‘Yellowjackets’ Season 3 Theories: Is Ben Dead? Can Misty Be The Next Victim?


There are too many questions that are left unanswered in Yellowjackets, and we hope season 3 will clear up all confusion. The second season ended with the sudden death of Natalie, and we also found out that Natalie took over Lottie’s position as the leader of the group during their wilderness days. Natalie always seemed to be the sensible one who rejected Lottie’s superstitious beliefs, but in episode 9 of season 2, we witness a complete shift in her personality. Natalie started to acknowledge the spirit of the wilderness, possibly because she suffered from the guilt of letting Javi die. To clear her conscience, she needed to blame it all on external power. With Natalie joining the savage club, we can expect to witness a shift in dynamics in the next season of Yellowjackets.

Spoilers Alert

Is Ben Dead Or Alive?

We might all be rooting for Ben, but the fact that he is not mentioned in the present storyline suggests that he might not have made it out of the wilderness alive. Ben lost all hope after coming across the gut-wrenching sight of the yellowjackets devouring Jackie’s corpse. He stopped communicating with the teenagers and mostly kept to himself. Ben was hungry, and as a result, he often became delusional. After distancing himself from the group, he started to live in the comforting memories of his life before the wilderness. He decided to commit suicide once he realized that he had lost everything that he loved. And through his memories, he could sense that the wilderness was not too welcoming to him. After his failed suicide attempt, Ben found a new sense of purpose when he discovered the tree where Javi was found. His real struggle begins when he starts to live alone in the cave. He was unable to light his own fire, and he might have to rely on stealing food from the Yellowjackets to continue living. The crash left Ben handicapped, and he did not have the skill to hunt as well as Natalie and Travis could. Things will only get tougher for Ben in Yellowjackets season 3, and now that Natalie has been declared the leader, he might have to confront his favorite student. After the cabin fire, we can expect Natalie and the gang to hunt down Ben once they realize he could be the only one responsible for it. The question is whether or not Ben will continue to be the morally righteous individual that he has proven to be throughout the two seasons of Yellowjackets. While the chances of Ben being alive seem slim, it might just be the twist that we need in the present storyline.

Is Natalie The Antler Queen?

When Lottie helped Natalie focus on her memories with Travis, Natalie realized that she had seen the antler queen. Natalie believed that even though they were no longer in the wilderness, they carried a part of it within themselves. During the flashbacks, for a fraction of a second, it looked like Natalie was the antler queen. Since Lottie and Natalie were leaders, they might have been the ones to wear the antlers during their wilderness days. The antler queen represents a part of themselves that they have repressed all their lives and only unleashed in the wilderness. Therefore, Natalie’s visions could possibly suggest that their wild, savage selves continue to live and that the antler queens that they once were demand to be expressed. Natalie’s transformation from a practical individual to the leader chosen by the wilderness was unexpected, but it goes on to show how everyone gradually started to worship the wilderness out of guilt and shame. The death of Javi affected Natalie to the extent that she detached herself from the crime. When Natalie dies in the present storyline, we realize that, till the very end, she continued to blame herself for Javi’s death. She redeemed herself in the end by sacrificing her life to protect Lisa.

What Will Happen To Taissa?

Taissa’s personality always changed the moment she started to sleepwalk. Her alter ego was a lot more ruthless and savage. Van initially kept her tied down to stop her from sleepwalking, but she gradually decided to let her other side reveal itself. Taissa’s alter ego helped find Javi, and with the help of Lottie, Taissa started to sleep more peacefully. Her alter ego started to affect her sanity in the present timeline as well. Her other side wanted to reunite with Lottie and the rest. We are yet to know the connection between the wilderness and the man with no eyes. It will be interesting to see how the show’s creators connect her vision with the wilderness. And hopefully, we will find out who the man was that Taissa saw while sleepwalking.

What Is Wrong With Callie?

There was a strange spark in Callie’s eyes after she shot Lottie. She was not repulsed by the Yellowjackets’ stories; instead, she was intrigued by them. Callie loved her mother, but more importantly, she enjoyed the wild acts that her mother and her friends had committed in the past. Maybe for Callie, it was the idea of rebellion that attracted her. Fooling the authorities and getting away with serious crimes amused her to a great extent. When Callie was brought to the police station, she was not scared. Instead, her instinct was to lie to the police and frame Matt as a sexual pervert. Callie must have been all the more glad to watch Matt lose the fight. Callie now has a reason to be proud of Shauna, and it will hopefully change their relationship for the better. It will be interesting if Callie joins her mother in her wild adventures because it looks like she had a fun experience.

Can Misty Be The Next Victim?

Misty was completely shattered, knowing that she was responsible for Natalie’s death. After spending days trying to find Natalie to make sure that she was doing alright, it was devastating for her to lose her best friend. It is possible that the guilt of killing Natalie will break Misty down. Just like Natalie tried to compensate for the death of Javi, maybe Misty too will go through something similar. Or perhaps Misty will blame it on the spirit of the wilderness as well? While Misty lost her dear friend, Natalie, she at least now has Walter Tattersall in her life. Just like Misty, Tattersall was willing to go to extreme lengths for the person he loved. Getting into a relationship right after a murder by mistake seems a little improbable, though when it comes to Walter and Misty, everything is possible. Walter proved to be a trusted friend and lover, and considering how he enjoys fooling the authorities and committing murders, it is possible that Walter will join Misty and her gang in their future sinister plans.

What Will Happen To The Yellowjackets After Natalie’s Death?

Lottie will be absent for a while, and we can only hope that she will recover from her manic state. Before leaving, Lottie remarked that the wilderness was happy with their sacrifice, and if by offering blood, their lives go back in order, it is possible that the group will continue with their ritual. Taissa is desperate to get her life back, and maybe she will stick to the sacrifice if that helps her lead a normal life. Even though Van was reluctant to join Taissa, in the end, she seemed quite invested in the process. She is suffering from cancer, and after the medicines have failed, perhaps she is still hopeful that the spirit of the wilderness will heal her of the disease. Thanks to Walter, Shauna has nothing to worry about anymore. All the mistakes she made were erased, and she now has the opportunity to start afresh. Even though Shauna refuses to believe in the wilderness spirit, maybe the change in their lives after the sacrifice will convince her to continue with the practice. Lisa and Matt are the only ones who know the truth, and considering how persistent Matt was about finding Adam Martin’s killer, we can only hope that he will not give up on the case as easily.

Hopefully, Yellowjackets season 3 will not disappoint. There are too many questions that need to be addressed, and tying all the thoughts and ideas together will be crucial. While the wilderness storyline has us hooked, the present needs a little more work.

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