‘XO, Kitty’ Season 2: What We Want To See In The Next Season?


Season 1 of XO, Kitty ended with a lot of promise for the narrative to continue. We can assume that Kitty will come back to KISS because she has to. What would be the point, otherwise, if the entire cast was going to change? But if we were to entertain that possibility for a minute, we believe that Min Ho would be in Kitty’s life in Season 2. Min Ho is not a complicated person; he loves his friends and just goes after what he wants. Now that Kitty is not with Dae and is planning to move on, there is nothing in Min Ho’s way to stop him from pursuing her. This is a courtship we are eager to watch. The ever-confident Min Ho, who has just found love and wants a long-term relationship with a girl who is his polar opposite, is going to be a sight to see. Min Ho is not a cynic by any means, but all of his romanticism is reserved for his own life. We believe that Min Ho and Kitty can become best friends if nothing else, and we wonder how Min Ho will adapt to Kitty’s meddling ways while Kitty learns to understand the way Min Ho thinks. However, in the more likely scenario that Kitty does stay back at KISS, how will all this play out under the eyes of Dae?

First of all, will Dae even remain at KISS? His scholarship depends on the fact that he scores the highest marks in his exams, but since that place has been taken by Florian, where does that leave Dae? He might be let go since he no longer needs to be Yuri’s fake boyfriend. Or Florian might own up to his mistake, backed by Q, and let Dae take the top spot again. A third way would be that Dae’s father arranges for the money by taking a loan. Or maybe Dae has some money saved up from what he earned on his gig with Yuri. If he stays back, it is going to create a lot of friction with his friends. Min Ho is in love with Kitty, making things awkward between them, and Q will probably side with Florian, who cheated on the tests to stay back in Korea. Nobody is wrong here, but there are plenty of conflicts of interest.

We also need to see more of Florian, and Q. Florian’s grades suffered because he was paying more attention to Q. He might have gotten away with it one time by cheating, but he cannot repeat that again. This means that he will have to pull up his socks and get to work, which means less time with Q. This is going to be that conflict where he is studying so hard to be with his boyfriend but is unable to spend time with him because of that. Also, looking at the priorities of people around him, even Dae might be motivated to refocus on his career. His girlfriend broke up with him, his friends are not really in a position to hear about his troubles, and his responsibilities are only growing, so he might start working very hard. We expect that from Kitty as well. Throughout Season 1 of XO, Kitty, her focus was her messy personal life, and when she did start studying at the end, it was to stay back in KISS to continue the mess. She might need to understand that the mess will last forever, but the time to focus on herself will run out. She might have to join the hardworking club in Season 2.

But all this hard work will probably come in the later part of Season 2 of XO, Kitty. The first half is expected to be dominated by love triangles. We have said this before, but Kitty has absolutely no chemistry with anybody in the series. She and Dae were so bland to watch, and the only reason we are rooting for Min Ho is because the character himself is so fun. As for Yuri, she is just plain unlikeable. We refuse to accept her family situation as an excuse for the way she treated others. The prime example would be Dae himself, whom she claimed to care about and want to be friends with, but she just ended up stealing his necklace and then had the audacity to flaunt it in front of everyone. We just don’t like Yuri. She has done one good thing, which is to advocate for Kitty to stay back at KISS, and mostly, that will work. But this still doesn’t redeem her.

However, there is one person who is absolutely in love with Yuri, and that is Juliana. She is not going to like that Kitty advocated for Kitty to stay back at KISS with the same girl who professed her love for her. We don’t think that Yuri has any feelings for Kitty, but if she stays back in KISS, the latter will have to struggle to get over her emotions. This whole equation might irritate Juliana, and that could cause problems between her and Yuri, which will only cause the latter to act out and create trouble for those around her.

Finally, there is the case of Simon, who was mentioned towards the end of XO, Kitty. Kitty concludes that he must have been her mother’s first love, and she is going to be curious about him. However, in her family drama of Season 1, she had some stake in it as she believed that Alex was her brother. But what will be her motivation in Season 2, except her curiosity? We need to know that. Then there is the case of Jina and Eve. We wondered whether they broke up because Jina threw Eve under the bus by using her name in the hospital. A confirmation of or clarification of doubts would be welcome. And maybe we can also see some more cameos in Season 2 of XO, Kitty. Ok, Taecyeon was perfect as Ocean Park, but maybe they will bring in Lee Min Ho or Song Joong Ki next time.

Season 1 of XO, Kitty has been an easy, breezy, cheezy watch, and Season 2 will probably be the same, except with the characters doing some growing up of their own.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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