‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Michael Work For Olivia?


After the shocking revelation in the previous episode, the third episode of “Your Honor” Season 2 is about how Michael tries to cope with the information. Michael had given up all hopes and wanted to live a detached life, but the sudden knowledge of having a grandson changed his entire perspective. He had always wondered why Olivia was so confident that he would work for her, but now he knew that she was aware of little Rocco’s existence, and that was what made her believe that he would put in all his effort to bring down the Baxter family. She wanted the news to reach him organically from the mother and had waited all this time for the big revelation. Olivia wanted to use Michael’s new relationship with the Baxter family to her advantage, but would Michael cooperate?

Spoilers Ahead

Charlie and Jimmy Baxter: A New Trouble

Jimmy Baxter dreamed of building the Baxter District, which would consist of casinos, all kinds of retail stores, theaters, and all things entertainment. He hoped for Carlo to share the same interest in starting something from scratch, but clearly, Carlo did not think the way Jimmy wanted him to. He had grown up in luxury, and he did not care about the grand vision of his father or the excitement that he experienced thinking about it. Jimmy had bought the land on the other side of the river and wanted to start working on building the Baxter district as soon as possible. He decided to meet with Mayor Charlie to ensure that his plan went smoothly. He was accompanied by his wife, Gina. The property lease was awarded to a group of investors that Jimmy represented, and for the final transaction, he needed the city’s approval. Charlie’s predecessor had agreed to provide him with the city’s approval by the end of the month. Now that Charlie was the new mayor, it was his duty to sign the papers and provide the approval Jimmy needed.

Charlie disagreed with the decision of his predecessor and stated that the bidding process should have been competitive instead of a clear win. Jimmy argued that it was an open bid, and it was not his fault that there were no competitors. Charlie implied that the land belonged to the people of New Orleans, and he would only approve of a deal if it benefited his people. He wanted to reopen the bid for a fair opportunity. Jimmy was surprised by Charlie’s suggestion, and he openly asked him if there was a way to bypass the entire ordeal. Charlie indicated that he had no interest in backing off from what he suggested, further enraging Gina Baxter. Gina was quick to ask Charlie about the benefit he was looking for. Charlie was clear in his stance; he simply wanted to agree to a deal that would help his people. Gina added that she was aware of Charlie’s involvement in helping Big Mo get the nightclub. When she realized that their polite approach was ineffective, she proceeded to threaten him, reminding him of the power they had. Charlie did not change his stance, though he decided to make sure that the Baxters did not have any access to his dark past. While the Baxters were not aware of Charlie’s involvement in the Rocco-Adam case, the law enforcers knew the truth. Charlie’s complications with the Baxters further made Michael determined to protect him at all costs. The only way to hide Charlie’s truth was to work for Olivia.

Eugene Jones: To Run Or To Stay?

Even though Big Mo was worried about investing a large amount of money to buy drugs, Little Mo convinced her that it was worth the shot. The new dealer did not deal in small amounts, and to buy the good stuff, Little Mo believed that they needed to pour in the money. He travels to Trey’s place, where Eugene is living in hiding. The plan was to meet the dealer with Trey and hand over the cash in exchange for the drugs. Eugene accompanied them to the deal. The baseball-enthusiastic dealer got caught up in a match and was late for the deal. Little Mo and Trey went to grab some food while Eugene was asked to stay in the car and look after the bag.

Meanwhile, Big Mo realized that Gina was trying to buy the club to get back at her. She had to match Gina’s offer to make sure that she got the club. She needed the cash immediately, and she asked Little Mo to return home with the money. While Little Mo was disappointed with the sudden change of plan, he had no option but to follow his aunt’s order. Trey knew his life would be in jeopardy if the deal got canceled since he was the one who initiated it. He could not control his anger, and it led to a fight between him and Little Mo. The police, who were right around the corner, arrested them. Eugene ran for his life with the bag of cash.

After returning home, he opened the bag and realized that it was full of cash. He knew that the cash belonged to Big Mo, but he chose to ignore her call. Eugene could not get over Kofi’s death, and perhaps the bag of cash gave him hope. He can either run away with the money and start living the life he wants, though he will eventually have to pay a heavy price for it. Not only will he betray Big Mo and risk losing the only people who cared to protect him, but he will also expose himself once again to the Baxters. He wants to seek revenge, but will it be worth it all? Eugene’s decision now will affect how his life turns out, and by choosing to live his life as Eugene instead of Justin, he would be in direct conflict with the state, Big Mo, and the Baxters.

Season 2, Episode 3: Ending Explained: Will Michael Work For Olivia?

After meeting his grandson and knowing the danger Charlie could be in if his truth even surfaced, Michael seems to have no other choice but to accept Olivia’s offer. He, in a way, started working his way into the Baxter family by meeting Fia every once in a while. She was glad to have him by her side since he was the only person who cared about her decisions. They would always connect on an emotional level when they discussed Adam. Their mutual love and the shared pain that they felt for the same person brought them together. While he maintained a loving relationship with Fia, he got into Carlo’s head. He reminded Carlo that he could never escape the consequences of murdering Kofi. While talking to Carlo, Jimmy realized how Michael had created a sense of constant fear in him. He went ahead and played mind games with Michael when he spotted him at the hotel bar. He indicated that he would have perhaps spared Adam’s life if he had come clean after the accident. Jimmy implied that it was Michael’s fear that led to the complications and, ultimately, the death of Adam.

At the end of Episode 3 of “Your Honor” Season 2, Michael visits Fia, and she leaves him alone with little Rocco. All this while, Michael maintained a distance from the toddler, but when he cried for attention, he could not help but hold his hands to comfort him. For the first time, he felt a connection with his grandson as his little hands held onto his. Jimmy entered the room and witnessed Michael’s growing closeness with Rocco. Even though they had their differences, they were brought together in the same room by the little being. They both looked at their grandson with love and affection, indicating how they might eventually develop a bond over their new-found family ties. Michael was doing exactly what Olivia wanted him to do—he was expressing his love for his grandson. Little Rocco is the key to entering the Baxter family for Michael, and it is this relationship that would ultimately help him bring down Jimmy Baxter and his family. The third episode of “Your Honor,” Season 2 ends on a hopeful note for Michael, while the fate of Eugene remains unknown.

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