‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To Eugene?


After the five-episode buildup, there is finally some action in Episode 6 of “Your Honor” Season 2. Robin’s murder case is still being investigated after two years. Nancy Costello completely lost her faith in Michael, and she wondered if he was the jealous husband who murdered his wife because she was having an affair. Michael was appalled that he was being questioned for murdering his wife, whom he loved with all his heart. He knew that the police did not have enough evidence to arrest him, and he refused to comment on their recent findings. Meanwhile, Big Mo decides to sell the fentanyl-cut heroin she has left. She knew it was a risky business, but she had no other options left. Meanwhile, Jimmy finds the presence of his father-in-law overbearing, and he is not ready to be told how to run a business.

Spoilers Ahead

Jimmy Baxter and Carmine Conti

Carmine Conti could not tolerate Jimmy’s sophistication. He wanted to remind Jimmy that he was a gangster and not a businessman. And the business that Jimmy had built was because of the crimes that Carmine once committed. So, now that he knew that Jimmy needed an investor to build the Baxter district, he invited people he knew—the Calabri family. Jimmy was reluctant to meet them, knowing that Carmine would try to interfere, but eventually, he gave in. The Calabri family was ready to invest the amount of money Jimmy was looking for, but in return, they wanted him to make his ports accessible to them. It was obvious that they wanted to use the port for illegal trade, and Jimmy was not comfortable with that. He was strict about not involving himself in the drug business, and he wanted to stay true to that. While investors promised to keep the drugs out of the city, Jimmy needed more convincing than just that. Carmine Conti took over and advised Jimmy to think like a gangster because that was who he truly was. He knew Jimmy needed the money, and he wanted Jimmy to proudly accept the evil he would be bringing through his docks.

Robin’s Murder: Who Killed Robin DeSiasta?

Michael was not at home the night Robbin died. That night, he went to confront the man Robin was seeing. The man had now come forward to prove his innocence in the case to the police, which is why he disclosed that he was with Michael on the night of the murder. Elizabeth wanted to meet the man; she desperately wanted answers to figure out why her daughter was killed out of nowhere. Kenneth was a journalist who worked closely with Robin, and they eventually started seeing each other. Before Robin’s death, they were working on a case of police brutality. During this time, a number of murders were taking place that were assumed to be done by gangs, but the lack of brutality, the lack of a clear message, and the overall clean execution made it seem very doubtful. Upon further investigation, it was found that the police were involved in the case. Kenneth chose to give it up when the only witness they had ditched them. He realized that he was getting involved in something quite unpredictable, and he distanced himself from it. But Robin did not give up, and she continued to follow up on the case. She was contacted by the witness, and that night she went to meet him, which ultimately resulted in her death.

Michael and Elisabeth went to the store where KJ, the witness, worked. The store owner recognized Michael when he introduced himself as an ex-judge. She was initially uninterested in setting up a meeting with KJ, but when Elisabeth discussed how painful it was for her as a mother to not know why her daughter died, she sympathized and asked them to wait. KJ was apprehensive about discussing the past with them because the knowledge had cost him a lot. But after convincing him, he confessed that there were dirty cops who stole drugs and money and even executed people. And it was detective Walter Beckwith who murdered Robin when she entered the corner store to meet KJ. While Walter was a dirty cop, there must be someone else at play as well. Because the night Robin was murdered, Michael heard her talk to someone over the phone. Since the call was from neither Kenneth nor KJ, it only means that there is some other dirty cop who informed Walter about Robin’s discovery, and he shot her to cover their tracks.

Season 2, Episode 6: Ending Explained: What Happened To Eugene Jones In The End?

Monique wanted Eugene gone as soon as possible. She was aware of the risks involved in hiding him, and she was not ready to deal with them. She asked her men to get him on a bus to Houston. Eugene was not just a wanted criminal (Adam’s death); he was also wanted by the Baxters for attempting to shoot Carlo. While Big Mo believed that her problem would soon be taken care of, she did not know that Joey had figured out the truth. Carlo got rid of Joey after he agreed to testify against Carlo in court, but now Joey was left pretty much penniless and hungry for drugs. He went to the Desire Club to buy drugs, but when he noticed Eugene through the window, he knew that he had to make good use of the opportunity. He contacted Carlo, and even though Carlo could never forgive Joey, he instantly focused his hatred on Eugene. The entire Baxter family was made to believe that Eugene was dead, but now Carlo had proof of his whereabouts. He followed the car Eugene was traveling in and planned to shoot him once he got perfect aim. But since Joey was high on drugs, their car slammed into the Desire car.

Eugene managed to get out of the car after the accident while Carlo was trapped. Eugene picked up the gun lying on the road and pointed it at Carlo. Eugene was shocked that Carlo had the audacity to try and kill him when it was Carlo and his family that completely ruined his life. Carlo murdered Kofi, and Jimmy set fire to his house, burning his mother and siblings to death. Eugene had all the reasons to shoot Carlo at that moment, but he chose to lower the gun. While Eugene had been brewing hatred for the Baxter family for quite some time now, when the moment arrived, he chose to make a sound decision. He chose peace instead of violence, unlike those around him. Carlo was sent to the hospital, and he narrated the entire incident to his family, except for the part where Eugene chose to let go of him. Gina was furious and wanted Eugene dead by night. Jimmy hoped to solve the matter by himself, but neither his wife nor Carmine trusted him with it. In a moment of anger and frustration, he knocked out Frankie.

Eugene had reached the bus stop and was about to board the bus when detective Rudy Cunningham shot him. Unexpectedly, Eugene survives the bullet injury. Rudy is now in danger, and Charlie chooses not to support him anymore. Jimmy will surely not forgive Monique for betraying his trust. It might be the fall of Big Mo, considering that her drug business is already in jeopardy, and now the Baxters would destroy whatever she has to make her pay for her mistake. Michael might be in danger once again for getting too close to the truth. Even though it is difficult to believe, is Nancy Costello also a dirty cop? Since she had been close to Michael and his family, it only made sense that Robin would inform her of the truth just like Michael did. But then again, she would not have investigated the case after two years if she was involved. We know that Rudy is far from an honest cop; does that mean he somehow got the information about Michael knowing the truth and wanted to take him out as well? 

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