‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Lottie’s Vision Signify?


Episode 6 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2 ended with the tragic death of Shauna’s baby. As a teenager stuck in the wilderness, coping with the loss was not easy for Shauna. She was angry at her luck, her surroundings, and the people she was living with. While Shauna always had an edge to her, the tragedy further explained the reason behind her disconnect from everything and everyone around her. Losing her first child resulted in her choosing to always maintain a distance, even when it came to her family. In episode 7 of “Yellowjackets,” Shauna and the rest arrive at Lottie’s community, and Natalie insists they give Lottie a chance. Natalie had a lot more clarity than she ever had before, and she believed that the therapies offered by Lottie could positively impact the rest of the group. Even though Van was not too keen about joining the group, when Tai announced that she was taking part in it, Van decided to give it a try. Later in the episode, Van confesses that she is suffering from cancer, which explains why she chose to help Tai even though they decided not to stay in touch with one another.

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What Does Coach Ben Scott’s Vision Indicate?

As the only adult who had survived in the wilderness, Ben had seen too much unexplainable savagery. He was also extremely lonely, and what started as a dream about an alternate reality turned into him believing it to be real. His sense of moral judgment forbade him from consuming human flesh; he was physically weak, further impacting his brain. He sought comfort by thinking about what would happen if he made a different choice and stayed back with his boyfriend, Paul. He regretted not choosing love and pretending to be a straight coach. His vision started to interrupt his reality, and he imagined that Paul was in the cabin. Paul received a phone call and stated that Ben was not ready. When Ben further questioned him about the meaning behind his message, he added that the wilderness was not meant to be his hiding place. Ben had not come out, and by living in the wilderness, he was denying his truth every day. Paul goes on to say that Ben was not welcome in the wilderness anymore and that it was time for him to leave.

Ben’s vision indicates that it was the wilderness talking to Ben in the form of Paul. Ben was weak and not ready for the extremes that the wilderness wanted its visitors to explore. When Ben left the cabin to follow Paul, there were antlers in the background, which for a moment looked as if they had grown from his own head. Visually, it was clear that Ben was now controlled by the wilderness. Ben decided to commit suicide, realizing that was the most honorable thing to do given his situation. He had lost everything, but he was not ready to lose the little dignity that he had left. Misty found him when he tried to jump off the cliff. He asked her to push him to his death, but Misty was not ready to follow his instructions. Misty had lost Crystal at the same location; she also felt responsible for the death of Shauna’s baby, and she was not ready to take the blame for another death. She cried and begged him to stop, and ultimately Ben realized that it was not fair for Misty. Maybe he will attempt to take his life again, but surely not with Misty around him.

How Did The Therapy Help Misty?

Misty was always considered the strangest of the group. While everyone exposed their savage sides, somehow Misty was always under scrutiny. She was applauded for her efforts to help Shauna during childbirth but criticized for not doing enough to find her friend, Crystal. Misty compensated for her frightening side with her sweet behavior, but that was not enough to hide her true self. Misty was an emotional being, but she was also capable of committing murder in cold blood if it was about survival.

Misty led the search for Crystal and decided to protect her body from the hungry teammates, who had already planned to eat her if she was found dead. But strangely enough, she could not find Crystal’s body at the spot where she died. She searched for her in the heap of snow, but there was no sign of Crystal. The sudden disappearance of the body could either mean that some animal from the wild had taken it away or that someone from the team found her first. It is also possible that Crystal was taken by the wilderness itself, accepting the body as a form of offering.

While undergoing the therapy that Lottie offered, all Misty could think about was her pet bird, Caligula and Walter Tattersall. Misty doubted herself, thinking that the people around her saw her as a desperate woman searching for love or simply a murderer incapable of feeling emotions. Caligula answered her question. He asked Misty to look deep within herself to understand the impact she had on everyone around her. People counted on Misty’s intelligence, and it was time that she started valuing herself. Her first instinct after the therapy was to dial Walter’s number. She realized that he truly loved her, and instead of doubting him, she decided to try and trust him for once. While Walter did not answer the call, Misty left a voicemail admitting that his theory was correct and that she was ready to take the leap with him. She could not trust him initially, but the therapy made her realize how important it was for her to give people a chance instead of pushing them away.

Why Did Shauna Punch Lottie? What Does Lottie’s Vision Signify?

Shauna struggled to cope with the loss of her child. She blamed her teammates for the death of her son. Even though Tai tried to be there for her, all Shauna wanted was to be reunited with Jackie. She hid the body of her baby in the snow and covered it with rocks. After Jackie’s death, her baby was the only one she could trust and love with all her heart, but that joy was taken away from her. She could not get over her dream in which she saw her teammates feasting on her baby, and when she got the opportunity, she blamed Misty for killing her child. Shauna had become violent and was determined to hurt Misty. Even though everyone tried to calm her down, Shauna was not ready to believe that she lost her baby in childbirth. She was convinced that the team had consumed him. Lottie stood before Shauna and asked her to pour all her anger and frustration on her. Shauna punched Lottie unconscious, and while she seemed to feel better, the incident also unleashed a side of herself she did not know to exist before that night.

Lottie survived the punches, and twenty-five years later, she somehow managed to gather the same crowd at her facility again. She discussed with her therapist how the rest of the group had joined, further proving that the wilderness was bringing them together. She was confident that “it” wanted them to be together for something that was deep and primal. She could feel those raw emotions again that she once experienced, and she felt quite good about it. The therapist asked her not to repress her emotions by thinking about the worst outcome. She added that perhaps it was their past connection that struck a primal chord with her. Lottie was surprised to hear the therapist encourage her to reconnect with her wilderness side, stating that she was her truest and most authentic self at the time. The last time Lottie unleashed her “true” self, it caused a lot of harm and even deaths, and she worried that it would be the same this time as well. Her therapist insisted she take the risk. Lottie was shocked, and upon further questioning her therapist, she realized that she had been speaking to the antler queen all along. It is evident that the antler queen is thirsty for blood, and to feed her, the Yellowjackets will have to resort to violence. Lottie was no longer the naive teenager she used to be; she was aware of the danger, and she asked them to leave immediately. The group was reconnecting after years of staying apart, and they were not ready to leave yet. Lottie decided to join them; after all, they rarely had such happy moments together.

While the girls were unwinding, Shauna received a call from Jeff stating that the police had found Adam Martin’s remains in Hucklebarney State Park. With Misty confessing her crime and the authorities getting access to Adam’s remains, along with Shauna’s candid confession about having an affair with him, the case does not look good for the girls. Tai can use some influence, but it might not be enough. Shauna might once again unleash her wild side and get rid of anyone who poses a threat to her and her family. The reunion is bound to be a bloody mess, and we are all here for it.

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