‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Seo Won Get Over His Fear Of Dogs?


While A Good Day to Be a Dog isn’t a groundbreaking show, it is still rather sweet and addictive. Perhaps it is suffering because the episodes are being released at longer intervals and the memory of that sweetness fades away. It is not a bad show, and we simply can’t understand where it is going wrong. The actors are extremely good-looking, the dog is cute, and the background is all pretty pastels, which is accompanied by a decent story development and some cute comedy. Perhaps it is simply too early, and the drama will pick up in due course. Until then, let us see what happened in the recap of episode 4.

Spoiler Alert

What happens at the wedding?

Chae Ah had to take a taxi to the wedding because she missed Seo Won and Hae Na. However, the aspiring couple did not have a good time either because Seo Won was a new driver. He ended up taking a few wrong turns, but that would have been alright if he did not look so unsure of himself. Additionally, while it is quite obvious that Hae Na’s feelings are changing, she probably got a clue to what Seo Won was thinking when she heard the channel that Seo Won was watching, where the man was teaching tips to look cool while driving. We agree with the forearm tip, and it always works, even if it is deliberate. Frankly, Seo Won should have just taken his chance, which would have made up for the fact that he said that Hae Na was dressed like a pickled radish. Both of them reach the wedding venue and get their moment briefly when they hold hands while running. Also, Cha Eun Woo gets his idol moment when he sings for the couple. Later, Chae Ah makes an excuse and takes the chance to go back to Seoul with Seo Won. He was looking forward to traveling with Hae Na and was disappointed that she had to hitch a ride with Bo Gyeom. He did not know that even Hae Na was looking forward to going back with him.

Meanwhile, Bo Gyeom spends some time with Hae Na at the beach, and while we still don’t know about their past, we suspect that he loved her in his previous life. They may have been a couple, and Seo Won came in the middle, or was it vice versa? In Seoul, Hae Na’s sister is noticing that her sister is feeling differently, but they are both still stuck with her curse. Back in Seoul, Chae Ah was holding on for dear life to the seatbelt. Say what you want about her interference with Seo Won and Hae Na’s love story, we appreciate her perseverance.

Why does Hae Na not turn human after kissing Seo Won?

Another plan that the sisters come up with is to simply take Yul’s help. He knows Hae Na’s secret, and once he gets the details of it, he will be able to help her more. Yul could sneak Hae Na into his uncle’s room while he was sleeping and have her kiss him as a dog, which would break the curse. While it is all well and good, the ruse sadly doesn’t work. Hae Na stares at a sleeping Seo Won for a long time, thinking about how they ended up getting close because of her curse. Her feelings for him have gotten very strong, and she is probably worried that if the curse is lifted, they won’t have a reason to see each other again. Hae Na’s fear in the car seems to have obliterated her memory of how Seo Won was trying to be cool for her, meaning that he liked her already. Either way, Hae Na kisses Seo Won in her dog form, but she doesn’t turn human. However, Seo Won ends up waking, and he screams for his dear life. Yul handles the situation while Yu Na and Woo Taek sneak out of Hae Na. The next morning, Hae Na wonders whether she won’t turn into a dog that night, but she is proved wrong again. The curse is still intact, and Hae Na continues to turn into a dog every night.

Does Seo Won get over his fear of dogs?

Hae Na and Yu Na decide that they have to check the details of the curse, and the only person who can do that for them is their mother. As expected, she tells them that kissing a sleeping person wouldn’t reverse the curse, as someone among their ancestors had tried that and failed. Hae Na is annoyed that the curse is so detailed, and we suspect that in the next few episodes, she may start looking at the origins of the entire thing.

But right now, since they have exhausted every other way of getting to Seo Won, the only way is for them to teach him not to get scared of dogs. Hae Na wonders whether she should just tell him about the curse and get it over with, but Yu Na is dead set against it. Her ex-boyfriend had betrayed her after knowing her secret, and Yu Na thinks that telling anybody the secret is the biggest mistake one can make. Hae Na doesn’t fight it, and the next day, while waiting at the bus stop with Seo Won, she asks him why he is scared of dogs. Seo Won replies that unlike the fluffy love that dogs inspire in most people, he feels that they will try and attack him. We also see a flashback where a dog seemed ready to attack Seo Won as a child, and we suppose that is the root of his fear. Hae Na tells him that she will help him get over his fear. Since we know better, we realize that Hae Na means business when she says this. But Seo Won must have thought that this was her way of asking him out on a date. Hae Na has still not realized her feelings, unlike Seo Won, who is rather sure of them. He gets a nightmare that he is going to be attacked by a street full of dogs on the date, but he simply has to stare at a dog who is behind a cage. He doesn’t meet the dog’s eyes and lies to Hae Na that he did find it cute.

At the end of A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 4, Hae Na teaches him what dogs mean when they bark a certain way and that they genuinely don’t mean any harm. Seo Won would need a lot more convincing than that, and we don’t think he got over his fear of dogs, but when one dog seems to be rushing aggressively towards them, Hae Na covers both of them with her coat and gives him a moment, which once again makes this a date and not just a quest to lift the curse.

Final Thoughts

In many ways, this drama feels like a breath of fresh air, as we are seeing both the leads be in equal positions of power and treat each other with all the awkwardness that is usually a part of any courtship. We are also saying again that the pastel color scheme of the show has our entire heart, and we hope that this drama is talked about more.

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