‘Wreck’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 3?


Directed by Chris Baugh, BBC’s Wreck is about Jamie’s quest to find his sister (whom he believed to be dead) and take revenge on the people who were responsible for making her life miserable. In season 1, we saw what happened on the Sacramentum and how Jamie and his friends were able to expose the real faces of the people who were playing with the lives of the underprivileged and preying on them. However, the conflict was far from solved because the Devereux family was quite influential, and they denied all wrongdoing. They covered up the entire issue using their power and money, and Jamie and Vivian felt frustrated from within as nobody took them seriously. They knew that they would have to find evidence on their own and expose the family. A twist came when Jamie got to know that his sister was still alive and that she hadn’t contacted him for a reason. So, let’s find out how Wreck Season 2 ended and if Jamie was able to overcome the challenges that came his way and save his family and friends.

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Did Karen blow the Deveraux’s mansion? 

We got to know in Wreck season 2 that Pippa, Maggie, and Karen were running a secret organization called “O.” Maggie handpicked all the team members, and she was the one who believed that Karen would be a great addition to the team. But things didn’t turn out the way Maggie would have wanted them to. 

Karen killed Maggie, and her reason at that point in time seemed very vague and not at all convincing to me personally. Maggie wanted to capture Owen Deveraux, who was Devon’s and Thomas’ father. She believed that if they threatened him, he would confess to his crimes, and they would be able to bring the truth out in the open. Karen didn’t think that it was the right way to go about things. She knew what the Deverauxs were capable of, as she had been at the helm of affairs at the Sacramentum. Karen knew that the only way to take revenge on the Devereux family was to kill them all since she was aware of the kind of resources they had and how easy it would be for them to escape from the clutches of the law enforcement authorities.

We had seen at the beginning of Wreck Season 2 that Jamie and Vivian tried to tell the world about what was happening on the cruise, but the radio jockey didn’t take them seriously and even refuted their argument by telling the audience that, according to Owen Deveraux, the claims were baseless and it was being done to tarnish his image. Karen had some tools at her disposal that she had been stealing, as she was well aware of the fact that one day, she would put them to good use. Karen killed Maggie, and she didn’t tell Pippa or any other person about it for the longest time. Vivian found out Maggie’s locket lying in Karen’s barn, and that’s when Pippa and others came to know that Karen had a role to play in Maggie’s disappearance. Karen didn’t hesitate for even a moment, and she told Pippa and Vivian that she had killed Maggie and also told them the reason for doing so. With Billy’s help, Karen set up a bomb in the boiler room of the Devereux mansion, and she was all ready to burn the entire place to the ground when all the members of the Devereux family, i.e., Owen Thomas and Devon, were in there. But a twist came at the end when Billy came running to Karen and told her that Pippa, Jamie, and Cormac were also in the mansion where they were being held captive. Karen still wanted to go ahead with the plan, but Rosie and Vivian stopped her from doing so. Karen was a ruthless soul, but she agreed to go inside the mansion and save all her colleagues.

In Wreck season 2’s ending, Pippa and Jamie managed to come out of the mansion, but they were taken to the secret Exodus Island together with Olly. Dr. Joseph wanted to show them something, and they had no clue what fate had in store for them. Cormac and Rosie were also able to come out of the mansion before the bomb went off, and the latter knew that it was no less than a miracle that her boyfriend was still alive.

Why had Joseph and de Vont stated the exodus project? 

In Wreck Season 2, we learned that it was Dr. Joseph, the therapist, who was the mastermind behind the Exodus project. Devon wanted to prove her worth in front of her father, but obviously, she didn’t have the intellect or acumen to do such an experiment. A bunch of rich men came to the Island and paid a heavy amount to buy the “change-maker” package. Joseph claimed that he would take them on a healing journey through which they would be able to move on from their past traumas. However, the catch was that the methods and means used by Dr Joseph were not very orthodox, and he crossed all the boundaries of barbarity to conduct his experiment. Basically, they had kept these innocent people as prisoners, and the changemakers were asked to kill the poor souls in order to shed off their past traumas. Joseph had devised this method, and he was very sure that it was the best way to deal with one’s issues. Joseph had bumped into Jamie a couple of times, and the psychotic man believed that the latter had some real conflicts within that he wasn’t able to deal with. Joseph had this incessant urge to cure Jamie and that’s why he pretended to play the victim in front of him at the beginning.

Joseph tied up Jamie, Pippa, and Olly, and he told them that he was going to treat Jamie. Joseph told Jamie that he had a desire to fix everything around him, which is why he went on the cruise to save his sister. Joseph asked Jamie to choose between his friend and his sister, as the one he didn’t choose was going to be shot dead. Joseph wanted to prove to Jamie that an individual could never be in control of things, and one had to let go of things in their life.  Jamie became paranoid, and he shouted and begged Joseph to not do anything. Pippa and Olly both realized what Joseph was up to, which is why they asked Jamie not to entertain him. Jamie overcame his fears and decided to confront the situation head-on. Though Dr. Joseph believed that he and Jamie were alike in a lot of ways, the latter wanted to prove to him that it was not so. Jamie gave a reality check to the man and told him that, unlike him, he had friends who were ready to give their lives for him. Jamie told Joseph that maybe he wanted to fix everything around him, but he was also loved and cared for by so many people. Joseph shot Olly dead, and just then, Cormac, Vivian, and others arrived at the scene. At the end of Wreck season 2, Devon and Thomas were able to escape from the godforsaken island, and Jamie shot Dr. Joseph dead. The mad doctor was dead, but the story was still not finished, as the Deveraux family members were still out there. So, if the third season of Wreck is greenlit, then we expect the creators to explore further on that part.

What next for Jamie and others? 

Jamie saw Olly die in front of his eyes, and it changed something inside him. Since the time Jamie had got on that cruise, he had seen so much in front of his eyes that his conscience just didn’t allow him to go back to his house after he killed Dr. Joseph. Jamie wanted to finish what he started. He could not close his eyes and believe that the world didn’t see him. The psychotic Deveraux siblings did not have an ounce of guilt, and in the times to come, they were once again going to wreak havoc in the lives of poor and innocent people. Devon wanted to prove to her father that she was worthy of being trusted and carrying the family legacy, but the Exodus project became a nightmare for her, and her father was disappointed in her. Devon wanted to show how she could create an even larger turnover as compared to the cruise project and also prove that she could be trusted. But instead, once Owen came to Exodus, he realized that his children were good for nothing and that they didn’t have anything under their control.

We came to know in Wreck season 2 that the huge man wearing the mask of a duck was actually Owen’s son, and he was suffering from certain physical and mental disorders, which is why he was mostly locked in his dungeon in the basement. Also, once Owen saw Beaker acting frantically, he realized that his children had created a mess and that they didn’t deserve to be a part of the family business. Thomas was pretty sure that after witnessing the chaos at Exodus, their father was going to take their names out of his will and not give them a share of the property. The Deveraux siblings are definitely going to do something to change their father’s mind. Either they are going to come up with another idea where the rich and the powerful get to play with the lives of the underprivileged, or they are going to go after their father’s life and stop him from doing the inevitable. What they didn’t know was that Karen and Jamie had made it their life’s mission to hunt them down. If there is a Wreck season 3, I believe that Jamie will confront the Devereux family and put an end to the issue once and for all. As for Jamie’s friends, I don’t think that their conscience would allow them to stand on the sidelines, and they will eventually come to help Jamie and do whatever it takes to get the better of the mad siblings. 

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