‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: What Happened To Javi?


In episode 4 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2, Misty and Walter decide to take a trip to the location they found out from the purple cult’s credit card in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Natalie has stopped fighting Lottie and instead tries to win her trust. She hopes to find out the secrets Lottie is hiding in her closet, and she manages to get hold of the keys to it. Twenty-five years ago, in the wilderness, the girls held a competition between Natalie and Lottie. Lottie’s believers trusted her more than Natalie to bring them food. Natalie agreed to a challenge where both she and Lottie would go on a hunt, and whoever would bring food for the group would be declared the winner. Natalie found a moose in the frozen lake, but unfortunately, the moment the girls tried to pull it out, the rope snapped, and the moose drowned in the lake. Meanwhile, Lottie tried to impress the spirits of the forest to get food, but instead, she started to hallucinate in the cold and returned empty-handed. All that the girls learned that day was that they needed each other for a successful hunt.

Spoilers Ahead

Who is Walter Tattersall?

The Citizen Detective Walter Tattersall was excited to join Misty on her adventure to find her friend. But the moment Misty went through his extensive musical collection, she doubted him for being a Yellowjackets stalker. While she was impressed that he chose her, she wanted to get out of his car immediately. Walter explained that he had a genuine interest in musicals and that he did not care about Misty being a Yellowjacket. He wanted to be there with her to witness her genius, and it was her deductive skills on the forum that impressed and intrigued him. Misty’s trust was not easy to win. She later asked him how he could afford to assist her, and he had a strange story about it as well. Apparently, he received six million dollars after suing a scaffolding company when their beams came loose, and a ton of bricks hit him as he was walking under them. He had a metal plate in his head, and that saved his life. He had not had a job for years and could afford to go on as many chases as he wanted.

Misty and Walter are strikingly similar. While it is too early to deduce Walter Tattersall’s purpose, for the moment, he seems to be the perfect match for Misty. It is nearly impossible for Walter to imitate Misty to the extent that we saw in Episode 4. Maybe they were quite alike, but his intention might be more than simply assisting Misty on her adventure. He wants to know more about the disappearance of Adam, and if he is as obsessive as Misty, then he surely has not stopped working on the case.

What Is Wrong With Taissa? 

Taissa’s alter ego has taken complete charge of her, while her innocent side has almost given up. She breaks into Jessica Roberts’ office and finds out the files of all the Yellowjackets who survived. Taissa had paid Jessica to gather information about them to make sure that none of them discussed anything about the past before the Senate election. Among the members who survived the wilderness was Van, and Taissa’s alter ego was desperate to find her. When the innocent Taissa woke up, she found herself in a car, driving to a location using the map on her phone. She later hitchhiked and reached the store where Van worked. Van was surprised to see Taissa enter through the door. Maybe Taissa’s alter ego wanted to meet Van because she was the only person who understood and respected her dark side. She was not afraid of her and believed that she had a special power.

Twenty-five years ago, Van would accompany Taissa at night into the woods, and she discovered that her alter ego would always take them to the trees that were marked with the symbol. She started to mark the location on the makeshift map they had made of the place. To her surprise, the locations of the trees together formed a larger version of the symbol. Van was confident that Taissa was as connected to the place and the spirits as Lottie was, and she wanted to visit the final spot that would complete the symbol.

What Does Lottie’s Blood Sacrifice Mean?

After living in the wilderness, Lottie realized and accepted the fact that spirits wanted blood, and in return, they were blessed with the bear and the birds. So, the moment she was asked to hunt, she did what she knew. But even after sacrificing her blood, she was not blessed with food. As an adult, the memories of the wilderness haunted Lottie as well. In the wilderness, she believed that she was in control, but clearly, she did not know what she was dealing with. As it turns out, Lottie regularly consulted a shrink, and she was on medication. But after the beehive incident, she wanted her dose to be increased. She was scared of her visions, and she desperately wanted them to stop.

The doctor suggested that she understand what the visions implied, but Lottie knew that they only meant harm. While reading notes from her followers, she was terrified when she came across a disfigured queen of hearts. The visions can be interpreted as indications of death, and she decided to make a blood sacrifice. It turns out that even as an adult, she had a tree trunk, just like in the wilderness, that she bowed down to and offered blood. It seems like what Lottie had started in the wilderness never came to an end. The blood sacrifices continued even after she returned to the normal world, and if she stopped, the spirits (or so she imagined) would haunt her. With a group of people under her care, things can turn ugly if the spirits indicate that the blood sacrificed was not enough.

Ending Explained: What Happened To Javi? 

Van and Taissa decided to visit the final spot that would complete the symbol on their map. They were quite surprised to find that the snow there was warm and melted. But that was not the only eerie occurrence; they immediately spotted a young boy running away from them. Van and Taissa managed to grab hold of him and bring him to the cabin. “Yellowjackets” episode 4 ends with the unbelievable return of Javi.

While Lottie’s believers reminded the rest how it was Lottie who had always known that Javi was alive, Van added that Taissa was the one who found him. She tried to establish that Lottie was not the only one in sync with the spirits of the wilderness; Tai, too, had a connection. While Tai never believed in the supernatural, the girls might start trusting her alter ego over the innocent Tai. When Javi finally returned home, he did not seem too happy about it. He did not say a word and could barely recognize the people around him. It seems Javi had seen the dark side of the wilderness, and maybe he was no longer the sweet little brother that Travis knew. While we do not know what Javi went through or how he survived in the woods for so long, it sure seems like he is a changed man.

What To Expect From Episode 5?

In episode 5, Misty and Walter will finally reunite with Natalie. And Shauna will be surprised to find out that Callie was the reason why the police were suspicious of her. Even though Tai’s alter ego wanted to be reunited with Van, she was clueless about Tai’s sudden visit. Twenty-five years ago, Tai and Shauna left the cabin during a blizzard, but we are yet to find out why. Coach Ben continues to express his disappointment in the girls for devouring Jackie’s body, and maybe the girls will not take it well in the end. There also seems to be a dripping sound that Mari can only hear, and even though she tries to find the source, she remains unsuccessful. Hopefully, we will find some answers to the unending mysteries that “Yellowjackets” continues to introduce in the second season.

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