‘XO, Kitty’ Ending, Explained: Will Min-Ho And Kitty Get Together? What Can We Expect In Season 2?


Remember how we fell in love with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s story in 2018? That must have inspired Netflix and Jerry Han to introduce a spin-off series, XO, Kitty, so that we can continue getting a dose of the Song Coveys, this time through Kitty, who is LJ’s matchmaking younger sister and is struggling to find similar fulfillment with her own love life. Everyone around her was with their partners during the summer break, whereas Kitty struggled to make her long-distance relationship work. She was in love with her Korean boyfriend, Dae, but the distance was far too painful. Kitty Jean took matters into her own hands and applied to study in Korea. As fate would have it, Kitty got accepted to the Korean Independent School of Seoul, the school where Dae studied. Kitty was over the moon with joy, and even though her father was not on board with her plan at first, she eventually managed to convince him. When he realized that Kitty wanted to feel closer to her late mother by going to the same institute she went to, he allowed her to leave. Kitty’s journey to Korea was not just to find love; it was also to understand her roots and discover her true self.

Spoilers Alert 

‘XO, Kitty’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About? 

Even though Kitty had a rough start after reaching Seoul, she looked forward to surprising Dae. Kitty dressed in her prettiest clothes to finally meet the boy she fell in love with four years ago. Dae was surprised and ecstatic when he noticed Kitty at the welcome party. But their magical reunion was interrupted by Yuri. As it turns out, Dae was in a relationship with Yuri, the most popular girl in school. Kitty could not believe her eyes; she had spent years waiting to be with her guy, but when the time came, he turned out to be a cheater. Kitty decided to leave, but she realized that by leaving, she would lose the chance to get to know her mother. She was not ready to let her failed relationship dictate her. 

Meanwhile, we get to know that Dae and Yuri were in a fake relationship. During summer break, Yuri had fallen in love with her best friend, Juliana, and right when they were about to kiss, the housekeeper entered the room. Yuri panicked when her mother, Principal Jina, questioned her about her relationship with Juliana. She knew that her parents would never accept a gay relationship, and to divert their attention, she paid Dae to be her pretend boyfriend. Yuri’s plan was to disappoint her mother to the extent that she would agree to Yuri’s conditions in exchange for breaking up with Dae. Since Yuri did not have any connection with Juliana after that summer afternoon, she hoped to blackmail her mother into getting back her lover.

Dae’s father worked as a chauffeur for Yuri’s family, and Dae agreed to Yuri’s plan to get some extra cash to pay for his education and meet the needs of his family. It was not easy for Dae to watch Kitty in tears for his actions. He wanted to confess the truth to her, but the situation got out of hand. Yuri’s father faced backlash after a video of him misbehaving with his hotel’s head chef circulated online. To pacify the situation, Jina proposed to make Yuri and Dae’s relationship official in front of the media. She believed that accepting Dae as their daughter’s boyfriend would help their business. Meanwhile, Juliana secretly met Yuri and informed her that Juliana had been transferred to another school. Even though their situation was unfavorable, they were determined to make their relationship work.

Does Kitty Have A Half-Brother?

While Kitty was confident that she had a half-brother after she found a hospital tag hidden in her mother’s photo album, it later turned out that she was wrong. According to the information available at the hospital, her mother was pregnant in 1993 and had given up her baby for adoption to an Australian couple. Kitty connected the dots and concluded that the baby was perhaps her teacher, Alex. Alex was raised in Australia, and he, too, did not know much about his birth parents. Kitty doubted that Alex already knew the truth, and that was what brought him to Korea. Just as she was about to share the information with him, Alex revealed that his father was Professor Lee.

Kitty was convinced that her mother had a relationship with Professor Lee and that Alex was her half-brother. But later on, in XO, Kitty, it was revealed that Professor Lee was in a relationship with Principal Jani when they were school students. Kitty found out about it when she sneaked into Lee’s house and came across a photo album that had a picture of Jani and her mother taken in 1993. Her mother was evidently not pregnant, confirming that Jani was carrying the child. To avoid judgment and shame, Jani faked her details at the hospital when she gave birth. Alex was not Kitty’s half-brother; he was Yuri’s half-brother.

Jani was not aware that Alex was her long-lost son, and when he confessed the truth to her, she was hesitant. Jani was aware that her husband would not accept her past, but she was brave enough to come clean about it. When her husband misbehaved after learning the truth, she realized that even though she was doing financially well, she was not happy with the life she was leading. She later accepted Alex as her son and finally gathered up the courage to inform Lee about their child. Lee was rather disappointed that Jani had deprived him of the truth. We can expect Jani to break free from her loveless marriage, and considering that there are still romantic sparks between Jani and Lee, it is not too farfetched to assume that they might end up together.

Did Kitty And Dae Get Back Together?

Kitty was initially heartbroken after finding out that Dae and Yuri were together, but gradually she figured out that they were faking it. She noticed how distant he was from Yuri, and there was barely any chemistry between the two. Dae wanted to confess the truth, but when he realized that Kitty might struggle to keep the truth to herself, he decided against it. Instead, he sternly confirmed that he and Yuri were together and that his relationship with Kitty was over. Kitty lost the little hope that she had left, but it was almost impossible for her to behave rudely with Dae. They agreed to be friends, and Kitty gifted him back her mother’s necklace on Chuseok via messenger. But unbeknownst to her, Yuri hid the necklace from him. Kitty expected Dae to thank her for her gesture, but that never happened. Hence, Kitty finally decided to move on, and she hunted for men at a party organized by Min Ho. But that night, Kitty did not fall in love with a man; instead, she developed a crush on the most unexpected person— Yuri.

What Happened Between Kitty And Yuri?

Yuri’s caring gesture and her abundant talent impressed Kitty, and she started to have dreams about Yuri. She brushed off the dreams, thinking that they were just, well, dreams. Meanwhile, Yuri ended the pretend relationship after she found evidence to blackmail her mother into bringing her girlfriend back to Seoul. After the breakup, Dae’s instinct was to kiss the girl he actually loved. Kitty was happy to have Dae back in her life, but there was something still bothering her. Even after Dae confessed the entire truth, Kitty realized that her relationship with Dae was not the magical romance that she thought it was. Kitty felt butterflies in her stomach every time Yuri touched her, but she was afraid to confess her feelings. Yuri was head over heels in love with Juliana. She had spent the entire semester trying to find a way to bring Juliana back, and Kitty knew that she stood no chance. Yuri may have sensed the tension in the air, but she was not ready to address it. At the end of XO, Kitty, Kitty makes a last attempt to confess her feelings, but when she sees Juliana at the airport, she realizes there is no point in it. Dae, too, came to the airport to get one last glimpse of Kitty before she left, and he secretly hoped to win her back, but Kitty no longer felt the way she used to feel for him. They promised to remember each other as their first love, but it seems that’s where Kitty and Dae’s romance ends.

‘XO, Kitty’ Ending Explained: Will Min-Ho And Kitty Get Together? 

When it comes to rom-coms, it is expected that two people who hate each other will eventually fall in love, and that is exactly what happens with Min-Ho. From the get-go, Min-Ho disliked Kitty. He never considered her more than Dae’s pen pal and encouraged Dae to be in a relationship with Yuri. Min-Ho never truly cared about how hurt Kitty was; he simply despised her. The situation changed when Min-Ho had an intimate dream about Kitty. She was the last person he could ever imagine getting physically intimate with, but it turns out that was all he could think of subconsciously. Min-Ho decided to suppress his feelings and instead chose to hang out with Madison. The American girl, Madison, was the perfect match for Min-Ho. She was equally adventurous and fun-loving, and Min-Ho was ready to make their relationship official. When he confessed his feelings, Madison stated that she was only interested in casual hookups. While his relationship with Madison did not work out, it made him realize that he was ready to be in a serious relationship. After Kitty was expelled from school for living at the boys’ hostel throughout the semester, Min-Ho barely expressed any sympathy. Kitty did not expect much from Min-Ho, but she, too, was a little surprised by his sudden cold behavior.

After getting on the plane, Kitty started to read the letter that Jina once wrote to her mother but never mailed. She mentioned a man named “Simon” in a way, indicating that he could have been her mother’s potential ex-lover. Kitty was surprised by the information, and she was all the more shocked when she noticed that the man seated next to her was Min-Ho. As it turns out, Min-Ho was traveling to Los Angeles to meet his mother, and he decided to travel in coach when he figured out that Kitty, too, would be returning home. Quite unlike himself, Min-Ho went ahead and confessed his feelings for her. Kitty was completely shaken; she never expected Min-Ho, of all people, to be in love with her. Meanwhile, we notice Yuri makes a call to her mother, asking her to bring Kitty back. She argued that if the boys who allowed Kitty to stay were not expelled, then it was only fair to revoke Kitty’s expulsion.

 What Can We Expect In Season 2?

XO, Kitty has a lot going on, giving the series enough scope to make a return. Will Min-Ho and Kitty spend their vacation together in Los Angeles? And what will Kitty’s reaction be to his unexpected confession? Considering how sassy Min-Ho is, it is possible that he will simply turn his confession into a joke. Kitty might return to Seoul if Yuri manages to convince her mother. Her argument is technically correct, and maybe Kitty will get another chance. Her search for Simon can be either in the United States or in South Korea and considering that the first season has already established its base in Seoul, it will make more sense for the story to unfold again in Korea. Meanwhile, Dae stands a chance of losing his scholarship because of Florian. Q knows that Florian cheated in the examination, and maybe he will choose honesty and friendship over love. Clearly, Q has been a major distraction in Florian’s life, and it is possible that the couple will part ways for their own good. With its predictable plots and complicated romance, XO, Kitty ends up being an average watch. Hopefully, the series will return with a more promising second season.

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