‘Your Honor’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – What Happened To Eugene Jones? Is Jimmy Baxter Dead?


Season 2 of “Your Honor” was all about Michael’s redemption. As a judge, Michael never held biases and only believed in truth and justice, but it all changed when Adam accidentally killed Rocco Baxter. Michael gulped down his virtues and did all that was necessary to protect his son from the Baxter family. By the end of season 1, Adam had been accidentally shot dead by Eugene Jones, the brother of Kofi Jones. Eugene wanted to murder Carlo Baxter for killing Kofi, but he missed the target. The Baxters wanted Eugene dead, and Big Mo agreed to have her men kill him. But Little Mo helped Eugene escape to Houston and left him under the protection of his aunt. Meanwhile, the police declared Eugene dead and used an unclaimed body to prove their success.

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‘Your Honor’ Season 2: Plot Summary: What Is The Second Season About?

An assistant US attorney, named Olivia Delmont was determined to bring down the Baxter family, and she reached out to Michael for help. In exchange for keeping Mayor Charlie Figaro out of trouble, Michael agreed to the deal. Michael’s life completely changed when he learned that he had a grandchild. He had lost all hope in life, but with baby Rocco, he had something to look forward to. During the ten episodes, Michael often found himself wanting to quit the task assigned to him by Olivia and live his life in peace. This season, Michael discovered the truth behind Robin’s death. She was investigating dirty cops and, as a result, was murdered by Rudy Cunningham. Michael was devastated when he found out that Charlie Figaro was responsible for assigning Rudy to the task. Michael realized that the person he was trying to protect all along was responsible for his wife’s death. Meanwhile, Eugene returned to New Orleans to drop off a bag at Big Mo’s club. His loyalty to her was impressive, but his return threatened her establishment. Rudy Cunningham shot Eugene when he was trying to escape, but thankfully it was not fatal. Lee helped Eugene recover, and he was eventually arrested for the murder of Adam Desiato. Eugene was not ready to settle the case outside the courtroom; he wanted to live without guilt and fear once he left prison. Michael was subpoenaed during the trial, and he could either lie to protect Eugene or stand by the truth.

Jimmy’s decision to abandon the Baxter district project, however, diminished the viability of Olivia’s case. When Fia learned about Olivia’s plan to bring her family down, she chose to warn her father about it. The fear of getting arrested prompted Jimmy to cancel the deal. But it did not go down well with the Conti family. Carmine Conti never liked Jimmy; he did not believe Jimmy had it in him to run their family business. Gina’s dislike for Jimmy escalated by the day, and she was confident that she would run the business better. But Carmine was not ready to allow his daughter to head the family. He still believed in the old patriarchal ways, and according to him, a man must always sit at the head of the table. The anger, frustration, and disappointment continued to build within Gina, and in the final episode, she finally allowed her emotions to take complete control of her decisions.

Why Did Michael Decide To Tell The Truth?

In “Your Honor” Season 2, Michael is all about upholding the truth. After all, justice will not be served by deceitful means. He had been on the other side, and he learned that dishonesty can never be a path to long-lasting freedom. So, when he was subpoenaed, he knew that he was going to be completely honest. He was sympathetic toward Eugene, but that did not change the truth that he had seen him at the Baxter hotel with a gun in his hand. Lee had completely lost her respect for Michael after she figured out the truth, and she was enraged by Michael’s statement during the trial. She attempted to bring forth the hit-and-run case along with Carlo Baxter’s case multiple times during cross-questioning. Michael allowed her to dive into the history because, deep down, he wanted the truth to come to the surface as well. He disclosed that it was Kofi Jones who was driving his car a day after the hit-and-run case, and he confessed that Adam was the one responsible for the death of Rocco Baxter. The entire courtroom was in a state of shock, especially Fia. She accused Michael of being a liar and decided to leave his house with Baby Rocco. She went back to the Baxter household, thinking that it was her safe place. The Baxters were in trouble as a result of the confession. Kofi’s death, along with the explosion at the Jones house, could be traced back to them. Gina wanted Jimmy to take the fall if required, but Jimmy reminded her that she was the one who instructed him to burn down the house.

The next day at trial, when Eugene took the stand, Michael shared a crucial piece of information with Lee that completely changed the course of the case. According to the hearing transcripts for Female Jones, Eugene’s mother, the family mostly fed on pickles and hot meals. Eugene stated that they were forced to do so because they had not had gas for several weeks. This proved that the entire gas leak cover-up by the police was completely false. And that the Baxter family was responsible for the death of the Jones family. Fia was completely devastated; she had been lied to her entire life. She decided to leave with her baby and sought advice from the pastor at their church since he was her only trustworthy friend.

‘Your Honor’ Season 2: Ending Explained – What Happens To Eugene? Is Jimmy Baxter Dead?

Since Eugene was crucial for the Baxter case, Olivia offered to make him a cooperating witness, and in return, the federal government would grant him protective custody. While Eugene was hesitant to part with his name, Olivia reminded him that his name would only remind him of the horror he was forced to live through. He was offered the chance to start anew, to live a better life away from the chaos, and he decided to take the offer. Eugene walked free from the prison. He no longer has to live with any guilt, and by helping Olivia, he is bringing justice to his family. After all the traumatic years, Eugene finally found a ray of hope in his life. Michael went to prison after the confessions he made in court. He admitted to falsely accusing Kofi in the hit-and-run case when he knew his son was responsible. Michael willingly walked into prison; he wanted to be punished for the mistakes he made, and he perhaps considered the punishment better than the guilt that he had always lived with.

Gina complained to her father about how Jimmy was trying to destroy her by intentionally triggering Carmine’s hatred for him. Carmine was determined to kill Jimmy, and he shot him twice. Gina witnessed it all from the security room, and she called the police to get her father arrested. The two men who had been her constant obstructions were now gone, and she could finally take complete control of the business. She made a deal with Big Mo— she accepted Big Mo’s club in exchange for access to the French Quarters. Gina’s success will be quite short-lived, considering the case Olivia was building. Even after being shot twice, Jimmy continues to live. Of course, his condition is critical. Now that Jimmy has pretty much lost everything, he might as well confess the truth and bring down Gina and Carlo. Fia forgave Adam, but she could not forgive her family at any cost. Baby Rocco was adopted by a couple through the church. She had too much to figure out in life, and she perhaps realized that she could not raise a baby when she lacked stability.

“Your Honor” Season 2 comes to an end with its characters finding justice, one way or another, in their lives. Michael repented for the mistakes he made, and after losing Adam, he did not intend to run away from the consequences of his actions. Gina believed that she deserved to head the organization, and she cunningly found a way to get rid of the two men who never considered her an equal. While Gina’s temperament will lead to her obvious fall, she at least got to enjoy her brief victory. Charlie Figaro will be under scrutiny for his involvement in Robie and Kofi’s murders.

Big Mo has learned to prioritize her business over her emotions, and she now has Little Mo by her side to correct her past mistakes. She even expanded her business with the help of Gina. Eugene was failed by the system multiple times. He was a young man who did not deserve to experience the brutality that he did after the death of his brother. He finally found justice and the opportunity to start his life over again. Of course, his life will never be the same, but at least he will not have to fear for his life. Fia’s life turned out to be extremely tragic. Her family failed her, her boyfriend failed her, and even Michael could not give her the life that she deserved. All she wanted was honesty, but everyone around her was wrapped up in their fraudulent lives. At times, she, too, chose to live in denial. We can only hope that Fia finds her ground after all that she has endured. The fall of the Baxter family is inevitable, and chances are that Jimmy will side with Olivia to destroy whatever remains of the business.

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