan finished them all and took all the money.

In the fourth and last chapter, “Liver, Lungs, Spleen & Heart” H finally hunts down Jan. He compels Jan to read Dougie’s autopsy report that says he was first shot 8 times. 2 bullets punctured his lungs, 2 penetrated his liver, 2 ruptured the spleen and the last 2 lacerated the heart. H shoots Jan in the exact same order, and at the exact same spots, finishing his circling of revenge.

As he leaves Jan’s apartment, he meets FBI agent, Hubbard who was sourcing information to H. In exchange, he finished the FBI’s hit list of potential killers and robbers.

Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man is his fourth collaboration with Jason Statham, and each time his man proved lucky for him. It is an extremely thrilling action movie that came out recently. If you have any other queries, regarding the film, do let us know in the comments below.

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Wrath of Man is a 2021 Action Thriller film based on a French film Cash Truck (2004).

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