‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: Why Was Lottie Hallucinating?


The morning after devouring the corpse of their teammate, Jackie Taylor, the girls experienced guilt, shame, and horror. In the previous episode of “Yellowjackets” Season 2, Shauna announced that Jackie wanted them to consume her meat after their failed attempt to cremate her body. All that remained of Jackie were her bones, which Natalie decided to collect and dump at the crash site. In episode 3, we witness Ben gradually losing his mind. While the girls were well-fed now, their coach passed on the meat-eating festivities out of disgust. Meanwhile, Misty Quigley continues searching for Natalie, and it seems she has finally found an important clue.

Spoilers Ahead

Moriarty And Sherlock: Misty Quigley And Walter Tattersall

Misty Quigley finally met her stalker and fellow member of the detective forum, Walter Tattersall. Walter managed to arrange a meeting with a witness who was willing to discuss what he had seen at the motel. The witness turned out to be Misty’s schoolmate, Randy, and she decided to supply Walter with the questions for the interrogation while waiting in the washroom. All this while, Randy thought that he was being interrogated for his knowledge about Jeff and Shauna, and he was quite startled when Walter asked him about Natalie. He did not know anything about Natalie, apart from the fact that she was living in the same motel. After scaring him enough with a little display of violence, Randy shared some important information. He added that he had seen a group wearing all-purple at the motel, and they were huge fans of the Fanta available at the vending machine. Misty was initially a little disappointed with the little information that they could get out of Randy, but she soon realized that it might just be enough. Since the group had bought a large number of soft drinks from the vending machine, it was safe to assume that they used a credit card to do so. Walter agreed with her theory and decided to find out the address of the credit card bill.

Just when Misty was getting a little comfortable with his company, Walter asked her the reason why she downvoted each of his posts related to Adam Martin. Misty made up a lie about being close to Adam’s mother. She stated that Adam was a drug addict, and she was confident that he died as a result of his addiction. His mother was devastated by the entire situation, and if she found out about some insane theories doing the rounds on the internet, she would be all the more heartbroken. Misty tried to convince Walter that she did it purely out of her emotions and not as a result of a personal vendetta. What seemed strange to Misty was that Walter pretended to admit his mother to the nursing center just to communicate with her. He explained that he was simply a bored Moriarty looking for his Sherlock. Well, that surely raises quite the alarm! Walter was in awe of Misty’s detective skills, but at the same time, he did not buy the emotional story that Misty narrated to explain the downvotes. He knew that there was something more to it, and maybe that was the reason why he wanted to get to know her closely.

What Did Taissa See In The Mirror?

Taissa had barely any recollection of feeding on Jackie. When Val expressed that she was awake during the entire act, she immediately threw up. Taissa did not believe that she was capable of committing such a heinous act. Her personality disorder became all the more obvious when she woke up one night, and Val followed her to the woods. The woman that she became during sleepwalking was not the Taissa that Val knew; she was a lot more dark and unsympathetic than Taissa. She spoke about Taissa in the third person, further implying that there were two distinct personalities within her. She stated that Taissa would not allow her to follow the man with no eyes. He had chosen her and would try to lead her to the woods every night. Val noticed that the man with no eyes had brought them to a tree that had the symbol. When Taissa woke up from her sleep, she did not remember walking to the woods. Val believed that Taissa and the man with no eyes had something to do with the plane crash. The fact that she was drawn to the symbol meant something, and they had to figure it out to solve the puzzle.

Meanwhile, Taissa’s dark side was slowly consuming her. She erased the symbol that she had drawn on Simone’s palm. Clearly, she did not remember doing it. As she popped pills in the washroom, she noticed her other self in the mirror. Even though she tried communicating with her, she could not hear her voice. This explains why Taissa was the way she was. She was suffering from mental illness, yet she never consulted a professional. She always wanted to believe that she was in control, but evidently, everything was way out of her hands now.

Ending Explained: What Is The Meaning Behind Lottie’s Hallucination?

The girls quickly recovered from their guilt and decided to throw Shauna a baby shower. Shauna was ashamed of wanting to consume Jackie, but Lottie convinced her that she did whatever was required to keep the baby alive. The grim mood soon turned festive with the shower. Everyone offered Shauna whatever they could make out of the little that they had. Lottie gifted Shauna a blanket for the baby, and it had the symbol drawn on it. Natalie was furious when she noticed the symbol. She could not figure out why Lottie would choose to use the symbol that was drawn around the corpse they found at the cabin. While Lottie interpreted the symbol as a form of protection, Natalie believed it symbolized death.

The entire group unanimously declared their trust in Lottie and her beliefs. Natalie argued that Lottie was not a heavenly being, but the number of times that she predicted the future made the others believe that she possessed supernatural powers. While they argued about Lottie, Shauna started to bleed from her nose, and immediately, dead birds fell on the roof of the cabin. The baby blanket soon had spots of blood, implying, in a way, that the symbol wanted blood more than anything else, and the dead birds perhaps indicated an ominous future. While Natalie and Misty tried to logically explain the incident, Lottie announced that it was a blessing from the spirit. Apart from a few, the rest did not give it a second thought and followed Lottie’s instructions and gathered the blessings.

As a grown individual running a cult, Lottie hallucinated. Episode 3 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2 ended with Lottie visualizing the beehives her followers cultivated, covered in blood. She was horrified to see her blood-soaked hands. She soon realized that she was hallucinating when one of her followers interrupted her vision. Perhaps Lottie could never get over the lives that were lost as a result of her predictions and beliefs. She is gradually becoming the leader of the tribe, and maybe her decisions led to the deaths of many other members of the group.

In episode 3, we also witness how Shauna is struggling to keep her instincts in check. She did not think twice before pointing a gun at a robber and later threatening to peel his skin off his flesh. She did not simply do it for the minivan; she did it for the thrill of it. She wanted to connect with the young Shauna, who had lived an adventurous and bloody life in the wilderness. It also seems that Ben might have committed suicide or died of hunger. He could not erase the memory of watching the girls tear apart Jackie’s body, and the hunger led to hallucinations. He found comfort in thinking about an alternative reality where he decides to live with his boyfriend instead of traveling with the girls for the tournament. He wished he had come out instead of hiding in the closet, which ultimately led to the situation he was in. He wanted to feel warmth and love again, but he knew that the reality was frightening and devastating.

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