‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Was Salgado The Ghost? What To Expect From Season 3?


The Netflix original “Wrong Side of the Tracks,” a Spanish thriller series, has returned with a considerably more gripping plot than in Season 1. Previously in Season 1, we met Tirso Abantos, who was a stubborn old man trying to make a peaceful living after his retirement, but his neighborhood wasn’t exactly the ideal setting to expect serenity. His granddaughter, Irene, who wanted to leave the neighborhood with her boyfriend, was caught up in drug trafficking. The drug cartel sexually assaulted her as payback for an error she made. By the end of season 1, Nelson, Irene’s boyfriend, had murdered local gang leader Sandro in retribution for what had happened to Irene, while Tirso had managed to defend his granddaughter from any further trauma. “Wrong Side of the Tracks” has finally made a comeback for season 2 on Netflix to properly wrap up the plot. We see that Irene has been keeping her pregnancy a secret from her family and only wants to disclose it to Nelson. But would she be able to keep the child after everything she had been through? Or perhaps her grandfather would take the ultimate revenge on the abuser to finally provide her with closure? Let’s take a look.

Spoilers Ahead

Season 2 Recap: Who Was the Ghost?

Several things in the neighborhood’s criminal underworld changed after Sandro’s passing, and the number of thugs and drug dealers swelled. Nelson had entirely transformed into Nata’s obedient servant, carrying out nearly all of her orders. As predicted from “Wrong Side of the Tracks” season 1, Nata became the new gang leader. She seemed to have manipulated Nelson into staying with her after he killed Sandro. Therefore, Nelson only stayed with her out of fear of being arrested. Ezequiel was put behind bars after Sandro was killed. But fortunately for him, the court ordered probation, which allowed him to be released from jail after a few months. He was unable to continue serving as a police officer, but Amanda needed his help. She sought to utilize Ezequiel’s friendship with Nata to learn more about the Phantom or the Ghost, who had been providing drugs to Nata and all the nearby neighborhood dealers. Nata, however, couldn’t trust Ezequiel any longer, suspecting that he was actually working for the cops.

Tirso grew attached to his next-door neighbor, Gladys, who had fortunately survived the injury caused by Yeyo. But he was unable to deal with the filthy junkies who had destroyed the neighborhood’s environment. Tirso challenged them in combat several times, but as a result, the police pursued him rather than the thugs. Even Nelson had attacked Tirso on Nata’s orders, causing him a mild concussion. Irene, on the other hand, decided to move to her grandfather’s home since she had just learned she was pregnant and believed that staying there might be her only chance to get close to Nelson. Nevertheless, Nelson had entirely become Nata’s puppet and no longer even lived with his mother.

Guillermo Salgado, a real estate entrepreneur, gave the real estate agent, Jimena (Tirso’s daughter), a contract to buy the majority of the houses in the neighborhood, primarily those sections that were notorious for housing drug dens. At first, Jimena didn’t think twice before agreeing to persuade the locals to accept the offer Salgado had been making to them. Salgado tried to brainwash them by telling them that the neighborhood wasn’t the same anymore and that in order to change everything, he needed all the locals to sell him their businesses, like bars or stores. After a lot of back-and-forth decision-making, Tirso faced Salgado, remaining steadfast in his position that he wouldn’t be selling his store. Tirso, who had many prejudices ingrained in his heart, finally turned to look at diversity positively. He understood that people from all ethnic backgrounds had sought refuge here so they could stand on their own two feet, and Salgado couldn’t be the one to steal their hopes and joys from them. Finally, Tirso collected material on Salgado that made it very evident that he had a number of locations in the neighborhood that had been associated with drug traffickers, but Salgado wasn’t even making an effort to report them. As Tirso spilled the beans about Salgado in a meeting with the help of journalist Angel, all the residents booed Salgado out of place, refusing to sell their properties. Meanwhile, Amanda and Jimena developed feelings for each other, revealing that Jimena had always been homosexual but had suppressed her sexuality out of fear of Tirso. Tirso also accepted his daughter’s relationship, implying that his grumpiness was eventually fading.

While Amanda was working on the case of the Ghost, Jimena recognized the locations where the Ghost kept his drug chambers, which were identical to the locations purchased by Salgado. Salgado was actually the Ghost that we had previously seen, leading Yeyo in his negotiations with Nata and even enlisting Ezequiel in his plans. Salgado’s identity as the Ghost was thus made abundantly clear. The facts Amanda uncovered about Salgado showed that his primary line of work—real estate—was actually his main business, not drug smuggling. He chose a community, provided all the local drug dealers there with cash and supplies so they could corrupt the area, and then persuaded residents into selling all of their property at low prices so he could eventually seize the neighborhood and resell it all for a profit. Salgado was difficult to capture, but Tirso made it feasible. Using local men and his pals, he was able to detain Salgado at gunpoint. But did Sandro die at Tirso’s hands?

Did Nelson Reunite With Irene?

Upon Sandro’s passing, Nata assumed control and used some of her dependable henchmen to boost her drug trade. Nelson deliberately put an end to his relationship with Irene since he didn’t want her to pay for his errors. Irene soon learned she was pregnant, and against Jimena and Tirso’s advice, she chose to keep the baby. She had a feeling that the child belonged to Nelson, but she was uncertain. Regardless of the child’s paternity, Irene chose to keep the child since it was only an innocent child without any sense of right or wrong.

At last, Tirso understood and supported Irene’s choice. Gladys pleaded with her son to leave the corruption behind and return home, but Nelson’s life descended into chaos once Amanda saw the video of him killing Sandro in the bar. Since his face wasn’t caught on the footage and Ezequiel helped him out, Nelson was spared. Amanda quickly drew up a plan to use Nelson as a snitch for Nata’s gang. He learned about Irene’s pregnancy at this time through Gladys, and ever since, his brutal gangster attitude has waned.

Nelson dedicated himself to providing the police with all the knowledge he had on the Ghost, but sadly, Nata learned of Nelson and his penchant for returning to Irene. Only one would need to escape the love triangle for the other two to be able to live together, and Nata ended up being the one who made the decision to give up. Salgado gave her the order to kill Tirso, but Nelson stepped in to stop her. Nata learned there that Nelson was going to become a parent. She was a woman and Irene’s former close friend. Despite being on the wrong side of the tracks, she retained some of her humanity. She made the decision to let Nelson go so that his child may have a father and receive the kind of upbringing Nata herself might not have received.

‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 2: Ending Explained: Who Was Irene’s Sexual Assaulter?

As Amanda persisted in looking through Irene’s case file, she learned that, in addition to Irene, other young women had also been cruelly raped by those criminals. Irene didn’t want to discuss that, which seemed logical considering how badly traumatized she was as a result of the tragedy. Yet, as Amanda persisted, Irene understood that if she didn’t speak up, the rapist would prowl the neighborhood, killing and assaulting helpless women. Amanda learned that Salgado was one of the jerks who had a connection to the Aloha brothel, where these young women were brought and sexually assaulted. Tirso was enraged to learn that Salgado was the main suspect in Irene’s sexual assault. He was unable to control his wrath or his desire for retribution. Salgado was finally in his hands, but he was unable to shoot him. The moment Irene saw him about to kill Salgado, she intervened. She didn’t want justice to be served in this manner since she knew killing Salgado would put his grandfather in prison for life. When Tirso tried to concentrate solely on getting his revenge, Amanda shot Salgado from behind, thus ending the Ghost for good. The police arrested Amanda, which she had been ready for.

Why Did Amanda Shoot Salgado?

Amanda had a tragic past involving the Ghost. Her father was a beat officer in the Valencia neighborhood when some thugs on the street shot him in the chest. The weapon was out of the ordinary for the goons of Valencia to possess, so Amanda looked into it. After conducting research, Amanda discovered that a powerful individual was behind the supply of the guns as well as the narcotics used by these criminals in the neighborhood. It was, therefore, quite personal for Amanda to find out about the Ghost. When she finally learned Salgado was the Ghost, she took him into custody, but it was then that she understood the judicial system couldn’t control certain people’s power. She couldn’t help but feel enraged at the way Salgado had humiliated her, causing her to rip the warrant up and eat it. Amanda had little choice but to listen to Salgado since her lover, Jimena, was captured by Salgado’s men, which seemed like a defeat to her. Yet, after coming so close, she decided not to give up lightly. Her desire for exact revenge was greatly facilitated by Tirso. But Amanda intervened before he could shoot Salgado to ensure that Tirso would not be imprisoned and that her beloved could be with her father. She thus killed Salgado by shooting him to death and took responsibility for her acts.

Was Nata Behind The Assassination Of Ezequiel? Is He Dead?

Ezequiel had a reputation for leaking information and acting as Sandro’s puppet, although his true goal has been to stop Sandro from killing anyone. Even though he was a traitor, he was also a protector of the neighborhood. After being bailed out, Salgado’s attention was drawn to him. But Nata stepped in and told Salgado about Ezequiel’s true role as a police informant. Salgado had to break up his communication with Ezequiel because they had already talked over the phone, so he hired someone to shoot Ezequiel in the street so that he would keep his mouth shut. Fortunately, Ezequiel survived (or at least that is what was suggested by the end of the series), and we are certainly going to witness his goofiness in the next season.

Will Tirso’s Ex-Wife Play A Vital Part In Season 3 of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’?

We haven’t heard any news about when season 3 of “Wrong Side of the Tracks” will air, but when it does, it will undoubtedly shed light on Tirso’s personal life and the developing love triangle between him, Gladys, and his ex-wife. Ezequiel retreated in order for Gladys and Tirso to be together. But since the ex-wife seems to be back in the picture in season 3, Tirso’s newly built relationship might end up jeopardized. Previously, we saw a minorly concussed Tirso wandering aimlessly through the streets looking for his wife; occasionally, he even remembered her from seeing the old pictures; thus, it is easy to conclude that Tirso missed her, but the query is: what motivates his ex-wife, who left him for another man, to return?

Furthermore, given that Salgado, the biggest fish in the pond, was apprehended and killed, we may anticipate that Tirso’s life will enter a new phase in Season 3. We don’t know whether the new inspector would be deceitful like Ezequiel or honest like Amanda, but perhaps a new villain will arrive in this neighborhood, taking Salgado’s place. Let’s look for all the surprises in the third instalment of “Wrong Side of the Tracks.”

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