‘Yes Day’ Review – It’s Time To Say Yes!

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Yes Day (film) directed by Miguel Arteta, is a Netflix family comedy movie taking you on a roller-coaster ride of a family’s Yes Day. 

Allison Torres used to be a fun, full-of-life person, who says yes to everything, new experiences, new challenges. But ever since she became a mother of three, she finds herself saying no to everything in order to protect them from getting hurt. She is not fond of this “no” version of herself, but with Carlos being the “fun dad”, she had to be the “monster” between the two. 

She is thrown away when she finds that her children feel imprisoned by this “no” version of their mother from the school teachers. The fun school guidance counselor suggests they have a “Yes Day” where for one day they say yes to everything, obviously with some constraints. The constraints being the “yes day” has to be earned, with good grades and chores, with a budget limit and a distance limit, away from anything illegal or dangerous, and all wishes contained to that day. Allison and Carlos agree to have a yes day. To spice it up, their oldest teenage daughter Katie bets that if Allison says no to anything on that day she will get to go to a music festival with her friends. 

Yes Day (2021 Film) Review - It’s Time To Say Yes!

Hence arrives the fun-filled Yes Day starting with jumping on the bed to a glitter-based makeover. They have “gut buster” ice-cream for breakfast and a soapy bath at a car wash. They participate in the game of Kablowey, a fusion of Capture the Flag and Paintball and we can see the fun-filled, “yes” version of Allison again. But things start to get intense between Allison and Katie when she finds that she is still going to the music fest with her friends. Will Allison return to her older version and say no on a yes day?

Jennifer Garner has done a wonderful job playing Allison from being a cheerful, living-in-the-moment girl to a strict mother and ultimately to a fun mother. She has beautiful chemistry with her husband Carlos played by Édgar Ramírez and her three children. Jenna Ortega plays the role of Katie, Julian Lerner plays the role of their oldest, nerdy son Evans and Everly Carganilla plays the role of their adorable, youngest daughter Ellie. 

Yes Day (film) has numerous comic moments performed by talented artists like Fortune Feimster, Nat Faxon and Arturo Castro. It also features a cameo of a very famous singer in the end. 

Catch Yes Day (film) on Netflix today with your family!

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