‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Jimmy Baxter Call Off The Deal?


To spare Fia from further harassment, Michael decided to work for Olivia in the previous episode of “Your Honor” Season 2. It is the second-to-last episode of the second season, and Michael finally walks into the Baxter Hotel to have a word with Jimmy. Will Michael manage to gather information without raising any suspicion? While Michael is busy dealing with Jimmy Baxter, Fia and Elizabeth attend the court hearing of Eugene Jones. Eugene chose to face the jury instead of settling. Eugene’s desire to prove his innocence in court is valid, but building his case was not an easy task for Lee. On the other hand, Desire started to fall apart with Monique’s focus on the new club. Will Lil Mo join Chris on his mission to start Desire 2.0?

Spoilers Ahead

Eugene Jones Court Case

The prosecutor relied on eyewitnesses to prove Eugene guilty of murdering Adam Desiato, whereas Lee focused on the inefficiency of the NOPD. The police had once claimed that Eugene was dead, and a few months later, Eugene was found escaping New Orleans. She planted a seed of doubt in the minds of the jury members. Clearly, the teenager had become a target of the State as well as the mafia family. Instead of focusing on what had happened the night Eugene mistakenly shot Adam, she emphasized the events that occurred prior to the incident. When Gina Baxter testified to witnessing the murder, she questioned Gina about the specifics of the event. She further brought up Carlo’s violent past and his involvement in Kofi Jones’s death. Through her statement, Lee established that it was Gina Baxter who had transferred Carlo to the same prison where Kofi stayed. The discussion clearly implied that Carlo was far from innocent, and Kofi Jones’ death did not occur as a result of self-defense. The prosecutor realized that he had to bring in a trustworthy witness, and he declared that Michael Desiato would testify in court.

Michael had witnessed the entire incident, and he surely was the right person for the prosecutor to bring in, but Michael was not keen on entering the courtroom again. After being disbarred from the court, he preferred to maintain his distance from his past life. But it seems that the past will never let go of Michael, and he has to face his worst fear. Lee stormed into Michael’s house, requesting that he lie in court, but Michael was done lying. Lee reminded him of his past mistakes and hoped that he would comply to save the life of a teenager, but Michael no longer believed in finding justice through unfair means. While Eugene’s rage is understandable, it does not change the fact that he pulled the trigger, and the bullet killed Adam Desiato. Eugene was a victim of circumstance and power.

Michael Desiato and Jimmy Baxter

Michael clearly stated when he met Jimmy at the hotel that he did not intend to take his place in Fia’s life. Jimmy and Michael went on a ride, during which Jimmy asked Michael to show him recent pictures of his grandson. While Jimmy could not get over the adorable face of baby Rocco, Michael was visibly tense. Olivia had texted him a second before he handed over the phone to Jimmy. When the notification buzzed, Michael quickly took back the phone; it was a close call. Jimmy showed Michael his dream project— the Baxter district. Jimmy had always wanted to build his legacy, and the Baxter district was his dream come true. By showing Michael his dream project, he was, in a way, establishing his trust in Michael. Michael was thankful to him for keeping his truth from Fia, but Jimmy did it for his daughter. She was completely broken after Adam’s death, and he had no intentions of making it worse.

Michael returned the favor by not discussing Jimmy’s dirty business with Fia. Jimmy believed that life had given Michael and him a second chance through baby Rocco, and they must embrace it by accepting that they were a family. He offered Michael the position of becoming his right-hand man. Jimmy preferred playing mind games, and he believed Michael would be a great influence on him. Michael was not ready to trust Jimmy; he knew the kind of business he was involved in, and living the life of a criminal was not what he had in mind.

Unlike his father-in-law, Carmine, Jimmy intended to build a legitimate business, and he wanted Michael on his side. Jimmy had always considered himself to be a great businessman, and he wanted to build something that the future generation would take pride in. Michael reminded Jimmy that to build his legacy, he was taking the help of the Calabri family, something that would eventually bite him back. From his lived experience, Michael now believes that the true test of family does not lie in loyalty but in sacrifice. Michael was not ready to make the sacrifices that would be required to become Jimmy’s right-hand person.

Even though Jimmy wanted Michael to believe that he was not pressuring him, Michael knew that was impossible. In a way, Jimmy’s conversation with Michael was nothing short of looking into a mirror. Instead of proving his loyalty to his family, it was important for Jimmy to make certain sacrifices that would help him build the future that he intends. No matter how hard he tried to become a good businessman, he would always be remembered as a mobster. Jimmy never acknowledged that he was a puppet in the hands of Carmine and Gina. He desperately wanted to build his identity, but he could never make a decision without the approval of the Contis. Jimmy was trapped, and it was too late to change the course of his life.

Season 2, Episode 9: Ending Explained – What Did Lil’ Mo Decide? Why Did Jimmy Baxter Call Off The Deal?

Chris offered Lil Mo to join Desire 2.0. Their plan was simple— they wanted to overthrow Big Mo and take over what was left of Desire. Even though Lil Mo was humiliated, hurt, and expelled from Desire by his aunty, he surprisingly continued to be loyal to the woman who introduced him to the trade. He admitted that she made a mistake with the cheap drugs, but that was not a good enough reason to betray Big Mo. Big Mo expected her nephew to turn his back on her, but instead, he offered her another chance to fix the mistake she had made. Lil Mo pretended to be on Chris’ side to win his trust. After scoring the drug, Lil Mo pointed the gun at Chris, and Big Mo joined him. Chris did not anticipate the confrontation, and he knew at that moment that it was all over. Monique’s men shot every member of Chris’ group for going against her. Chris was proud of what he tried to achieve, even though he was unsuccessful. Lil Mo’s hands were trembling while he held the gun to Chris’ forehead. Big Mo stepped in and shot him dead. Desire 2.0 was destroyed before it could even begin, and Monique sent out a clear message— no one should mess with her. Lil Mo criticized Monique, but he made it clear that he would not go against his family.

After witnessing her mother make a false claim in court, Fia was desperate to know the truth about her family. She walked up to her father and demanded complete honesty. Jimmy confessed that Carmine used to run a mob in New Orleans and that he and Gina inherited the organization. He admitted that he had often used violence as a solution to problems, but he maintained his innocence when she asked about his involvement in the murder of the Jones family. Fia warned her father that an assistant US attorney was building a case against him, and he had to put an end to his deal with the Calabri family for his safety. Even though her family ran a criminal organization, at the end of the day, Fia cared about them, and she chose to protect them in her own way. Jimmy called off the entire Baxter District deal owing to a lack of money. Olivia was stunned by his abrupt change of strategy because she had depended heavily on the Baxter District and Jimmy’s connections to the Calabri family to support her case.

Will Jimmy connect the dots and figure out that Michael was working for Olivia? He had seen Michael secretly text someone, and now that he knows he is being watched closely, he has all the more reasons to doubt Michael. Michael has made it a point to lay low, and he is regretful about his past mistakes. Instead of going all in with Jimmy, he chooses to play it wisely. He is hopeful about doing it right this time, and his need to maintain an honest image can cost Eugene his life. Will Michael stand up for the truth, or will he protect the life of a teenager who was dragged into the mess by the Baxters? Monique has lost the love of her life to Desire. Will Monique leave the business to win Janelle back? She might offer Lil Mo the chance to take over Desire now that he has proven his loyalty to her. Rejecting the Calabri deal might leave Carmine furious, causing a further rift between him and Jimmy. It will be interesting to see how the show ties everything together in the final episode of “Your Honor” Season 2.

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