‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was Responsible For Robin’s Murder?


Robin’s death had been a mystery all along, and finally, in episode 7 of “Your Honor” Season 2, we get to know the person responsible for her death. In episode 6, we learned that Robin was investigating dirty cops, and she went to the corner store that day to meet with an informer who knew about the entire operation. But the dirty cops got wind of her investigation and shot her dead before she could talk to the informer. It was clear that someone close to Robin had informed Walter Beckwith, the cop who shot her dead. But who was it? Apart from unraveling the mystery behind Robin’s death, this episode also focuses on Eugene Jones and his uncertain future. The city of New Orleans was made to believe that Eugene Jones was dead, but now that the truth has come forward, it proves that the cops were lying to take credit.

Spoilers Ahead

Fia Baxter: Search For A New Home

Fia lost all faith in her family when Carlo left her newborn with a stranger to kill Eugene Jones. All this time, she had been staying away from her house in the Baxter hotel. She struggled to understand her family, but she maintained contact with them. But after the Eugene incident, she decided that she had had enough. She wanted to run away from her family, knowing well enough that her child could never be safe in their presence. She did not wish for her little boy to turn into her brother, who cared only about revenge. She wanted him to be different, but that was simply impossible as long as she stayed with her family. 

While leaving home was a liberating idea, she was aware of how practically impossible it could be, considering she was only 17 and a high school dropout. She wanted to start a new life, but it seemed quite impossible. Unable to find an answer, she dropped by the church. The pastor realized that Fia had not simply arrived to inform him about her plan to cancel the baptism; she was looking for a friend she could discuss her life and future with. Even though Fia was not a believer, the pastor showed her the right path by discussing how there is always a place of belonging away from home. While the church happened to be his place of belonging, he believed Fia needed to simply find hers. The decision was not a difficult one since Fia had always known that she felt an emotional connection with Michael. He was the father figure that she wanted in her life—someone who could think beyond revenge and anger. But what Fia does not know yet is that Adam was responsible for the death of her brother, Rocco, and Michael helped hide the truth. Will Fia leave the past behind and trust Michael to raise her baby? We have yet to find out.

Eugene Jones: How Does Eugene Survive?

Eugene wanted to leave for Houston from the New Orleans bus station, but before he could do so, Rudy Cunningham shot him in the chest. Eugene ran for his life and arrived at Lee’s apartment for help. Lee was the only person he could trust with his life, and he wanted her to save him. Since taking him to the hospital was not an option, she called her friend, who was a doctor. While her friend dressed his wounds, she advised Lee to take Eugene to the hospital to keep him alive. Eugene lost consciousness, and Lee decided to take the risk and admit him to the hospital. Since it was a gunshot wound, the receptionist informed the police, but Lee interrupted her. She begged the woman not to inform the police since it was the police who had shot the teenager. The woman sympathized with the situation and hid the actual details from the police. 

When Rudy Cunningham received the information that a 40-year-old Hispanic man was brought to the hospital for a gunshot wound, he decided to verify it. He called the hospital’s security and asked him to confirm the information. The security person realized that the nurse had relayed false information, and he corrected it. Rudy rushed to the hospital while Lee tried to convince the security man not to handcuff Eugene, who was lying on the hospital bed. When Rudy entered, Eugene screamed out his name to protect himself by telling the truth before Rudy attempted to silence him by shooting him dead. He was aware that the police wanted to prove him dead, and that was why they were chasing him, but if he screamed out the truth, shooting him would no longer help; it would rather worsen the image of the police in the public eye.

Season 2, Episode 7: Ending Explained: Who Was Involved In Robin Desiato’s Death?

Michael called Nancy Costello right after finding out the truth from KJ. He informed her that the cops were responsible for Robin’s death. On his way to the police station, Michael’s car was stopped by a cop. Michael admitted that he did not have his license with him. The policeman realized that he was Michael Desiato, the ex-judge. Even though Michael promised to bring his license the next day, the man handcuffed him to take him to his parole officer. During the conversation, Michael noticed that the cop he was dealing with was none other than Walter Beckwith, his wife’s murderer. From the moment he was handcuffed, Michael knew that it had nothing to do with his license. While traveling in the van, Michael indicated that he was aware of the truth. Walter disclosed that the moment Nancy Costello reopened the case, he decided to check in with his informant, and after pressuring him, he learned that his informant had discussed the event with Michael. Right when he was about to shoot Michael to cover his tracks, Nancy Costello arrived and shot Beckwith. 

Michael learned that Nancy had been following Michael’s live location with the help of the phone Olivia gave him. She checked his phone and found out the second dirty cop involved in Robin’s death—it was Rudy Cunningham. It was no surprise that Rudy was involved, and when Nancy reached his house to question him about Robin’s murder, he had no remorse for what had happened. He believed that knowing how dangerous it was, Robin should not have gotten any closer to the truth. They had no option but to shoot her dead. He further added that he received the information from the person who always called him to clean up any mess—Charlie Figaro. Rudy was prepared to leave the state, and when Nancy confronted him, he knew he could either go to prison or kill himself; he chose the latter. Rudy wanted Nancy to believe that he used to be a good cop, but that greed got the better of him.

Michael confronted Charlie after he found out the truth. Charlie pretended to be innocent; he wanted Michael to believe that he did not kill his wife intentionally. Robin had called him for help that night, and he shared Rudy’s number with her. He hoped that Michael would believe him when he said that he did not know that by sharing Rudy’s contact, he was risking her life. Of course, this was impossible for Michael to believe, knowing well enough that Charlie knew the kind of corrupt cop Rudy Cunningham was. No matter how hard Charlie tried to prove his innocence, it was impossible now. He knew what he was doing, and he did it simply to protect himself. 

Charlie is far from the honest guy Michael always thought he was. After all, it was Michael who vouched for Charlie when he was running for office. He considered Charlie to be his best friend, but clearly, he had been mistaken. Charlie Figaro could go to any extent for his political career. He was not saddened to learn about Rudy’s death, even though he had collaborated in faking Eugene’s death. Michael was truly lonely now, but he had Fia and little Rocco to keep him company. Michael now has no reason to cooperate with Olivia since he agreed to the job only to protect Charlie. Perhaps now he would be more than happy to see Charlie behind bars.

What To Expect From Episode 8 Of ‘Your Honor’ Season 2?

“Your Honor” Season 2 will get even more exciting now that Little Mo is back and ready to form his own gang. Ex-members of Desire who were wronged by Monique will unite to fight against her. She was responsible for distributing drugs that were unfit for consumption, and it was Little Mo who had warned her not to continue selling them. But Monique was so invested in buying the club for its status that she did not care about the harm she was bringing to her neighborhood. Now she not only has to take care of the Baxters but also the new crew in town. 

Olivia will not let go of Michael so easily, especially now that Fia is in his house. She could be used to gather information about the Baxters. Meanwhile, Eugene goes to prison for killing Adam, and Lee tries to help him reduce his sentence by asking him to snitch on his prison mates.

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