‘Your Christmas Or Mine 2’ Ending Explained: Do James And Hayley Get Engaged?


The biggest debate around Your Christmas Or Mine 2 is whether it could have saved itself 20 minutes from its runtime. We don’t consider the prequel to this film a love story. It was simply a matter of different families coming together in the spirit of Christmas. The second movie was a bit more direct with the same concept, but considering the much-needed advancement in the story it introduced, the twenty minutes were required to establish just how good James and Hayley were as a couple. But that also made it a bit of a drag, and the conflict felt too late and abrupt in its introduction and resolution. Regardless, here is the summary and ending of the film.

Spoiler Alert

What is the mix-up at the holiday resort?

Humphrey has invited Hayley’s family to holiday with them during Christmas. The Taylors are all too happy, though they insist on making their own booking for the hotel. However, Geoff’s travel agent mixes things up and books them into the wrong hotel for their vacation. The Taylors and Hughes think they are heading to the same place, so they take each other’s pick-ups and end up in the wrong hotels with each other’s baggage.

While the Taylors are in five-star accommodation, the Hughes spend the night in a run-down cottage with a hole in the floor, which the owner likes to call the toilet. Hayley looks through what she thinks is James’ bag to pick out some of his clothes for the night, and that is when she sees a ring box in his washbag. Hayley is excited, thinking that James is going to propose to her, and she is ready to say yes. What she doesn’t know is that James and his father have the same initials, so she had actually been looking through her father-in-law’s bag. At this point, the audience thinks that Humphrey is preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Diane, and the ring is for her. So far, Diane is coming across as the borderline villain. She is constantly name-dropping, and one can even detect a tinge of meanness in her towards the Taylors, so we are all expecting her to be broken up with by the end of the film. Luckily, things take a different turn.

The next day, the Taylors and Hughes meet at the hotel, and the latter invites them to spend the day with them. The Taylors are looking forward to James’ proposal, and Hayley is extremely excited about it. All of them go skiing, and James is wondering how to tell Hayley that he may have to move to LA for film school, and that he wants her to go with him. If she doesn’t agree, they may have to have a long-distance relationship for a while, and it is an important discussion to have. Meanwhile, Hayley is thinking that James is building up to the proposal she is waiting for. At the skiing track, just as Hayley thinks that James is going to propose, they run into his old childhood friend, Bea. Hayley is somewhat jealous of their closeness, and she is also surprised that James would interrupt his proposal for her. She still doesn’t know that it was something else that James had been building up to. Therefore, that results in an embarrassing ski accident, which also gives Hayley a lot to think about. She may have thought about the economic differences between her and James’ family before, but she had never really encountered them this way before. She physically saw the difference between what her family could afford and what James thought of that. She also saw how Bea, someone with the same kind of money as James, was able to fit in so much better with his tastes and lifestyle. It is all weighing on her, and when James asks her about it, she says that she is simply missing her Christmas traditions back home. That leads the boys to make up for it at the resort itself. The men take off to the bar, and the women treat themselves at the spa and the parlor. It is when the boys are out drinking that Geoff finally tells James that he has his blessings for the proposal.

Do James and Hayley get engaged?

Diane accidentally lets it slip that James is going to film school in LA, and Hayley is confused about what James was going to say. Meanwhile, James is wondering how to ask Hayley to marry him. He says that he had wanted to ask her ever since he met her but had stopped himself because he thought that she did not want that. Now that the time has come, he finds himself unprepared for it. Bea asks him to practice with her, and Hayley accidentally witnesses that, leading to a huge misunderstanding. James clears that up, but when Hayley realizes that James never intended to propose and that the ring had come from Humphrey’s washbag, she is devastated. She breaks up with James, citing that they cannot be together because of how different they are and the fact that they won’t likely fit in with each other in the long run. Meanwhile, Diane finally manages to irritate the Taylors, and Hayley’s mother doesn’t hesitate to give her a piece of her mind.

That night, Humphrey tries to comfort a devastated James, who, in return, assures his father that he has no problem with Diane being in his life and that he is actually happy for him. Diane overhears this conversation and comes to the realization that she has not been as gracious as the others have been towards her. That is why the next day, she arranged for a snow truck that could take them to the Taylors so that James could get back together with Hayley. Sadly, they were a little too late, but the tough outside owner of the cottage was a softie for love stories, and he drove them all to the airport, where his goat stopped the plane from taking off.

Inside the plane, Hayley’s grandfather advises her that she should never let outside factors influence her inner feelings of belongingness, especially in matters of the heart. Hayley also sees that James wanted to take their relationship forward. He had enclosed a key to his apartment in the gift he bought for her, and Hayley knows that they do have a future together. Her getting off the plane is made easy by James and the goat, who are just waiting outside, and once again, it is a happy reunion for the families.

During Your Christmas or Mine 2‘s ending, James opens Hayley’s card and finds that she had asked him to marry her. This was the clue she had given to him at the beginning of the film, when she said she had only gotten him a card, and people propose on Christmas when they don’t have a better gift to give. James is more than happy to say yes, and it turns out that the ring Hayley had seen belonged to James’ mother, and it was James’ Christmas gift from his father to give to Hayley when he saw fit. There could not be a better Christmas miracle. Of course, James and Hayley would have to travel a bit of distance for a year, but that will just make for another interesting Christmas in the future.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the third installment of Your Christmas Or Mine franchise would be in Hayley’s grandfather’s hometown, as he hinted at the end of the movie. This was a fun watch and is quite capable of becoming a Christmas staple if it keeps up with this quality.

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