‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Was Michael in Trouble All Over Again?


Big Mo has some tough decisions to make in Episode 5 of “Your Honor” Season 2 now that Eugene has returned to New Orleans. Not only was she about to lose her money, but she also had a new enemy to take care of. In Episode 4, Charlie was declared the godfather of little Rocco, and in the most unexpected way, Jimmy managed to publicly establish his closeness with the new mayor. After Jimmy spared his life, Michael chose not to respond to Olivia’s texts and calls. Olivia pays him a visit and establishes that the deal she provided him with was the best he could get at the moment. She was surprised when she learned that Carmine Conti was in town. She dreamed of bringing down not only Jimmy Baxter but also Conti.

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Business Over Family: Why Was Lil’ Mo Thrown Out of Desire?

While Big Mo was glad to have her money back, she could no longer trust Lil Mo. He had helped Eugene escape without her permission. He had put her entire crew at risk, knowing that their involvement in the disappearance of Eugene could land them in trouble with the Baxters. Not only that, he chose to hide him at his aunt’s place. Mo did not share a cordial relationship with her sister because she did not approve of her business. Lil Mo had gotten her sister involved in her business, something that she would have never wanted. She was not mad at Eugene since he was still a child, and he had risked his life to bring her the money, but she was disappointed in her nephew for risking it all. Mo had to teach her nephew a lesson, so she kept him handcuffed while she figured out the best possible way to deal with him. Meanwhile, her men noticed Rodrick in the street, and Mo paid him a visit. She tried to come to an arrangement with him. She asked him to give them an advance, and as soon as they had the money rolling, they would pay him back. While the arrangement was not beneficial for him at the moment, he decided to give Mo a chance and hoped to get his money back soon. The people associated with Rodrick in his business are not easy to deal with, and if Mo fails to deliver, then Desire might be in serious trouble.

While Mo proved to Janelle how powerful she was by buying the club, it was Mo’s temper that made Janelle rethink their relationship. She got to know that Mo did not spare anyone for their mistakes, even if they were her family. While Lil Mo was her right-hand man, she had no sympathy for him after he made major decisions without consulting her. She did not end his life; instead, she had her men beat him up and throw him out into the street. Lil Mo had dedicated his life to working for his aunty, but now he had nowhere to go. According to him, every decision he took was justified. He found a safe place for Eugene to live, and he made a deal that could help them build their business better. Mo’s sudden interest in buying the club instead of fulfilling the deal triggered all the problems. Lil Mo might have revenge on his mind since he believes that he was wronged by Mo. Meanwhile, Mo decides to send Eugene back to Houston to be with her sister since his life would be in constant danger if he lived in New Orleans.

The Baxter District Conflict

Jimmy Baxter was in a tough spot after he failed to get land approval from the new mayor. All this while, it was only Gina who accused him of being a weak man, but now Carmine Conti questions his ways as well. The Baxter name was built with the help of the Contis, and Jimmy could not dismiss his opinion. He needed to get hold of the land, and he was ready to go to any extent to get it done.

Jimmy approached Michael and asked him to make Charlie realize the danger he would be in now that Carmine Conti was back in town. Charlie was easily replaceable, and if he did not agree with what the Baxters wanted, he might lose his position as well as his life. Michael asked Charlie to reconsider the Baxter proposal, but Charlie was not ready to betray his people and give the Baxters free reign. Michael explained that he was working on a federal investigation into Jimmy Baxter and that Charlie needed to cooperate because he had admitted to Charlie’s role in covering up Adam’s crime. Charlie did not have too many options: he could either do what he wanted and lose his position and face charges, or he could do his part in the investigation, but that would ruin his reputation among his people.

Michael and Charlie’s relationship was forever destroyed. It was because of Michael that he was in the present situation, and by inviting him to Jimmy’s birthday party, Michael further ruined his reputation. Charlie agreed to lease the land to the Baxters on certain conditions to ensure that the people of New Orleans do not go without what they deserve. Jimmy Baxter agreed to look closely at the suggestions and finalized the deal.

Season 2 , Episode 4: Ending Explained: What Was It That Caught Michael Off-Guard?

While Michael wanted to distance himself from Olivia, it was an impossible task. She had her hopes high after learning that Carmine Conti was in town. She believed that if she could find one guilty, then the entire family, including Conti, could be tried in court. She returned Michael’s phone, which he threw away the night after the entire episode with Jimmy Baxter towards the end of episode 4 of “Your Honor” Season 2. Michael decided to stop meeting Fia, even though he adored her and little Rocco. He knew how Jimmy disapproved of their relationship, and he did not wish to cause any trouble in Fia or Rocco’s lives. Since Michael knew he was walking on thin ice, he did not wish to hurt Fia in the process. She had grown attached to him, and he did not think it was fair to her. With Michael gone, Fia wondered who her family was. She could not trust her parents, but she realized that she could trust Carlo to take care of her son if anything ever happened to her. While he had the same temper that their parents did, he loved Fia with all his heart, and she trusted him.

Nancy Costello dug around in an old case and came across details that she believed could be used to get to Michael. Michael tried to terminate the deal between him and Olivia. He believed he had delivered by convincing Charlie to lease the land to the Baxters just as she wanted to. He did it to protect Charlie, which was the only reason he agreed to the deal in the first place. By agreeing to protect Charlie, Michael got him involved in a federal investigation, and he did not wish to make it any worse. He was ready to be taken back to prison, but he was not prepared to be Olivia’s puppet anymore. Olivia texted Nancy Costello; she entered the house and handcuffed Michael. After taking him to the interrogation room, she explained that he was found to have lied about his whereabouts in his statement to the police. We now know that Nancy Costello has started to reinvestigate Robin’s case. She asked him where he truly was on the night of his wife’s murder. With new evidence, Michael had to prove his innocence all over again. The important question is: Why did Michael lie to the police in the first place? What was he hiding? And was there a greater conspiracy behind his wife’s death?

Along with the task of helping in a federal investigation to bring Jimmy Baxter down, it seems like Michael will get deeply involved in finding out the mystery behind his wife’s death. Meanwhile, Lil Mo might create trouble for Big Mo to seek revenge for the way he was treated by her. Big Mo and the Baxters had never been on good terms, and maybe the news of Eugene will further trigger the Baxters. While there are a lot of possibilities in “Your Honor,” the thrill and adrenaline have yet to kick in.

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