‘You’ Season 4: Ending, Explained: Did Joe Kill Rhys Montrose? What Happened To Nadia, And Marienne?


In “You” season 4, part 1, a serial killer was on the loose, and surprisingly, it was not Joe Goldberg. By the end of the fifth episode, the whodunit mystery was solved as Rhys Montrose admitted to being the “eat the rich” killer. Rhys wanted Joe to join him on his mission to eliminate the wealthy socialites who threatened his political agenda. But Joe was a changed man; instead of siding with the killer, he chose to help Rhys’ victim. He was desperate to become a better person, and by saving Roald, the man who pinned the murders on him, he proved his loyalty to his new group of friends. Even though Joe wants to be with Kate Lockwood, he considers it risky as long as Rhys is alive. The man knew Joe’s truth, and Joe wanted to protect Kate from Rhys as well as from himself. In Season 4, Part 2 of “You,” Joe is his obsessive self as he follows Rhys, donning his usual black cap. He hoped to bring him down one way or another, but Joe soon realized that Rhys was always a step ahead of him.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is Part 2 Of ‘You’ Season 4 About? 

Joe and Kate are not together, but of course, Joe stalks her time and again. Surprisingly, he has better control over his obsessive nature, and he repeatedly corrects himself whenever he crosses the line. But his hatred and obsession knew no bounds when it came to Rhys. Joe wanted him out of his life, but he struggled to find a way to do so. While Joe plotted to come up with a full-proof plan, Rhys already knew what he wanted out of Joe. Rhys wanted a solution to shift the focus of his voters’ attention onto himself, but it was almost impossible to do with a serial killer on the loose. He wanted Joe to find someone he could pin the murders on. He left Simon’s chopped-off ear inside Joe’s refrigerator to ease his mission. Joe initially planned to blame it all on Connie; he was a drug addict who had pretty much given up on life. Just as he was about to slip Simon’s ear into Connie’s coat, Connie started to discuss his spiritual awakening and how he hoped to live a more spiritually fulfilling life. He made the decision to sign up for a recovery program. Joe felt guilty; he could not make himself ruin the life of a man who had rediscovered his zeal to live. He needed to find another target, and it all worked out quite easily for him.

A middle-aged woman, Dawn, who had previously been seen photographing Joe, showed up at the party disguised as a waiter. She asked Lady Phoebe to follow her to a room where the police were waiting for her. Phoebe was a little shaken when she realized that Dawn had lied to her. Dawn claimed to be Phoebe’s soul sister and wanted to protect her from the serial killer. She believed that as long as Phoebe was out with her friends, her life was in danger. She had been following Phoebe quite closely and believed that every message that Phoebe posted on her social media was a message for her. Phoebe tried to be gentle with her, knowing the kind of threat she posed. Meanwhile, Joe, with his vast knowledge of mystery thrillers and his life experience, figured out the room where the woman had locked Phoebe in. After calmly interacting with her from outside the room, Dawn agreed to let Joe in. She had seen Joe acting suspiciously multiple times, and the lack of information about him on the internet made her doubt him all the more. But who would ever trust a stalker? The police entered the room on time and rescued Phoebe. Upon searching the woman’s bag, the police found Simon’s chopped-off ear, and thus the “eat the rich” killer case was solved. Turns out, Joe had slipped the ear at the perfect moment.

Rhys was impressed with Joe, but he was not done with him. He had one last favor to ask— he wanted Joe to murder Tom Lockwood, Kate’s billionaire father. While Joe’s entire attention was on finding a way to get rid of Rhys once and for all, Nadia, Joe’s student, noticed that her professor had been acting strange. Joe’s sudden interest in murder mysteries, his social circle, and the way he was always turning out to be the savior seemed too strange. Dawn was, of course, a stalker, but a killer? Nadia doubted.

Did Joe Kill Rhys Montrose?

Kate did not share a cordial relationship with her father. She had cut ties with him to live an independent life. She wanted to prove to her father that she could survive without his help. As a teenager, she worked closely with her father, only to later realize the harm he caused. From black money to the cancer cluster, Tom Lockwood was involved in all kinds of schemes. Joe supported Kate’s interest in becoming a better person, but for the time being, he was desperate to meet Tom and figure out a way to kill him. Joe convinced Kate to meet her father for dinner. Kate, perhaps, would have never agreed to it, but she reconsidered, knowing that her boyfriend would be by her side to support her. Tom seemed friendly at first, but the moment he indicated that he was aware of Joe’s past, Joe realized that dealing with Tom would not be easy. Joe played innocent, blaming Love for her own death. Tom did not probe any further, and he shifted the topic to Rhys Montrose. Rhys’s political agenda did not align with Tom’s. Tom desperately wanted to find dirt against him to ruin his campaign. An enemy’s enemy is a friend, and Joe surely wanted to be a faithful friend to Tom Lockwood. With Tom’s help, he could destroy Rhys and live the peaceful life he had intended.

He had secretly positioned a video recorder and turned on the voice recorder on his phone as he waited for Rhys in his apartment. But it did not take Rhys more than a minute to realize that Joe had shaken hands with Tom. He threatened Joe using Marienne Bellamy’s passport. Joe was enraged when he realized that Rhys had kidnapped Marienne to blackmail him. He was now forced to kill Tom Lockwood to free Marienne. His plan to murder Tom was in action, and just when he had pulled his dagger halfway out, Tom proposed that he kill Rhys. Rhys was in hiding after the lies in his memoir were exposed, and Tom knew where he was. Killing Tom would not solve Joe’s problem; if he truly wanted to live a carefree life, he had to kill Rhys. He waited for Rhys to be at his country home alone. Rhys pretended not to know him when Joe forcefully tried to enter his house. He tied Rhys to a chair and tortured him to spit out Marienne’s location. Even after the extreme torture, Rhys pretended to have no clue who Marienne was. Tired of his lies, Joe choked him to death.

Joe was baffled when he saw the cunning face of Rhys right next to the Rhys he had just murdered. It turns out that the wicked Rhys Montrose wasn’t real but a figment of Joe Goldberg’s imagination. He had lived in denial all his life, and Rhys was his way of coping with the crimes that he had committed. Joe had always believed that he was not a murderer; he committed crimes out of love. He blamed the people he loved for pushing him over the edge. He was always the victim in his stories. He gradually started to dissociate himself from his crime. In his mind, it was Rhys Montrose who committed the murders. All the while, he pretended to be Rhys when reality got too difficult for Joe Goldberg. Joe realized that he was the “eat the rich” killer.

What Led To Joe’s Obsession With Rhys? How Did Nadia Figure Out The Truth?

Joe started to take an interest in Rhys after reading his memoir. He related to his past, and he assumed that Rhys had what it took to murder those who went against his agenda. He had written notes and marked pages of his memoir, and it was while reading it that he started to dissociate himself. Most of his days were spent watching Rhys’ YouTube channel, and he marked every place he frequented. He started to eat at the restaurants that Rhys preferred to feel more authentic. He had never met Rhys; he simply knew too much about him to have lengthy conversations with him, even without seeing him in person. He gradually realized that he always met Rhys in private, and the only time Rhys spoke to him in public, Joe was the only person to respond. Therefore, Joe as Rhys had kidnapped Marienne, but Joe did not remember what he had done to her. Joe had made himself believe that he had become a better person, and as a changed individual, he had allowed Marienne to go free. But when his dark side took over, he drugged her and kidnapped her. The compassionate Joe wanted to save Marienne; he wanted to be a better person, but it seemed impossible with his dark side constantly trying to ruin his every effort.

Nadia started to follow Joe closely when she noticed Joe’s pictures in Dawn’s room. He had grown too close to the elite group in a very short span of time, further raising Nadia’s suspicion. She noticed the Indian takeout Joe was carrying in one of the pictures, and she decided to explore the places he often visited. She sneaked into his house and found a key hidden in a book. She carried the key with her when she went to the Indian food joint. A few blocks from the eatery, Nadia came across a suspicious-looking entrance door, a place where someone could surely hide their dirty secrets. Nadia used the key to open the door, and it worked. She walked down the stairs and found Marienne locked in the iconic glass cage. Joe locked Marienne in the cage after drugging her drink just as she was about to board the train back home. She tried to fight him once, but she failed. He locked her in the glass cage and only came to feed her. She witnessed Joe transform into Rhys over time. He would repeatedly say that he was not Joe, and his eyes were always blank. Eventually, he stopped visiting Marienne, and it had been days since she had food and water when Nadia found her. Marienne and Nadia devise a plan to destroy Joe.

‘You’ Season 4: Ending Explained – Did Nadia Kill Joe? What Happened To Nadia And Marienne In The End?

Joe noticed how distracted Nadia was in class, but he believed her when she blamed it all on her love life. With the help of his dark side, Joe found the key to the basement, and he promised Marienne that he would release her once he figured out the perfect plan. Joe planned to leave London with a fake passport and abandon the life he had built. He had to give up on Kate and was willing to make the sacrifice to right the wrong. But his dark side was not onboard with his self-sacrificing plan. He wanted to kill Marienne and get rid of the problem all together, but Joe refused to participate. After bidding Kate a romantic goodbye, Joe was back in the basement the next morning. He brought food and drink for Marienne, and he messaged her best friend, Beatrice, to check on her daughter. When Beatrice informed Marienne that she would lose custody of her daughter again, she panicked, and begged Joe to end her suffering. Joe was now more determined than ever to free Marienne and ignored the dark voice that constantly asked him to kill her. The next day, when he returned to the basement, he found Marienne lying unconscious. He realized that Marienne had consumed the pills he had left in the cage. While his dark side was relieved upon finding Marienne unresponsive, Joe was shattered. He carried her outside the basement and left her on a roadside bench. We later learn that Nadia followed Joe and found Marienne. She injected her with a drug that helped her gain consciousness. Marienne and Nadia had planned the custody detail together, and it was Nadia and not Beatrice who replied to the texts to scare Joe. Marienne returned to Paris where she was finally reunited with her daughter, Juliette.

While the Marienne chapter was over, Joe’s dark side was now worried about Tom Lockwood. Rhys’ body was found, and Joe believed it must have been Tom who did it to expose Joe. While Joe was in conflict with himself, his conversation with Kate helped him decide his path. Kate was frustrated with her father. Tom had always exerted control over her life, be it by distancing her from her boyfriends or by creating the illusion that she was leading an independent life, whereas in reality, he was the one behind every job she had. She was his favorite daughter, and he wanted her to inherit his wealth. And he was proud that he had entirely controlled her life, and he thought that, as her father, he had the complete right to do so. Joe knew he had to kill Tom, not for his own sake but for Kate’s. He texted Tom using Kate’s phone and asked him to meet her at his workshop. Joe confronted him about Rhys’ death taking over the news. Tom wanted Joe to believe that he had no intention of framing Joe for the murder and that he would take care of the DNA recovered from the scene. Joe did not trust Tom, so he tied him to a chair. Joe killed his bodyguard when he interrupted their conversation and, a few minutes later, suffocated Tom to death. He spun the story that the bodyguard killed Tom for money. Joe figured out Tom’s passwords and transferred two million dollars from his account to a new one to make the story all the more convincing. He then buried the bodyguard’s corpse away from the public.

After dealing with Tom, Joe decided he had done enough wrong, and there was no way he could control himself. He was a murderer, and his dark side would only die the day he died. He killed every person that he fell in love with and knew that he would kill Kate eventually. Joe jumped off the bridge into the water to end the cycle, though he regretted it as soon as he realized that it was truly all over now. By now, we know that Joe is one lucky fellow, and of course, luck sided with him once again, and he was rescued. He was glad to be reunited with Kate; she was all he could think about in his last few minutes before passing out. He wanted to be honest with Kate, and he confessed that he had killed people in his life. Kate knew that her father had made Joe kill Rhys, and she chose to cover it up now that everything was under her control. She had done wrong in her life, and she was ready to forgive Joe for his past mistakes and start a future together. Meanwhile, Nadia entered his apartment, hoping to come across any keepsakes that Joe had collected from the crimes he had committed. She came across his box full of secrets and took pictures of each item. The box contained enough evidence to prove Joe guilty of murdering Rhys, and Nadia knew she was closer to justice. Nadia walked out of the apartment building and searched for Eddie, but instead, she met Joe. Joe had witnessed her leaving his apartment, and he didn’t want to destroy his second chance at life. He expressed his interest in coming to an agreement with her. He had killed Eddie, and he wanted her to blame Eddie for killing Rhys. She had to confess that she killed Eddie after learning his truth. In exchange for her false confession, Joe offered to spare her life. Nadia remained silent during her court case and even in prison.

Joe and Kate lived their best lives after inheriting Tom’s wealth. Joe came forward in the press about his real identity. The story was contoured accordingly, and he was portrayed as the victim of his violent partner. Joe’s personal counsel now maintains his clean image on the internet. He was back in the United States and had bought a bookstore (not surprising), and we can expect this bookstore to be his safe place to build another glass cage and hide his dirty secrets. Joe Goldberg has now accepted that he has a dark side, and he chooses to kill whenever it seems necessary. The guilt that once consumed Joe is now completely gone. Joe is not ashamed of his past, and he feels more powerful than ever. He now has the money to easily cover all his shady business, and Kate doesn’t seem too bothered about his life choices. Of course, Joe may have kept one too many secrets from her. Will Joe murder Kate and inherit her wealth? Well, nothing is impossible when it comes to Joe Goldberg. In “You” Season 4, Joe Goldberg went from living in extreme denial to the point of dissociating himself from the crimes he committed to accepting his dark pleasures and not intending to change himself. The need to distance himself from the crime is now over, and we can only imagine the monster that Joe Goldberg will further evolve into over time.

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