‘Your Honor’ Season 1 Recap Before Watching Season 2


Starring Bryan Cranston and created by Peter Moffat, the legal drama series “Your Honor” is about a father risking his life and all that he had worked for over the years to protect his son. Michael Desiato is a judge and a single parent who stays with his son in New Orleans. Despite the fact that corruption has infiltrated the judiciary, Desiato is respected for always upholding the constitution and questioning the wrong. But when it comes to his family, will he attempt to protect them even if they break the law, or will he report them for their action? On the one hand, Desiato is a man of integrity, and on the other, he loves his son unconditionally. “Your Honor” is about Michael making a choice between being a judge and a father.

The Hit And Run Case: Death Of Rocco Baxter

On the 9th of October, Adam drove to the convenience store where his mother was killed. He placed her photograph and flowers to commemorate her death. Soon, black neighbors from the area gathered around him, warning him to leave before it got too dangerous. Adam started to panic when he could not find his way out of the neighborhood. His heart raced when he noticed a black car following them. As he experienced shortness of breath, he desperately searched for his inhaler. In an attempt to search for his inhaler, he took his eyes off the road, and his car ran into a speeding bike. Adam survived the accident and climbed out of the car to figure out what had occurred. He noticed that a young man was lying on the side of the road, and he was fatally wounded. Adam called the emergency services, but because of his shortness of breath, he could barely speak. The young man started to choke on the blood that poured out of his mouth. Even though Adam wanted to help him, he realized that the man was already losing his pulse. It soon struck him that he had to cover up his mistake. He fled from the scene and dropped Rocco’s phone into the river. He drove back home and started cleaning his clothes. He hoped to keep the accident a secret, but he could not help admitting the truth to his father.

Michael Desiato decided that his son must own up to his mistake and suffer the consequences for it. He knew he had contacts within the system to ensure the safekeeping of his son. Michael drove Adam to the police station, where he decided to disclose the crime to the police and then have Adam arrested. As he entered the station, he noticed the Baxter family and realized that his son was involved in the death case of Rocco Baxter. The Baxter family conducted organized crime and was known for violence. In that instant, Michael decided that his son would not confess his crime. Jimmy Baxter would assassinate the man responsible for his son’s death, and Adam would not stand a chance. Michael decided that Adam would never disclose his involvement in the case again and that he would focus on erasing all evidence. Michael contacted Charlie Figaro, a friend and person with influence, to find a way to make his car disappear without any questions asked. The next thing we know, a young black man was sent to drive the car and bring it to the scrapyard.

Meanwhile, Michael informed detective Nancy Costello that on the day of his wife’s death anniversary, her car had been stolen. He added that he was, in a way, relieved knowing that he would no longer have to see the car and be reminded of the past. But Detective Costello was not ready to let it go. She believed that the theft of the car might have a connection with the death of his wife, so he started a search for the car. The car was found, and the police arrested Kofi Jones for stealing it. While Michael had hoped for the car to disappear and get rid of the remaining evidence, his discussion with Detective Costello had landed him in a terrible mess. As the police inspected the car, they soon came across parts of a bike that were attached to the vehicle. It was no longer a simple car theft; the car was believed to be involved in the hit-and-run case, and Kofi Jones was accused of killing Rocco Baxter.

Carlo Baxter And The Death Of Kofi Jones

Kofi Jones was under arrest for his involvement in the hit-and-run case of Rocco Baxter. Jimmy Baxter and his men tortured him to confess; they wanted him to suffer before being sent to prison. Jones had no idea what his gang had gotten him into. After reaching the prison, he was informed that the Desire crew wanted him to take the hit and plead guilty in court. In return, they would look after his family and support them financially. If he refused to do what they asked of him, they could not guarantee the welfare of his family. As a black, underprivileged man, Kofi did not have too many options—he could never trust the lawyers and police, and not doing what his gang wanted him to, meant he would be risking his life as well as the lives of his family members. Kofi Jones pleaded guilty in court for the hit-and-run case. In order to protect Adam, Michael got another young man involved, and now he would be facing charges for the crimes his son committed. At the end of the day, it was all about privilege. Michael had the power and contacts to frame someone like Kofi Jones. The Baxter family got their murderer, and they were ready to do anything to punish Kofi in the most brutal way possible.

Gina Baxter contacted her son, Carlo Baxter, who was in prison for a racial violence case. She advised her son to take care of his brother’s murderer in prison. Carlo, with the help of his contacts in prison, managed to convince Kofi to visit him in his cell, where he had been beaten to death. While the Baxter family tried to hide the case, Kofi’s lawyer, Lee Delamere, was not ready to let it go so easily. It was obvious that Kofi Jones was a victim of prison violence, and Carlo Baxter had a violent past and a personal vendetta to kill Jones. After the police found Carlo Baxter’s DNA during the autopsy, he was arrested and tried in court. Meanwhile, the Desire crew informed Jimmy Baxter that Kofi was not responsible for their son’s death. Kofi stole the car on the 10th of October, whereas Rocco died on the 9th.

Jimmy Baxter learned that the perpetrator had filled up on gas after the hit-and-run. He asked around the stations about their knowledge of Kofi, but instead, they were informed that Michael (whose picture was present along with Kofi’s in the new article) was the one who had visited the station and deleted footage of the 9th of October. Jimmy Baxter assumed that it was Michael who was responsible for his son’s death. Baxter followed Michael and eventually threatened to kill him, but Michael came up with a plan. He informed them that he could be of help if they spared his life. Since his son would be tried in court, he could try and preside over the case as the judge and confirm that the decision taken by the jury would be in their favor. Jimmy agreed to give Michael a chance, and even though Michael knew that Carlo Baxter was guilty, he had to prove himself innocent. The man of integrity was now living at the mercy of an organized crime family.

The Carlo Baxter Trial

Michael fought hard to be assigned Carlo Baxter’s case. He got the assigned judge involved in a drunk-and-driving case and replaced her. He tried to speak in favor of both parties to make the trial look genuine. However, he gradually began to prevent Kofi’s lawyer from presenting several key pieces of evidence in front of the jury. She was stopped from showing the injuries that led to Kofi’s death since the jury would feel sympathy toward him. The defense lawyer tried to establish that Kofi had entered Carlo’s cell to attack him. Carlo had suffered injuries and only resorted to attacking Kofi as a desperate measure to defeat himself. But his story was not in sync with the video footage of that night. According to Carlo, the door of his cell was closed and then opened, whereas the CCTV footage showed that the door remained open throughout the attack. The case against Carlo was getting stronger, with Joey Marlini, one of Baxter’s closest friends, agreeing to speak against him in court. The Baxter family was after him for the drugs that had been left with him as well as for knowing the truth about Kofi’s death. Carlo had discussed how he had killed Kofi in detail with his friends, and Michael knew that it would be impossible to save Carlo if Marlini shared the truth in court. He mixed the medication with the water that Marlini was consuming. The medication affected his speech and physical health, making him ineligible to be a court witness. Michael made sure that the jury decided what he wanted them to, and for those who dared to share a different opinion, threats and allegations were made to suspend them.

How Did Detective Nancy Costello And Lawyer Lee Delamere Find Out The Truth?

Lee Delamere learned that Kofi Jones was taking the GED examination on the day Rocco Baxter died, which meant that he did not steal the car on the 9th of October and, therefore, could not have been the one involved in the hit-and-run case. If it was not Kofi who stole the car on the 9th, and the Desire crew was not involved, who was the perpetrator? She realized that the only person she could think of was Michael, the one who stated that the car was stolen on the 9th; he was the only one who could have lied. Lee could not help but doubt the man she was in love with. Meanwhile, Detective Nancy decides to crosscheck Michael’s alibi on the 9th of October. She spoke to the man at the cemetery; he remembered Michael and also the day he had visited. He stated that Michael had visited the cemetery on the 10th of October; he remembered the date because that was the day, he lost his friend during the war. Therefore, Michael was not at the cemetery on the 9th of October; he had lied to the police, and Detective Costello assumed that the only reason behind his lying could be his involvement in the death of Rocco Baxter.

Charlie Figaro learned about the truth from Adam, who chose to confide in him. Charlie sympathized with the condition of his friends. He knew what family meant and how anyone would give it their all to protect their family. He spoke to Detective Costello after learning that she believed Michael had killed Rocco Baxter. He explained that it was Adam, and Michael did what he had to as his father. He promised to allow Nancy Costello to clean the entire police department once he was chosen as mayor; the only condition was that she had to maintain her silence and not report Adam. While Charlie tried to handle Nancy, Lee barged into Michael’s office, asking him to reopen the prosecutor’s case since new evidence was found that proved Kofi’s innocence and the allegation of Desire hitting on Rocco as false. Michael refused to do so, knowing that the new evidence would destroy all that he managed to get away with. Lee believed that it was Michael who had left Rocco Baxter to die at the side of the road that day, but Eugene identified Michael and mentioned that he had visited their house on the day of his mother’s trial. Lee was relieved upon hearing that Michael was indeed innocent. But the next moment, she started to wonder who the perpetrator was, and she knew instantly that it had to be Adam because he was the only other person who had access to the car. She wanted to report Adam to the police, and Michael reminded her of the consequences of doing so. He accused her of wanting to take the life of another 17-year-old to cleanse her soul. He tried to emotionally manipulate her, but she could not sympathize with his cause without taking into account how his selfish actions had led to the end of a family. Eugene lost his entire family because Michael got his brother involved in a case he had no idea about. He was protecting Adam, and he justified his wrongdoing as the duty that a father has toward his son, but he could not dismiss the harm that he had caused. Lee wanted him to do the right thing by reopening the case and letting Carlo Baxter go. But Michael chose to protect his son and ignored his moral conscience. He refused to reopen the prosecutor’s case, and Carlo Baxter was declared not guilty.

Who Killed Adam Desiato?

Adam was invited to the Baxter family party by his girlfriend, Sofia Baxter, the daughter of Jimmy Baxter. Adam had befriended Sofia to help her heal from the trauma of her brother’s death. He wanted to know more about Rocco and found comfort in Sofia’s presence. Adam’s behavior throughout the season was questionable. While his father went over and beyond to protect him from all harm, he made one mistake after another and was deliberately trying to make the situation worse. Of course, he suffered from extreme guilt and regret, but at the same time, all his actions cannot be justified, particularly how he disregarded his father’s opinion about the Baxter family and chose to mingle with them at a party thrown after Carlo Baxter was proven innocent. Adam was all over the place and seemed completely lost. He sympathized with Kofi and, at the same time, hanging out with the Baxter family. When Michael received a text from Jimmy Baxter informing him that his son was at his party and anything could happen to him, he rushed to protect his son from danger. He called Adam, but his calls were ignored. He tried to enter the party, but he was refused entry. He watched Adam interact with the Baxter family from a distance while he hopelessly screamed. He knew that Adam was getting himself into a lot more trouble than he could ever anticipate. The distance between him and Adam had only widened, and now Adam could no longer hear his father’s cry.

In the meantime, Eugene decided to buy a gun with the money Michael indirectly gave him for an autographed baseball. Eugene secretly entered the Baxter family party and aimed to shoot Carlo Baxter. He had enough reason to hate the Baxter family; after all, they had taken his family from him. To avenge his brother’s death, he fired a shot, and he realized that he had mistakenly shot Adam Desiato. It was poetic justice, given that Adam was the reason Kofi ended up in prison. Adam choked on his blood the same way Rocco did. Jimmy watched Adam die a painful death from a distance while Michael held his son close to his heart. All that he had been fighting for the past months was lost within a few seconds. He sacrificed his integrity and gulped down his sense of righteousness to protect his son, but now he was left with nothing but emptiness.

We can expect Michael Desiato to become a vengeful man in “Your Honor” season 2. Now that he has no reason to bow down to the Baxter family, he might as well seek revenge on them for trying to harm his son. It seems that Eugene might seek help from the Desire crew to protect him now that he has killed Adam. He might also seek revenge on the Baxter family, especially Carlo. Will Michael face the consequences for his active role in erasing evidence and manipulating a case trial? Or will he and his friends try to fight against the criminals outside the judiciary system? Also, who was responsible for Robin’s death? While we know that she was having an affair, what led to her murder has not yet been disclosed. We hope season 2 answers all our questions.

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