‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Jackie’s Body?


After watching the ear incident in episode 1 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2, we were all anticipating the worst. The gruesome nightmare becomes a reality in episode 2, leaving us with multiple ways to interpret the entire event. The death of Adam Martin continues to haunt Shauna, as Kevyn turns up at her doorstep to interrogate her about her relationship with Adam. Callie knows the truth, but will she protect her mother or submit the evidence she has to the police? Is Lottie being honest about her motive in kidnapping Natalie? And will Misty find out the reason behind Natalie’s disappearance?

Spoilers Ahead

The Adam Martin Case 

After a minor inconvenience (the death of Adam), Shauna is living a pretty decent life. Her relationship with her husband has improved, and she no longer has to worry about an unknown man threatening to reveal the past secrets of the Yellowjackets. Perhaps her only regret is her daughter’s involvement in the case. Shauna knows that Callie has assumed the worst, and she tries her best to win her over. When Kevyn interrogated Shauna about her history with Adam Martin, Callie interrupted them and helped her mother avoid the tough questions. Callie surely has not forgiven Shauna, but she cares about her family above everything else. 

While Shauna continues to act innocent in front of her, the dark possibility often overwhelms Callie. Callie befriended a man she met at a bar. After her recent breakup, she decides to take her chances with the stranger. During their brief conversation, she poured her heart out to the man and mentioned her mother’s affair. Later, we learn that the stranger, Jay, was one of Kevyn’s colleagues who decided to go undercover and follow Callie to the bar. The police now know that Shauna had an affair, and, in all likelihood, it was with Adam Martin. While Jay wanted to arrest Shauna on the basis of suspicion, Kevyn was not in favor of his idea. He knew that Shauna Shipman would be a tough nut to crack, and only with a pile of evidence would they be able to break her.

Meanwhile, a user named “Putting the Sick in Forensics” continued to search for evidence on the detective forum. Misty tries to rubbish his claims, but the man is persistent. At the nursing facility, Misty noticed a man with his wheelchair-bound mother asking more than the usual questions. She found an envelope addressed to her inside the refrigerator. The letter was blank, but as a fellow sleuth, Misty figured out that the only way to read the text would be by using a blacklight. She was right; in the letter, the messenger (“Putting the Sick in Forensics”) informed her that the surveillance cameras where Natalie stayed were non-functional. He knows of a man who had been living in the motel for over three months, and the messenger convinced the man that they were from the F.B.I. He hoped for Misty to join him the next day for interrogation. The stranger’s interest in Misty and her investigation could land her in trouble. Or maybe Misty will manage to deter him by sending him in the wrong direction with convincing false evidence.

 What Is Wrong With Taissa?

Taissa was afraid of going to sleep, and she had uncountable cups of coffee to keep her system running. She was scared of her subconscious, and even though staying awake all day every day seemed impossible, she believed that was the only option. The Yellowjackets had unanimously decided not to seek help through therapy. It would require them to discuss their past, and they were not interested in doing so. While living in the wilderness, Taissa tried to commit suicide in her sleep as she followed a man with no eyes dressed in a black suit into the forest. Thankfully, Val followed her that night and saved her life.

Taissa was surprised when Sammy visited her after school. He was dying to meet his mother and the dog that she had recently brought home. Taissa was not confident about handling Sammy alone, and she called Simone to take him home. Simone frantically searched for Sammy after entering the apartment, but she could not find him. Upon noticing a window wide open, they assumed that Sammy must have escaped through it. While they went out searching for Sammy in a car, Simone received a call from his school. They informed her that Sammy had been waiting in the office for two hours. Simone was left dumbfounded; the fact that Sammy was waiting at the school meant that he never went to Taissa’s apartment. Taissa was hallucinating all this time. Simone realized that Taissa’s mental illness was deteriorating, and she requested that Taissa get help. Taissa was angry at Simone for constantly reminding her that she was sick, and in that moment of rage and confusion, she ran into a car.

Ending Explained: Was Travis In Love With Lottie? What Happened To Jackie’s Body?

Natalie noticed that Travis had developed a firm belief in Lottie and her rituals. After she helped him overcome a panic attack, Travis trusted her. Natalie was not convinced about Lottie’s supernatural powers, and she was worried that Lottie was messing with Travis’s mind. She decided to take matters into her own hands. She stole Javi’s pants, tore them, and applied her blood to them to convince Travis that Javi was no longer alive. The sooner he accepted that his brother was gone, the easier it would be for him to heal. Natalie knew that Travis needed closure, and she delivered it to him. Even though Travis was devastated to find it, he at least now knew what happened to his brother. But Lottie refused to believe it. She was confident that Javi was still alive, but Natalie managed to convince Travis that she was wrong.

While making love to Natalie that night, Travis could only think about Lottie. The spiritual and the sexual intermingled when he thought about her. She could calm him down and, at the same time, build a storm of sexual desire within him. No matter how hard he tried to focus on Natalie, Lottie was all that he had in mind. Therefore, twenty-five years later, when Lottie revealed that Travis had contacted her when the wilderness visited him again, it was not as simple as she tried to make it sound to Natalie. She wanted Natalie to believe that Travis wished to experience death to understand what the wilderness wanted from him. He went to his ranch at night and made the symbol with candles. Lottie tried to discourage him, but he was adamant about it. He asked her to press the switch on the remote and save him once he went unconscious. But the switch did not work, and Travis died in the process. Laura Lee’s ghost appeared infront of Lottie and the frightening vision left her flabbergasted. By the time she shifted her focus back to Travis, he was dangling higher up, and it was too late to save him. Natalie found Lottie’s version is a little too simple to believe.

Shauna refused to part with Jackie’s body. With one ear now gone, Shauna decided to braid Jackie’s hair to cover it up. Even though her conversations with Jackie often left her feeling guilty, she could not stay away from her best friend. She was jealous of Jackie, and she wanted to live the life Jackie had, but at the same time, Shauna was used to her presence. She was her constant, and the negative emotions could never affect their bond. There is a duality to Shauna’s character: she is empathetic and, at times, completely savage. She felt guilty about her past actions, and at the same time, she chewed on Jackie’s ear. She was ashamed of her dark side, but she often lost control of it. It was not just hunger that drove her to the point; it was her negotiation with her moral consciousness that made her believe that her actions were justified.

When Taissa found out that Shauna had put makeup on Jackie, she declared that it was enough. Shauna found it difficult to accept that it was ultimately time to completely let go of the body after the group decided to cremate Jackie. The girls went inside the cabin after paying their final respects to Jackie. Suddenly, the fire went out in the middle of the night after snow settled on top of the pyre. It seemed that the wilderness did not wish for Jackie’s body to turn into ash. It wanted the girls to rethink their decision and unleash their primitive selves. Shauna was convinced that Jackie wanted them to eat her flesh. As she sliced a piece, the others started gorging on the meat. We all know that Jackie would never want her body to be devoured by her teammates. She protested when the girls attacked Travis, and that was what ultimately led to her death. Therefore, Shauna assuming that it was a sign from Jackie is simply her way of negotiating with her moral compass. Shauna was seven months pregnant and hungry; she had given some thought to consuming Jackie’s body before, but she was frightened to do it. But with the fire going out, she convinced herself that she was meant to consume the flesh. The savagery was intercut with scenes of godly dining. Dressed as divine beings, the teammates relished the food that was on the table. The intercuts established how the same group of empathetic individuals who refused to take off Jackie’s clothes before cremation turned into a bunch of savages driven by their hunger. After months of feeding on the little they had, the human flesh was a divine meal for them.

Ben watched the girls from afar in shock. As an adult, his moral consciousness was not easy to negotiate with. He was scared of the creatures the girls were turning into. Nothing was normal about the entire scenario, and as the only adult, he struggled to keep himself together. Perhaps Ben was also worried about being a target eventually. He had lost his leg due to the crash, and if there was a shortage of food, he would not be surprised if the girls attacked him. Episode 2 of “Yellowjackets” of Season 2, ends on a grim note; it is obvious that Jackie was just the beginning of the many that they feasted on. We are yet to know how the cult took shape and the details of their crimes in the wilderness.

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