‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Ransacked The Buffa’s?


Things are getting heated up as the finale of “Your Honor” Season 2 approaches. Monique now has another enemy to deal with as they strike for the first time in Episode 8 of “Your Honor” Season 2. Fia Baxter continues to live with Michael while her family, especially her mother, Gia, is running out of patience waiting for her. With Eugene Jones now in prison, Lee has to find a way to reduce his sentence. Will Michael Desiato cooperate with Olivia to destroy the Baxters? Let’s find out.

Spoilers Ahead

 Fia Baxter And Her New Life

In Episode 7 of “Your Honor” Season 2, Fia decided to leave the Baxter hotel and take shelter at Elizabeth’s house, where Michael lived. She could no longer stay with her family after knowing how little they cared about her child’s safety. She especially did not expect her brother, Carlo, to behave recklessly when she left her baby under his protection. Life with Michael seems to be going smoothly for Fia. She has decided to take her final examination and graduate from high school. The deaths of Rocco and Adam and her pregnancy had drifted her away from her career goal. But now, with Michael, there is finally some calm in her life. Michael has taken responsibility for Fia and baby Rocco quite seriously. He could not protect his son, but he is now determined to take the best care of Fia and his grandson. While Fia leaves the house to take the examination, Michael promises to look after baby Rocco.

When Fia was gone, Olivia was at his doorstep again. She was desperate to find someone who would help her get closer to the Baxters, and she believed Fia was the perfect candidate for it. She wanted Michael to convince Fia to become an insider and gather the information that would help build the case against the Baxters. But Michael was not ready to do so. He was tired of Olivia trying to find ways to manipulate him, and he was furious now that she was trying to involve Fia in a mess. He asked Olivia to leave him and his family alone, but of course, she had no intention of doing so.

Olivia reached out to Fia that evening when Michael was not at home. She discussed the case she was building against the Baxters. She explained what her family did to Kofi Jones and later to his entire family. Fia had always heard rumors about the crimes, and the discussion with Olivia confirmed them all. While Fia was affected by the revelation, she was not sure if she wanted to be the one to gather evidence and destroy her family. Olivia tried to convince her to do the right thing, but as a seventeen-year-old who was struggling to get her life in order, this was not an easy decision. Olivia pretended to have never met Michael when he entered the house. After Olivia left, Michael advised Fia not to get herself involved with the case. He wanted her to focus on her life, so he decided to take care of the situation. He later met Olivia and confirmed that he would work as an insider to build her case against the Baxters, but he wanted her to leave Fia and baby Rocco out of the mess.

Why Did Gia Want To Meet Monique?

Gia was enraged when she noticed Monique and her men preparing for the opening night at her new club. She could not forgive Monique for not keeping her word when it came to Eugene Jones. Gia believed that they had been too lenient on her by allowing her to buy the club right opposite the Baxter hotel. Gia wanted destruction, but it was because of Jimmy that she was forced to maintain peace. Gia met a member of her anger management group at a cafe. Tired of the way life was treating her, Gia decided to pour her heart out to Donetta. She expressed her concern over losing her children as a result of her husband’s lack of need for vengeance. She held Jimmy responsible for Rocco’s death because he was the one who had gifted him the vintage motorbike. She now believed that he was responsible for Fia’s decision to leave because he could never be a strict father capable of holding his family together. And now, by choosing not to destroy Monique, he was once again demonstrating his weakness. Donetta could relate to Gia’s situation, and she believed it was justified for her to feel the rage and frustration that she experienced.

While Jimmy planned on not interfering with Monique’s party, Gia did not feel the same way. She rushed to the club and demanded to enter with a bottle of liquor in her hand. Monique’s men welcomed Gia and Carlo and took them to their boss. Gia handed over the bottle to Monique, congratulating her on her new endeavor and adding that she did not expect to see Monique running the club for too long. Gia met Monique to remind her that she was watching her every step closely and that the Baxters had not forgotten her betrayal. Clearly, Gia will never allow Monique to run her business in peace.

Eugene Jones: How Did Lee Plan On Reducing Eugene’s Sentence?

Lee was determined to settle for an arrangement that would help Eugene get a reduced sentence. After discussing the case with the prosecutor, she realized that the DA’s office was hellbent on proving Eugene guilty in court unless she shared some vital pieces of information about members of the Desire gang. The reduction of the sentence would depend on the kind of information Eugene could provide them. When Lee discussed this possibility with Eugene, he was completely against it. He knew he would be murdered in prison by Desire members if he dared to snitch on them. A trial could cost Eugene thirty years of his life, and negotiations could lead to his death. Lee was clueless about her next step, but she knew that she had to fight for Eugene no matter what.

Without too many options in hand, Lee decided to use the information she had to her advantage. She discussed with the prosecutor how Michael Desiato had fixed a trial, and if she ever disclosed this information in the press, every case that Michael presided over would be reopened and appealed. Lee was essentially blackmailing the DA’s office, and the prosecutor stated that the most they could do was get it down to negligent homicide, but if they refused the offer, they would get Eugene on trial for murder and demand an adult sentence. When Lee discussed the offer with Eugene, he was not too comfortable with the idea. While a reduced sentence seemed better, he did not wish to be treated as a criminal once he left prison. He wanted to tell his end of the story in court; he wanted to discuss how it was the Baxters who destroyed his family and how they were responsible for the rage he was carrying within himself. Eugene never intended to shoot Adam, and he was not ready to plead guilty to it.

Season 2, Episode 8: Ending Explained: Who Ransacked The Buffa’s?

Big Mo kept her cash and a ring that she bought for Janelle inside the locker of her base club, the Buffa’s. Her focus was now on the opening night of her new club. While she had asked her men to safeguard her base, she did not realize that most of her men were no longer on her team. Gang members who once looked up to Big Mo were extremely disappointed in her after she sold cheap drugs in the neighborhood, which led to several tragic deaths. They could not overlook her interest in owning a fancy club over the safety of her people. They wanted to bring her down. While Janelle performed, the gang led by Chris entered the Buffa’s and ransacked the place. They stole all the money she had collected by selling the drugs along with the engagement ring she had bought. By the time Big Mo was informed, the place had been turned upside down. She was devastated when she noticed the empty ring box. She knew Chris was behind it; after all, he knew where Big Mo hid her money.

The question that remains is whether or not Lil Mo will join Chris in his mission to bring Monique down. Lil Mo had previously joined hands with other members who were neglected by Mo and lost their families as a result of the cheap drug. Vengeance surely has been on Lil Mo’s mind, and now is the best time to strike, considering Big Mo is not her strongest self. Will Big Mo try to win over Lil Mo to fight Chris and his gang? It might be difficult to do so, but considering that they are family, he might as well take the offer. It is doubtful whether or not Big Mo will survive by the end of the season, considering she now has too many people who want to see her dead.

What Can We Expect From Episode 9 of ‘Your Honor’ Season 2?

Michael Desiato will keep his promise and work with Olivia to bring the Baxters down. He will develop a friendly relationship with Jimmy to extract useful information. As a father and granddad, Jimmy cares about Fia and her baby, and that might be the reason why he would prefer maintaining a good relationship with Michael. It will be interesting to see what Jimmy offers Michael to win over his daughter. Eugene had chosen a trial over a reduced sentence, and in the next episode of “Your Honor” Season 2, we will witness some courtroom drama. Michael adores Fia, but that doesn’t change the fact that she does not know his entire truth. Michael is now working to protect his family once again, and he might choose honesty over deceit this time.

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