‘Young Royals’ (2024) Cast And Character Guide: All The Characters Returning For The Final Season


Young Royals is returning to our screens one last time for its final season. The Swedish show returns to our small screens for its final bow and there are a lot of questions to be answered. Prince Wilhelm and Simon’s thunderous romance will break our hearts and mend them too once again before the curtains close. After great reception for both earlier seasons, the highly anticipated show drops 5 episodes on March 11th, 2024 and then drops its season finale on the 18th of March. I don’t know how much I really like this format, however, it’s sure left me pining for a fantastic finale. Now, this also means a lot of pressure, but at the same time, the anticipation can make one go crazy. In the meanwhile, as it goes with these kinds of shows, all we can do is wait, admire its stunning stars and become professional fan-people. 

After a promising finish to season 2, with that massive twist, Young Royals season 3 will test Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship. It’s a time when things are going to get much harsher, and this might leave them weary of each other. In the meantime, many broken relationships need mending, and we don’t know if friendships will ever be rekindled. One thing is for sure though: this season is going to be the most dramatic of the lot, and there’s a chance something terrible might happen in the finale before the happy ending Wille and Simon deserve. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and watch. 

Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm 

The anxious, yet amicable prince of Sweden is not the most likeable protagonist. Wille has been through a lot since the show began. He lost his older brother who was very dear to him. Erik was also a perfect son and when he died, his mother was left shattered. Then to add salt to the wound (in their view of course), Wille, the next in line, never truly cared about being a prince and fell in love with a working-class man. While this is just a tiny gist, their tumultuous relationship would be too much for anyone to handle. Wille was never meant for the limelight, so he spent his whole life in the shadows. However, season 3 will see him in a new light, in an unrecognizable state, and this might leave his relationship with Simon changed for good. Edvin Ryding plays Wille with so much charm and angst. The young actor is able to project the prince’s feelings through small gestures and facial expressions alone. Wille is usually quite soft-spoken, however, he also carries himself like a prince, so he can appear domineering occasionally. Wilhelm will return with new hope and new excitement now that he’s announced his relationship to all of Sweden. 

Omar Rudberg as Simon 

Rockstar Omar returns in the role of Simon Eriksson, Wille’s love interest in Young Royals. Simon’s ordinary life was completely turned upside down when he first met Wille and immediately fell in love with him. Now, a lot of time has passed, and though they’re both deeply entwined with each other, Simon has to be the one who exercises more caution. Simon is a quiet guy who keeps to himself for the most part. He’s open about his sexuality and is very close to his sister and mother. Or used to be. In season 2, Sara makes a huge mess and triggers a series of events that leave Simon and Wille in bad positions. Simon may be in the best place romantically; however, this announcement and his sister’s actions are going to leave him in turmoil. Will he be able to understand Wille? How will he handle all of Sweden’s eyes on him? Will he forgive Sara? We’ll find out in Young Royals season 3. 

Nikita Uggla as Felice 

Hillerska’s only black student, Felice, is a popular kid. She’s beloved by all except her white mother, who pressurizes her to be perfect like a doll. Felice has been discriminated against in Hillerska, but everyone’s always been blind to it. For one, her relationship with Sara begins because they’re both outcasts in their own way. Though their struggles are different, they have more empathy than anybody else at Hillerska. This is why they become best friends so quickly, with Felice being the only nice person at the posh and fancy school to befriend straightforward Sara. In season 2, Felice and Sara’s friendship takes a hit when Sara decides to sleep with Felice’s ex, August. Felice is absolutely furious after finding out, and this leaves their friendship in tatters by the end of the second season. Hopefully, a terrible dude won’t stop them from being friends again. 

Malte Gårdinger As August 

One of the biggest teen villains in the history of teen villains. This boy is absolutely detestable. Malte does an incredible job of making this character absolutely worth the hate. August is, for the most part, the big antagonist or villain of this show. At the end of Young Royals season 2, all of his secret misdeeds are brought to light, and he’s seen as the spawn of Satan that he truly is. However, there’s a chance of remorse in August, and there’s also a lot of history there that we need to see. Additionally, August is next in line to take the throne after Wilhelm, but does he deserve it? Despite his terrible mistakes, what if he’s the only one who can be a good leader? On the other hand, it seems August had real feelings for Sara, and even if he intended to play her, he finally realizes he can’t be this stupid forever and falls in love with her. 

Frida Argento as Sara 

Sara is Simon’s autistic sister. She’s the reason Simon cut all ties with his father. In Young Royals season 2, Sara basically takes up the antagonist role, or maybe the lover of the antagonist. However, Sara is quick to see her mistakes, it’s almost black and white for her. I suppose it’s fair for everyone to be mad at her, and this leaves Sara remorseful, so she gets her redemption arc quite immediately. By the end of Young Royals season 2, Sara makes sure she rights all her wrongs, but will this leave her an enemy for long? How will she cope with her dear brother not wanting to talk to her? We’ll find out in Young Royals season 3.

Other returning characters include Rosh and Ayub, Simon’s best friends; Wille’s parents; Felice’s girl group; and Vincent and Nils, August’s third-year friends. For those wondering, Marcus will probably not be returning. 

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