House Of The Dragon: What Could Be The Possible Zodiac Signs Of Season 1 Characters?


The reason that zodiac signs are so fascinating is that they give us the illusion of knowing exactly what makes people tick and why they are the way they are. Humans are complicated, and in a world with so much uncertainty, zodiac signs can sometimes act as a crutch and help us find some semblance of order and understanding in the chaos around us. And what could be more chaotic than the civil war within the “House of the Dragon.” So, let’s take a look at the possible sun signs of some of our favorite characters.

Aries: Demon Targaryen

Known as the “wild child of the zodiac,” Daemon is the first person who comes to mind when we think of that. He is a man whose heart rules over his head. Brash, misplaced idealism, and plenty of charm just go with his territory. The Aries man is ready to accept that he is not perfect, but it is a long time before he understands the error of his abrasive ways and learns from them. The man whose company promises plenty of adventure has a surprisingly sensitive heart. Daemon has always been willful and believed that he knows better than the rest—traits that are common in rams. He did not care about who he hurt and, for the most part, was a rebel without a cause, in the pursuit of which he lost Rhaenyra for ten years. But he had a tender heart that loved her and his brother. He also respected Laena deeply and strived to be as good a father as he could be to their children. The Aries are known to be idealistic and surprisingly loyal for all their flirty ways. Daemon proves that with his devotion toward Rhaenyra. Age wisens the sign, as it did for Daemon, which taught him to be the master of the flame in his heart. The charm of the Aries is mysterious but magnetic. You will never quite understand what drew you to him in the first place, but you can never break out of it, as we all have witnessed with Daemon Targaryen, a rogue-like no other but easily the Prince of our hearts.

Taurus: Criston Cole

We knew he was a Taurus by the way he held a grudge. Scorpions are known to be the greatest grudge-holders. However, Criston Cole is nowhere as mysterious, which makes us think of him as this hard-headed earth sign. In the beginning, he comes across as this quiet, gentle, and practical person who is able to understand and lend an empathetic ear to Rhaenyra, the Realm’s Delight, who is struggling to find her own happiness. For her, he exhibited patience and offered protection like no other. He took his time responding to Rhaenyra’s advances, and once he did, there was no going back for him. It was sheer romance when we offered to run away with her, presenting a practical yet protected future. The Taurus man has the tendency to surprise in the romance department, and Criston Cole was no different. Once he fell in love with her, the fact that they were not really compatible did not even occur to him. The same sign, when angered, can cause utter mayhem as they feel the need to lay down the law. Scorned by Rhaenyra, he was out for vengeance. We saw an aggressive and stubborn side of him immediately, one that we could not have predicted. Inflexibility is what he exhibited when he refused to give in to Rhaenyra’s advances at first, and when he did, he was angry that things were not going his way. Criston Cole could be nothing but a Taurus, probably a primitive one at that, but definitely a Taurus.

Gemini: Alicent Hightower

The sign of the twins is often representative of those who are torn between choosing a side since they see the merits of both after all. Alicent belonged to two worlds. One in which she was still best friends with Rhaenyra, and the servitude of the men in her life, as she was conditioned to do, brought her actual happiness rather than just the illusion of it. A world in which everything happened by the book, and it was the just way to be. The other world was one where she understood that things were not fair, and that people were not necessarily evil for choosing their own path instead of resigning to their destinies. A lot of Alicent’s inner conflicts are centered around this very battle within her heart. She loves Rhaenyra but, at the same time, hates her for her independence and the perceived disadvantage it gives her. The biggest Gemini fault is probably that, in their pursuit of keeping a foot in both worlds, they ignore that it is not possible to go for long without making a clear choice. Alicent strives to put her son on the throne but doesn’t want to be unfair to Rhaenyra, very easily ignoring the fact that she has already betrayed her best friend. She acknowledges that Rhaenys would have been a better ruler than Viserys, but fails to see that Rhaenyra would be better suited for the Kingdom than her son Aegon. The fickle mind of Geminis is their greatest strength and yet the cause of their downfall, as happens with Alicent Hightower.

Cancer: Viserys Targaryen

Was there ever any other option for Viserys Targaryen? The accidental king could be nothing other than a gentle crab. He always loved his family, sometimes almost to a fault. His desire for a son stemmed from his need to cement his family’s position on the Iron Throne, and eventually, when he acknowledged Rhaenyra as his heir, he stood by her till his dying breath. It is something to note: the number of times he forgave Daemon and accepted him back into the family. The first time his brother was told to leave was when he had called the one-day-old Baelon “heir for a day,” making a mockery of Viserys’ grief. It had broken his heart that Daemon would not just apologize for it. If he had, all would have been forgiven. Daemon continued to hurt Viserys, but he was constantly forgiven because that was what family meant to the Old King. Turns out, he wasn’t wrong in this case since his brother did end up exhibiting loyalty and love, especially when he placed the crown back on Viserys’ head and helped him up the steps. Viserys loved his family, but he was not blind to their faults. He knew that Alicent had married him due to her father’s political maneuvers, yet till his dying breath, all he asked was that his entire family get along with each other. He respected Alicent, though he continued to love Aemma. Perhaps the greatest happiness in his last moments was when his daughter and wife made peace with each other, even though temporarily. Viserys died a happy man, knowing his family would be alright. It did not matter that it was a temporary illusion because it gave the gentle crab true happiness on his deathbed.

Leo: Rhaenys Targaryen

There is no doubt about it; Rhaenys was royalty through and through. Even though circumstances kept her away from the throne, they could not take from her the temperament and dignity that make one worthy of the crown. Her grandmother had rightfully called her “our queen to be” upon her birth. She never sat on the throne, but she did become the queen of our hearts. She had a knack for looking at the greater good. She did not protest Viserys’ coronation because she refused to let the Kingdom plunge into civil war. When she supported Rhaenyra’s claim to Driftmark, there was a keen sense of political foresight that was beyond wise. And further, her restraint in not burning down the Hightowers at Aegon II’s coronation goes on to show a sense of fairness. There was no one stronger than her when Corlys was missing for six years. She held down the fort and took care of her granddaughters while keeping an ambitious Vaemond at bay. She was a queen in the true sense, and there is nobody else who could justify belonging to this sign as much as Rhaenys Targaryen.

Virgo: Larys Strong

Larys Strong is a despicable man, but his attention to detail is what sets him firmly in the Virgo house. Larys was ruthless in the pursuit of his goals but with determined secrecy and diplomacy, which comes very naturally to the Virgo man. They may look like they are lost in most social settings, but honestly, they are observing and making mental notes about each person, which they end up using to their advantage. In the second episode, we see that Larys very easily finds a seat among the ladies on account of his foot. We feel sorry for him, but he turns out to be a character to be feared. He had a disadvantage but was far from helpless. In fact, without anyone noticing, he had taken the reins of the events into his own hands. Under the guise of following the queen’s orders, he eliminated the Strongs, becoming the sole heir to his family. Later, when confronted by Otto about the time he was spending in the queen’s chambers, he offered to make it beneficial for him as well. Such deception is not possible without a keen eye that doesn’t miss anything. Larys Strong is a Virgo unlike any other in the ‘House of the Dragon’ universe, and we recognize him for that.

Libra: Laenor Velaryon

Well, he did maintain the balance of the scales pretty well. Laenor had certain inclinations, and he kept them alongside his marriage to Rhaenyra. It would be unfair to say that he was not a good husband to her. Yes, he was not what she needed, and neither was he able to be her true companion. But he did stand by her. He acknowledged her children with Harwin Strong as his and fought for them even. The balance of the scales is ruled by justice, and he was always fair to her, despite his occasional outbursts. After the incident where Aemond loses his eye, and his children’s paternity is questioned, he is the first to admit that Rhaenyra needs someone else. Laenor lived for himself, but he did not abandon his loved ones in that pursuit. He had managed to form a friendship with his wife and a sort of family with her and Harwin Strong, a feat that only a Libran could pull off with such ease. We wish we had gotten to know him more. It wouldn’t have changed our minds about his sign, but it would have been fun because one can always count on the Libra to be charming and entertaining.

Scorpio: Rhaenyra Targaryen

There has always been a depth and mystery to Rhaenyra, one that she keeps hidden and knows how to use at the opportune moment, much like a Scorpio woman. She loved deeply but was never a fool for it. She gave chances but held herself in the esteem she needed to. There was a strength and restraint to her that came with bearing the responsibility of thinking beyond oneself. And the grace with which she does it makes her a Scorpio. The sign is famous for its sting, which we got a glimpse of in earlier episodes. The younger Rhaenyra had no problem telling a man that he was too old to marry her or letting another lady know that she was not qualified to give her opinions on politics. It was probably this sharp tongue that turned the tide away from her gradually. Yet it cannot be negated that the sting came from a place of exasperation and was not a sign of arrogance. There is a grace to the Scorpio woman, as demonstrated by Rhaenyra when she made the first move of friendship at the last dinner with her father, or even when she refrained from starting a war for the sake of the Kingdom. But once wronged, nothing can stop the sign from serving just desserts, as we are going to see in the coming seasons.

Sagittarius: Corlys Velaryon

Was there any other possibility for Corlys other than the Archer? The man was an adventurer. He sailed far and wide in search of everything that the world could offer and attaining that just ignited the fire to find more. It was this very ambition that was reflected in his desire for the Iron Throne. Straight as an arrow about what he wanted, Corlys Velaryon possessed this typical Sagittarian quality. Not only that, but he also had the ability to break through the clutter and take into account what truly mattered. That is why he was able to ignore that Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey were not actually his blood but would carry his name; hence, he would support them. Also, as aware as this sign may be of their emotions, they have a tendency to run away from them, which Corlys does when he leaves behind Driftmark after the assumed death of his son. It is amazing that he was paired with Rhaenys, a Leo. The match between Leo and Sag is supposed to be an unbreakable one, as demonstrated by the couple throughout. He is the Archer of this universe, and a true one at that.

Capricorn: Otto Hightower

Strong, tough, fiercely ambitious with a wall of stone around him, the description perfectly fits Otto Hightower. Come to think of it; it would never be said that a Hightower sat on the Iron Throne. It would only be a Targaryen, and at best, he would be remembered as his grandfather and the Hand of the King. Yet these were the highest stations one could hold in Westeros, and Otto was ruthless in his pursuit of them. Silent and steady, with a spirit that never gave up, he pretty much got what he wanted. It was always tough to know what Otto was thinking. We can only decipher that over the course of time by seeing the result of his actions. That is the textbook definition of a Capricorn man. They are said to have an eye for “pedigree and perfection,” which is directly related to knowing how to bend people to one’s will and establishing superiority. He does both. Otto had to have been a Capricorn for the cold and calculated dealings that required him to let his emotions take a backseat. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next seasons of “House of the Dragon.”

Aquarius: Aemond Targaryen

It is said that the Aquarian man is as guarded with his feelings as he is quick to decipher those of others. They have a rigid moral code and don’t forgive easily. All these qualities have been observed in Aemond Targaryen. He seemed to be able to understand a person’s deepest emotions with just one gaze. Not to mention how he believed that he was the better choice for the crown instead of his brother yet did not acknowledge Rhaenyra as a contender simply because she was a woman, and that was the code of those times. But what made us connect Aemond to the water-bearer was his hold over his own emotions. He did not bat an eye even when he lost one. The pun was not intended, but that one action firmly places him in the Aquarian House.

Pisces: Laena Velaryon

Laena was perfect, wasn’t she? The gentle fish exhibited an intuitive understanding of the people around her yet displayed the strength to lead a life on her terms as well as choose her own death, one that not everybody could do. Demure and pretty, yet the rider of the largest and most fearsome dragon in Westeros. She had a soothing presence and brought out some of the good in Daemon that had previously been lost. He may not have loved her, but she was his friend, and every conversation with her made him breathe a little easier, a typical Piscean quality that drives everyone around them to fiercely protect them. We wish we had known more about her. But for now, her soft, dreamy, and womanly manner has us convinced of her planet being Neptune.

Final Words

We have a feeling that knowing the zodiac signs of these characters has made them all the more interesting. This possibly raises some questions for the second season as well. Would a sense of justice and balance bring back Laenor Velaryon to Westeros? Would Alicent finally make up her mind? Will there ever be a moment when Daemon stops being so trigger-happy and stops to consider the wisdom of his wife’s restraint? These are questions that directly tie up to the inherent nature of their zodiacs. Let us see how these ties up with their lives in the coming seasons of “House of the Dragon.”

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