‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ Ending, Explained: What Happens to Purva In The End?


‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ is a thriller drama starring Tahir Basin, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, and Anchal Singh, created by Sidharth Sengupta. The series quotes Othello, “For she had eyes and chose me.” The glance and possession play an important role in the series. The series is about a woman’s obsession with a man, and how he struggles to hold his ground and ends up being trapped by power and wealth.

‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ begins with the man in question, Vikrant, saying how there are only three things that can completely ruin a man’s life: money, power, and a woman. He was neither obsessed with money, nor was he ever interested in flexing power, which leaves him with a woman, the story of a woman who completely ruined him from the day that she entered his life.

‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ Plot Summary

The series starts with an exhausted Vikrant openly firing at his enemies while narrating his life story. This takes us back to the past; the past starts from the time Vikrant was at school, where Purva used to study as well. Purva was the daughter of a politician, Akheraj Awasthi, “Vidhrohi”, who was infamous for his crimes and murders. He did whatever it took to be in power. Always accompanying this notorious politician was his henchman, Dharmesh.

When Vikrant was seven years old, Purva noticed him at a rally, and from that day, his life became painful. Vikrant remembered how any interaction with Purva would always hurt him, be it in the form of a flying ball that hit his cheeks or someone stamping on his foot at that very moment. Her eyes and stare were always unlucky for him. His life was back on track when Purva left the town with her ominous presence. He started performing academically well and chasing his dreams of being an engineer. It was during his college days that he met Shikha. Their romantic days were spent in the lap of luxury. They dreamt of having their own small house with a garden and a dog and living happily ever after. But that was far from reality.

As Vikrant waited for his appointment letter from the Bhilai Steel Plant, his father, who worked as an accountant for Akheraj, asked Vikrant to meet the man once. His father was an ardent follower of his employer, Akheraj. He had blind faith in the man, owing to the help he provided for his family. The murder accusations never bothered his father and he continued comparing the man with God.

Vikrant firmly believed that he would simply pay a visit to Akheraj and would reject any offer for a job. He did not wish to be like his father; he wanted to create his own life without the help of any influential man. Vikrant entered Akheraj’s house but got lost in its vastness. This is when he met Purva again. The arrival of Purva in Vikrant’s life further complicated the story and created  a love triangle that “Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein” further explores. 

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Why Was Purva Obsessed With Vikrant?

‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ suggested at different intervals that Purva was obsessed with Vikrant. She remembered every detail from their childhood days. She especially remembered how he had rejected her as her friend. She remembered this rejection as being a rich brat; it was not something she was accustomed to. The fact that Vikrant was unlike most kids at school who wanted to be her friend, attracted her further towards him. Throughout “Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein,” Purva treated Vikrant as a materialistic trophy simply because he was not interested in her, thus, Purva got obsessed with Vikrant.

How Purva Entangled Vikrant In Her Web of Affairs?

Vikrant wanted to stay away from Purva and made different attempts that all went in vain. He was forced to work for Akheraj and thus became an accountant in Pruva’s Zumba Studio. The interaction with Akheraj and the murder of SSP in the office took a toll on Vikrant’ mental health. Additionally, Purva’s interference in Vikrant’s life distanced him from Shikha, and thus Vikrant decided to put an end to all this and reject Akheraj’s job to save his relationship with Shikha.

Unlike his expectations, Purva accepted his rejection; but soon Vikrant’s electricity, water supply, and mobile phone network were disconnected until he apologized for rejecting the job offer.

To take revenge on Purva and Akheraj, Vikrant informed the media about the dead body of the police officer. The news spread like wildfire, and Akheraj’s men could figure out that it must be Vikrant who had committed treason.

‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ took a twisted turn from here on. Instead of threatening Vikrant, the family decided to marry their daughter to him. The reason was political and also personal. He belonged to the same caste as the police officer; therefore, marriage with him would mend his reputation in that community and it was personal because his daughter wanted to possess Vikrant no matter what.

Was Shikha Murdered By Purva’s Goons?

Vikrant revealed to Akheraj that he had a previous lover and wanted to call off the marriage with Pruva. Akheraj found out about Shikha and sent goons to murder her. Shikha ran for her life, and a few hours later, the news channels were flooded with the news of the dismembered body parts of a woman floating at the dam. Vikrant noticed that the dismembered hand of the woman had the same aluminum ring he gifted Shikha. He jumped into the water to take a look at it, even though he did not know how to swim. 

Though a devastated Vikrant was rescued by Akheraj’s men, it was on the night of his marriage that Vikrant found out that Shikha was alive. She had managed to run away from the goons and it was some other woman whose body was dismembered. The couple reunited but were interrupted by Dharmesh and his men. For Shikha’s safety, Vikrant escorted Shikha to a bus station and sent her to meet her parents in Delhi.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Season 1 Summary & Review 2022 Series
Credits: Netflix

How Did Purva Decide To Seek Revenge From Shikha?

While Vikrant thought Shikha was safe, it truly seemed impossible to keep any news away from Purva and her family. The picture of Vikrant and Shikha embracing at the bus stop reached Purva and she confronted Vikrant. 

Vikrant named Shikha Dolly and said she was a casual college fling. Purva was disturbed by her husband’s many affairs and sought revenge. She employed men to go after Shikha and her family to end things forever. Vikrant informed Shikha’s parents and asked them to take her to a remote location, though a map search revealed their location to Purva’s goons. The goons followed them to their hiding spot and the family ran for safety. Shikha called Vikrant for help and he came up with a plan. He video called Shikha in front of Purva and managed to convince Purva that their love was a fling and Shikha was about to be married within a week, her parents were distressed and she apologized for meeting Vikrant recently. Purva accepted the apology and instructed her men to stop following the family. 

There was one condition, Purva wanted to be there at Shikha’s wedding as her way to apologize for the harassment. Shikha decided to get married for real and had sent the invite to Vikrant and Purva. Vikrant realized that he was losing his love and he made the ultimate choice of murdering his wife and her family. He searched for hitmen on the internet and contacted a college senior who had his way in the dark web. 

How Did Vikrant Plan To Murder His Wife?

He sought help from his college senior and did not reveal his identity. His senior informed that for every murder he had to pay 3mitcoin that would amount to around 70 lakhs. He deposited his wedding ring as it cost more than the amount required. 

While the goons who followed and threatened Shikha’s parents were murdered by the hitman, to murder his wife he needed an elaborate plan. He decided to murder her on the 16th of January in Bhopal, as she would be there for a Zumba function. Though he later felt that 16th would be too late, as Shikha’s wedding was on the 15th and if they had to attend the wedding then Shikha would have to get married. So, his new plan was to murder her on the 14th of January for which the hitman demanded extra 70 lakhs. 

After a failed attempt to murder Purva during their honeymoon, Vikrant decided to murder her in Bhopal only. The plan was to bomb the place; even though initially Vikrant was concerned about the damage the bombing would cause, his desire for revenge convinced him. This indicates how Vikrant was gradually turning into the likes of Purva who did not care about the lives of innocent people. Revenge became his ultimate goal and his humanity was lost in the process. The hitman also advised Vikrant to romance his wife to not generate any suspicion. Vikrant did all that Purva wanted of him to keep her happy, he even announced how he wanted to have kids with her. Purva shared that news with her father who was happy with the couple’s progress. The honeymoon was partly a success at least in terms of winning Purva and her family’s trust. 

Purva, Vikrant's wife
Credits: Netflix

‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ Ending Explained: Was Purva Murdered By Vikrant? 

Amidst all the planning, the warehouse in which the party fund was stored had caught fire. The party believed it was the work of the opposition party. The only money that was still intact was the fund of the Zumba class. Purva had kept the bag that contained the fund in her wardrobe. The bag was brought but 70 lakhs were missing from the fund. Vikrant’s father had stolen the amount to help his son pay the hitman. His father was unaware of the purpose, he simply helped his son when Vikrant begged him for the money. Vikrant had promised to return the money as well.

Vikrant’s father denied any knowledge of the missing fund, though CCTV footage of the warehouse showed that he had recently gone to the warehouse. Purva informed Vikrant about his father, he asked her for some time to confront his father, Purva agreed. 

Meanwhile, Purva’s father had asked Vikrant to take some money from his relative at the hills and return a day later. This meant he would miss Purva’s function on the 16th- the murder day. The hitman agreed to continue with the plan even without Vikrant’s presence. 

As Vikrant practiced his crying act for his wife’s death, Purva’s doubt regarding Vikrant increased. A man from the police spoke to Purva before she got on stage, he said that the goons who threatened Shikha had their last conversation with Vikrant. In that telephonic conversation, Vikrant instructed the man to receive a delivery that was meant for Purva after which they were brutally murdered. Purva called Vikrant one last time before her performance, she wanted him to explain himself after her performance. Purva left her phone with Pallavi, Vikrant’s sister. 

Vikrant was scared after learning that his sister was at the same location that would be bombed within minutes. He called her multiple times asking her to leave the location. A few seconds before the bomb went off Pallavi left the auditorium and survived the blast. Vikrant was relieved, he practiced crying for his wife’s death multiple times. He finally received a call from his father-in-law who asked him to return home immediately. Vikrant did as was advised, he entered the room confident about his wife’s death and ready to react to her sudden demise. As he prepared his sad face, Akheraj informed him that Purva was kidnapped. Vikrant was surprised, he realized someone was playing him. The phone rang, the kidnapper asked Akheraj to hand the phone to Vikrant.

In the end of ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein,’ Vikrant found that the hitman he hired to kill his wife had abducted his wife. The hitman discovered that Purva was the daughter of a renowned politician and she could fetch him a lot more money if kept alive. Vikrant now has to pay 99 crores to save his wife whom he planned to murder.

‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ can be expected to be back with another season of multiple coincidences and edge-of-the-seat moments. Though hopefully, the play of luck would reach an end considering the web of goons within which Vikrant now lives. The first scene in which Vikrant was in a miserable state and lived at a deserted house in the hills indicated his gradual fall and his final war with fate.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein is a 2022 Indian Drama Thriller series streaming on Netflix.

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