‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Had Happened To Eugene?


Season one of “Your Honor” ended with the death of Adam Desiato. Eugene Jones, the younger brother of Kofi Jones, mistakenly shot Adam instead of Carlo. “Your Honor” Season 2 begins with Eugene on the run as Carlo follows him outside the party. Adam has been declared dead, and the Baxter family knows that their son is the actual target. With the death of Adam, Michael lost his will to live. He was sent to prison for rigging the trial of Carlo Baxter and for erasing evidence in the hit-and-run case. Michael lost weight, and his overgrown beard and unruly hair attested to his lack of interest in continuing to live. Losing his wife and then his son has taken a huge toll on Michael. By refusing to eat and taking part in the prison rodeo, he hoped for his body to give up, but none of it helped. While he hoped to die in prison, prosecutor Olivia Delmont wanted him to live and help her in her mission to destroy the most powerful crime family.

Spoilers Ahead

The Search For Eugene Jones

Carlo Baxter followed Eugene as he ran to save his life. He had his gun out and was ready to shoot him, but he slipped away. The police arrived at the scene, making it all the more difficult for him to track Eugene. The Baxters concluded that it was the Desire crew that had sent their men to target Carlo. Meanwhile, Eugene tried to contact Lee Delamere, knowing that she was the only person who could protect him. Even after trying to contact her multiple times, he could not reach her and was ultimately kidnapped by men from his crew. Jimmy contacted Big Mo, asking her to give away Eugene if she wanted to avoid a gang war. Eugene was kept in captivity while Big Mo tried to figure out a way to deal with the Baxters. While Jimmy tried to handle the situation calmly, his son was out in the streets seeking revenge. The Desire crew got hold of him, and he was taken to Big Mo’s place. She dialed Jimmy using his phone and offered to return Carlo only if he promised not to raise a war against them. She agreed to take care of Eugene and asked him to take control of his son’s actions. Carlo was dropped off at home that night, and Jimmy decided to deal with the situation peacefully.

What Did Olivia Delmont Want From Michael?

Olivia Delmont was an assistant US attorney and federal prosecutor who wanted to bring down the Baxter family. She believed that she could use the relationship that Michael once shared with the Baxter family. She hoped Michael would cooperate, considering he once used to be a judge and was aware of the power and control that the family holds. She also believed he had a personal vendetta against the family and would want to bring them down. But Michael was not interested in her proposal. He wanted to stay away from all kinds of trouble, and he had pretty much given up on life. But Olivia Delmont would not take “no” for an answer. When she realized that Michael did not have any personal motivation, she discussed how his decision would affect his dear friend Charlie. Charlie had contacted the Desire crew to get rid of his car, and Michael had confessed the truth. Therefore, if they wanted, they could destroy Figaro’s goal of becoming mayor using his confession. Michael’s loyalty toward his friend left him with no other option but to cooperate with Delmont. She plans to use Michael to infiltrate the Baxter family and gather information about them. Olivia’s plan required the release of Michael from prison. She advised Detective Costello to frame a tax evasion case against Michael to send him to prison after the completion of her plan. Against the will of Detective Castello, Michael’s confession was buried, and he was released from prison.

What Happened To Eugene? Why Was The FBI Trying To Reach Michael?

After spending hours in captivity, Eugene was taken to a bus station. Lil Mo handed him some cash and asked him to figure out his life. The character of Eugene is extremely promising. Even though he is leaving the city at the moment, chances are that he might return stronger and wiser. He was unsuccessful in killing Carlo Baxter, and maybe the failed mission will bring him back. Eugene has nothing to lose; therefore, his future is completely unpredictable. While the Desire crew made sure that their little man continued to live, the Baxter family was informed that he was shot dead by the river. Therefore, if Eugene ever returns, it will also result in a war between the Baxter family and the Desire crew. Meanwhile, the police were in search of a name to blame the death of Adam on. The people of New Orleans were in panic after the consecutive deaths, and the police, along with Charlie Figaro, needed a way to win the confidence of the common people. Big Mo proposed that instead of going after her gang member, they could get hold of an unclaimed body at the morgue and blame him for the murder of Adam. This way, the police could claim their diligence by shooting the criminal dead, and Charlie Figaro could boost his dedication to cleaning the city. Randy found an unclaimed dead body at the morgue, and Eugene’s phone was placed beside him to make the case look genuine. Charlie Figaro proudly spoke about his achievement in taking a step to eradicate crime, while Eugene leaves the city in a bus, his future unknown and uncertain.

Sofia struggled to deal with the death of her lover. After losing Rocco, Adam became her support system, but even he was gone. She did not trust her mother or her brother, but she believed that her father was someone she could rely on to make sensible choices. Even after growing up in a family where everyone demanded violence, she was someone who hoped for peace and harmony. After losing Adam, she contacts Michael several times in prison. She wrote him letters, but each one of them was returned unanswered. She met him in prison once, asking him if Adam truly loved her. She had spent only a brief period of time with him and wondered whether he loved her the same way that she did. Michael replied that his son was a terrible liar; therefore, if he claimed to love her, then he truly must have fallen for her. She wanted to know more about Adam’s life, about things that he never had the opportunity to share with her, but Michael was not ready to discuss him with anyone. Fia did not know that Adam was responsible for her brother’s death, which was all the more reason why Michael chose to maintain his distance from her.

At the end of Episode 1 of “Your Honor” Season 2, we get to know that Adam is not the only connection between Michael and Fia. She was pregnant during the time she was dating Adam, and she gave birth to their child after his death. Unbeknownst to Michael, he has a grandchild, the only person he could call family. After losing Adam, his grandchild might end up becoming his only driving force. He will have all the more reason to destroy the Baxters, knowing that a child born into that family would end up becoming a criminal. Chances are that the Baxters will now accept Michael into their family, making it all the easier for him to work for Olivia Delmont.

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