‘Young Royals’ Season 3 Ending Theories: What To Expect From Finale Episode 6? 


Young Royals is coming to an end after three seasons of angst, immaturity, drama, and lots of steam. The popular Swedish gay romance has made waves across the world thanks to it being a Netflix original. The teen drama series revolves around Prince of Sweden Wilhelm, who enrolls in a prestigious boarding school to become a righteous human being worthy of the crown. Unfortunately, Wilhelm’s loving older brother Eric dies unexpectedly, leaving Wille the crown prince of Sweden. This is just after Wille has found love with a young man named Simon. Simon, an immigrant and a working-class individual who struggles on a daily basis to be able to make ends meet, is in this school thanks to his wit and his beautiful singing voice. You probably know how this romance blooms and why Simon and Wille find each other attractive because you wouldn’t be here had you not watched the entire series thus far. However, will they put aside all their differences and still stay together? That’s the real question left to be answered in the finale of season 3, aka the final season. Many would possibly call Young Royals a toxic romance. I don’t think it is. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The romance is quite innocent; it’s the outside world that is toxic towards Wille and Simon. Whatever they do, it happens to be the wrong choice, or it simply makes things worse for them. Anyway, there are a lot of questions left unanswered for the final episode of Young Royals season 3, so let me speculate on some ending situations here.

Spoiler Alert

Will Wille and Simon end up together? 

You know this wouldn’t be a hit show if it ended realistically and these two didn’t end up together. So, my answer is yes; they will be together till the end of eternity; this is fiction, not reality. However, it may be after a bigger gap than we can imagine. I suppose since Wille’s mother is unwell and he just had that massive fight with his parents, which was frankly quite the scene to watch, he has to suck it up and take charge. This is a side of Wille that Simon has never seen before. It’s too overwhelming for the golden-hearted boy, and so he decides to tell Wille it’s time to give up in episode 5 of Young Royals season 3. On the other hand, they’ve also been struggling with their political differences this season, and this leaves us with two options. One is that Wille decides to give up on the crown and just be with Simon like he always wanted to, or he takes it up and makes an actual difference to the monarchy, making Simon happy and getting back together with him after becoming a successfully loved king. On the other hand, it’s going to take him some time to fix his relationship with his parents, who are still stuck in the past with Erik. 

Wille’s whole worldview has changed ever since he found out that Erik was the one who was part of the homophobic initiation ritual at Hillerska. This makes him rethink his entire relationship with his brother and how he would not have accepted Wille’s sexuality. Honestly, six episodes is way too little for so much subject matter, but here we are, so in one episode he’s going to have to deal with all of this. 

Will Sara and Felice be okay? 

Though Felice is really mad at Sara for ruining their friendship by getting together with her ex-boyfriend August, who is frankly the worst character on the show, she knows in her heart that Sara is a good person and her only true friend. Felice has never openly spoken about her being black on the show, except for one episode in Young Royals season 3. In this episode, the reaction of her “friends” isn’t really ideal, which leaves her wishing for Sara. Sara never othered Felice; she also understood her struggles as an outcast herself, even if their struggles were vastly different from each other. Now, Fredrika has been fueling the fire, and it’s unfortunate that it had to be her who saw Sara with August, but I think by the end Felice will get over it and befriend Sara again.

August and Sara are actually quite good together. Circumstances lead to them being the antagonists of the show, but it seems like it’s their redemption era, so maybe they’ll both be accepted in the end. Personally, I think Sara is good for August, just as he mentioned in his apology to her, so let’s hope things look up for them. 

What is Hillerska’s future? 

I suppose the school shutting down would be a bit too drastic, so we can imagine it’ll continue to be a prestigious school, but with new rules and no more secret traditions. Wille will probably spill the beans about Erik, the “not so perfect” crown prince, and make things worse for it, but that may lead to open conversations about how things used to be and how things could be in a brighter future. I’m all for a better Hillerska. 

Will Simon move? 

I suppose if he wants to break up with Wille, Simon will agree to move from the big city and go somewhere quieter for the safety of his family. We’ve seen him struggle with the weight of being with the crown prince and the toll it takes on him to not tell Wille what he’s going through, so it would only be fair for him to be away from all the hate and darkness. I think a break will do them both really good, and with both of them improving themselves for each other, I think it would be a sweet and well-deserved ending when they finally get back together if they do. 

At the end of the day, these are simply the speculations of a fellow fan, so take them with a pinch of salt (or a fistful). I hope the show meets our expectations in the end, and I am looking forward to the finale episode releasing on March 18th on Netflix. 

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